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Destiny 2: Izanagi’s & Snipers Nerfed, Armor 2.0 Update – Season 10 Sandbox Preview

You thought you were safe from the nerfs? Wrong. Let’s talk sandbox in Season 10. First, let’s do some good news. The good news surrounds Armor 2.0, elemental
affinity and seasonal mods. A large gripe of Armor 2.0 involves elemental
affinity being part of the RNG in getting new armor pieces. You need a high stat roll, the stats you actually
want and void, I mean the elemental affinity you want as well. I think most people could live with the random
numbers, but the affinity just took it a step too far. Well, coming in Season 10, you will now be
able to change the elemental affinity of a piece of armor for a cost. The cost is 1 Upgrade Module, but if you already
have an item leveled up, then it’ll cost 1 module, PLUS the total upgrade masterials
needed to reach that energy level. So, for example, if you’re trying to switch
the affinity of an item that’s level 8, it’ll cost you the shards, glimmer and prisms that
it cost you to get to level 8, plus an additional upgrade module. I am totally fine with this. Elemental affinity is probably not something
people are going to be switching every single day, so having a somewhat high cost to switching
I think is more than acceptable. Bungie said this option was to mitigate bad
RNG and that is exactly what it does. Grinding for top tier armor sets just got
much more forgiving as a result, which I think a lot of people will be quite happy about. The next piece of good news is related to
seasonal mods. Currently, seasonal mods are restricted to
that season’s armor. If you want to use Season of Dawn mods on
non-Season of Dawn armor, you’re out of luck. Well, Bungie has heard the feedback of “WE
HATE THIS,” and is now increasing the range of armor that you’ll be able to equip seasonal
mods. You’ll now be able to equip mods on armor
that is either 1 season behind, the current season or 1 season in the future. For example: Season of Dawn mods will be able
to be socketed into Season 8, Season 9 or Season 10 armor. While maybe not the exact solution that we
were looking for of just being able to socket whatever mods into whatever armor we want,
it’s certainly better than what we’ve had. Part of the reason people were not using Season
of Dawn mods was because that they didn’t want to invest into having to get ANOTHER
well rolled set of armor for every character they want to play. This now gives you around a 9 month buffer
before you’ll have to worry about a full armor swap, which allows you to make gradual changes
over the course of multiple seasons instead of once a season. I’ll take it, good stuff. The next piece of good news, or what I believe
to be good news anyway, is Lord of Wolves is getting nerfed. The Release the Wolves functionality will
no longer just be a “better” version of the gun. If you have Release the Wolves active, it
will significantly reduce your accuracy, requiring you to be closer to the target. How much of a nerf this is entirely depends
on how much of an accuracy decrease happens, but for now, good. I’m tired of this thing in PvP just spraying
me down for miles away without a care in the world. This next one to me is a piece of good news,
but to you Last Word users out there, it is quite bad news. The Last Word is getting nerfed seemingly
pretty hard. Bungie is trying to bring the gun back to
being a hipfire weapon and not an aim down sight hand cannon machine gun hybrid. As a result, Fan Fire, the perk, has different
damage based on if you’re hip firing the weapon or not. If you’re hip firing the gun, then damage
is staying the same, 68 to the head, 50 to the body. If you’re aiming down sight, the damage is
getting nerfed to 52.2 to the head and 38 to the body. Aiming down sights no longer gives additional
effective range, the effective range overall was reduced, stability was reduced for those
on mouse and keyboard, but target acquisition was adjusted for hip firing the gun to improve
the experience. So, the personal side of me enjoys this very
much as someone who was tired of getting destroyed by this gun, but these nerfs hurt real bad
for aim down sight users. One more piece of good news, auto rifles are
getting some slight buffs in PvP and technically also PvE! Auto-rifles are getting about 0-3 more damage
per headshot and/or body shot. For example, rapid-fire autos are going from
12.5/18.75 damage, to 13.4/20.1 damage. The biggest buff is for adaptive frame autos,
which are getting a 2 body shot and 3 headshot damage increase. I think auto rifles aren’t as terrible as
they’re made out to be, but buffs for them are not unwarranted at all. Now… now we get to some globally bad news. Nerfs. They’re here. And we need to talk about them because they
are not gonna make you happy, but I’m gonna try to make sense of it all. All snipers are getting reverted back to pre-Shadowkeep
values. Damage against Majors and anything higher
than that is going down a whopping 20%, we keep the same red bar damage, although with
the Shadowkeep buff, it said that exotic sniper rifle perk damage bonuses were modified to
compensate for the changes and won’t get full benefits, so… undetermined what happens
with that until it’s live. On top of that, 90 RPM snipers are getting
their crit multiplier reduced from 3.25x to 2.95x. Popular 90 RPM snipers include: Izanagi’s
Burden, Sole Survivor, Beloved, Long Shadow, and I guess maybe Long Goodbye. Rapid-Fire snipers are also going back to
90 damage per body shot in PvP, down from 100, so no more 2 taps. Following that up, Izanagi’s Burden is having
Outlaw swapped out and is being replaced with No Distractions, which I guess I’m not the
most upset about? But, the Honed Edge reload is now no longer
affected by the reload stat, which I’m assuming to mean that Honed Edge reloads will now always
be the same speed. First, the reason for the 90 RPM sniper nerf
was to create more parity between them and rapid-fire Snipers to which I say… fine,
I get it. However, the reasoning they give for reverting
the Shadowkeep buff is because sniping is inherently a safe thing to do and compared
to using shotguns and fusions, was a no brainer. The harder the content, the easier of a choice
this was to make because of how deadly everything in Master level content is. Not to mention the incredible flexability
of Izanagi’s Burden being a regular sniper, champion killer and boss killer all in one. So, they want to make it more of an option
to pick shotguns or fusions. Ok look, is using a shotgun or fusion impossible
in a Master Nightfall? No, it’s not. Part of the issue though is definitely Izanagi’s
Burden and how versatile it is, like I said earlier. Why would you bother with anything else? It does everything, with special ammo. You have never needed to change your strategy
and with Divinity, it’s even easier. Another slight issue is that special weapons
have not had any seasonal mods for them, although unless Bungie offered ADDITIONAL mods for
specials instead of replacing primary ones, that’s probably a good thing. My initial argument against this change was
that it’s really dumb to get into close range in Master content, which is true, right? Why would you willingly put yourself into
that situation when you can just snipe everything down. Champions insta-kill you and all that, I get
it. Here’s the thing though: You can still plink
away at lesser enemies with scouts and pulses, that won’t change. And with Champions, as long as you coordinate
with your team, you can get a little close, stun them, they’ll stand perfectly still and
you can blow them up in the same way. It is MASTER content after all, I don’t think
it’s unreasonable to have to communicate with your team a little bit during Master content. Now, when it comes to killing bosses specifically,
yes, close range weaponry is at a much more significant disadvantage, where you will need
to use something else. But, that should be a part of the planning
process for high level content, planning a specific loadout per activity and not just
having an all in one kit for you to bring everywhere. It looks like they want to push Izanagi’s
to be a jack of all trades, master of none and right now, it’s master of literally all
trades. Legendary snipers were still pretty good pre-Shadowkeep,
I think they’re still going to be okay-ish after the patch, but obviously it’s a wait
and see. Note that these changes probably make Divinity
a little more worth using going into Season 10 if you are going to continue sniping, at
least solely based off of the information we have right now. All that being said, I think Izanagi’s is
still going to be good in the big picture, although this will make things interesting
in the sniper category. Whisper is definitely going to make a comeback
for boss damage purposes, DARCI maybe not as much. I think people will still end up using Izanagi’s
in Master content because of the availability of special ammo, most notably thanks to special
finisher, and because two people popping an Izanagi’s shot on a target is basically a
guaranteed kill, especially with Divinity, although again, we’ll see. Moving on, grenade launchers are getting a
global 10% damage nerf in order to again increase parity with other power weapons. Aggressive Frame GLs are now being called
rapid-fire GLs, aka the 150 RPM variant. The 150 RPM variant is getting their damage
reduced because they fired faster than 120 RPMs, but had the same damage, which… yeah, ok, that makes sense, fine. However, 150s will be getting increased reserves. Popular 150 RPM launchers include: Love and
Death, Outrageous Fortune and Swarm of the Raven. I’m not as torn up about this one as grenade
launchers have been quite good for a long time and the 150 RPM changes do make sense. I think this’ll make Wendigo and Doomsday
much more appealing options as we move into Season 10 and I’ll be doing damage testing
for both snipers and grenade launchers in Season 10 to see what’s up. Ultimately, these changes seem like Bungie
is trying to shake up the meta a little bit, which I do understand because if it were not
for these changes, we would use Izanagi’s Burden basically forever. We have this conversation every time nerfs
come out, but AGAIN, buffing everything else UP to Izanagi’s level just introduces massive
power creep and nerfing a couple of outliers down is much easier than buffing a significant
amount of items up. Not to mention, it will preserve any difficulty
the game actually had remaining. I know people are just very used to completely
facerolling most content and this will make it so you can’t do it as easily. I enjoy that as a concept, but put into practice
in the game as it is right now, I might feel a little differently when Season 10 launches
because the difficulty to reward ratios are… let’s say lacking. There isn’t that much of a thrill playing
Master Nightfalls when there isn’t much at stake, which makes me just want to get it
over with as fast as possible, versus wanting to be challenged. Maybe Grandmaster Nightfalls will scratch
that itch. Finally, some maybe more PvP related stuff,
shotguns and fusions are getting some adjustments to their target acquisition. Currently, the game tries to push you towards
the head or crit spot of a target because that’s where you’ll do the most damage. However, with a non-slug shotgun, aiming for
the head can actually cause you to not get the kill because many pellets will miss. With a fusion rifle, well, you can’t crit
with a fusion, at least not in PvP. So, target acquisition for these weapons will
now try to point you towards center mass instead of the head. Overall, this is a buff via a fix. Shotguns are getting some nerfs it seems,
where the cone angle of I assume pellets from a shot will no longer be adjusted by range
and it’ll be fixed based on what type of shotgun you have. This is sort of a wait and see scenario without
knowing the spreads. And aiming the weapon no longer adjusts effective
range. Fusion rifles have had their effective range
and impact of the optics stat reduced across the board. Their damage falloff now can floor at 0.5x
the damage, used to be 0.75x, makes those long distance shots a bit harder to pull off. Also, Backup Plan seems to be getting a nerf. It will now match the rapid-fire archetype’s
impact damage, while the charge speed is now set to match the rapid-fire’s speed * 0.85,
which if rapid fire is 540, then that means charge speed will be set to 459, aka 459 milliseconds. Backup Plan is a big contributor to fusion
kills, but so is Firmly Planted, so we’ll have to see if this is enough of an adjustment
to stop some of those more frustrating deaths. Those are only SOME of the patch notes coming
for Season 10, the rest will be revealed a little later, including exotic armor changes,
and super and ability tuning. All in all, Izanagi’s and GLs were definitely
outliers in the world of DPS, they are getting toned down, but nothing appears to be taking
their place directly in the form of buffs. Things will take their place if they are inevitably
nerfed hard enough that they are no longer worth using. Right now, again, the suspected winner of
these nerfs will be Whisper of the Worm, but again, I will be doing testing when the season
launches to confirm. That’s all for the patch preview, thanks for
watching and I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Izanagi’s & Snipers Nerfed, Armor 2.0 Update – Season 10 Sandbox Preview

  1. It's like bungie doesn't even at their game… They keep changing shit that doesn't need changing while they ignore the shit that's needed work since launch! God I hope they get their shit together soon

  2. There's a few issues about these nerfs and assessments made:

    1: if Izanagis Burden is the issue, why nerf all Snipers.
    They say that they want more variety in set-ups, but with the way end game content is, close range weapons are suicidal. If you try and Shotgun a Collosus with a Barrier…. You die.
    That's it, you just Die.
    And the thing has so much health that you can't plink away at it with primaries cause it'll recharge it's health.
    All end game enemies are like that. It's not that Snipeing is "better" per se, it's just close range is suicide.

    Yeah, you make the argument that "oh you just gotta communicate with your team and yada yada.
    And there's my second issue.
    A lot of these nerfs are towards the people who have all the time in the world to play the game, and connect with people who have all the time to play, and you always have that "team".
    Datto and other streamers, yeah you have the team, you have the communication, you have the time.
    But a Large majority of people who play and enjoy Destiny, they have full time jobs, they don't have Divinity, they don't have Izanagis Catalyst.
    They have to lfg a team to try and get this done.
    And anyone who's ever done that, please tell me, how many times do you actually get a good communicating team.
    Honestly answer that.
    So for streamers, or people who don't have to work and can play and play, I honestly don't think your opinion is that valid, when you say "just get better, or get a better team".

    The the last issue, is how 90% of these nerfs, and nerfs in general are all because of things you can do on PC.

    Yes, I get it, PC master race and all that. And yes I agree, it's so much easier to snipe on PC, there no recoil on PC, you don't have to deal with idiotic "reticle stickiness". PC players are not "Better" just have an easier time.
    Now yes, I understand a large majority of the companies money comes from PC, they want the PC to be fair.
    But every OP gun on PC more often than not, is just mediocre on Console.
    So a nerf make a Mediocre gun, useless.

    I understand that Bungie doesn't want people to grab an overpowered Gun, and just plow through the enemies.
    And Yes I understand that "Buffing Everything" is NOT the way to go.
    Then give us more variety in Enemies.
    Don't make every Shield guy kill you in 1-2 hits, give us some high def low melee enemies, give us more variety in Bosses, have some that don't throw you into the wall and kill you, or do less melee damage and more health.
    The way the game is set-up there's no reason to go close range, and the damage is pathetic to use primary.

  3. Nerf fusions into the ground. If shotguns are getting nerffed I think fusions should be getting nerffed harder than this

  4. Bungie could you suck any harder? I thought you guys prided yourselves on listening to your community? Maybe you need to retract that statement.

  5. I actually wouldn't be mad at the sniper nerfs, especially when it comes to boss dps… IF they made the close-range counterparts a more viable options, but since every boss now has to have a mandatory insufferable stomp mechanic that they will spam constantly if you get too close, it only makes sense that people hang back and play at range, there's no way to avoid taking damage up-close unless you're running Well, or Bubble (which also screws over Hunters btw.) and even then it's still not great, because you will still get yeeted into the stratosphere, you can cancel the knockback, but again, if you're not running Well, or Bubble, you're still taking a lot of damage, and if you manage to survive the first stomp, you won't survive the second one. And that's not good encounter design.

    There's plenty of room to actually develop and expand Boss mechanics to make them more challenging at long and close-quarters, and if Bungie wants us to actually use swords/shotguns/fusions for boss dps, then the first step in my mind is to stop using the stomp mechanic as a crutch to stop people "cheesing" bosses and start actually making it possible to use close-quarters weapons for consistent dps.

    People are too comfortable with "playing it safe" because there's not enough of an incentive to adopt the risk/reward playstyle you'd need to actually use shotguns/swords/fusions up-close, even though plenty of people, including myself, would actually love to play that way, it's just right now (not including supers because those can be adjusted accordingly based on how boss encounters can be changed) Risk/reward-style play is too much of risk for not enough of a reward.

    Do I realise that these changes would be a very expensive overhaul, for a system that already works, and most people are happy with? Yes, but Bungie opened the invitation for this discussion the moment they decided to punish players for "playing it safe" in their encounters that are actively designed to be hostile to players who don't "play it safe" in unavoidable and downright cheap ways.

  6. Classic Bungie. Weapons that don’t get used get buffed and weapons that do get used are nerfed. See you boys in the next episode of Bungie doesn’t know what they are doing.

  7. why are you always a apologist. seriously, ever single time there is a nerf of any type, you always come out in favor of it. fuck off dude

  8. bungie really screwed up the crucible with this one. horrible nerfs to last word but… snipers too? WHY?! there's already more than enough mindbenders + spare rations and tlw was basically the only way to fend those people off while using a sniper.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks that ever since they nerfed a bunch of weapons like whisper and sleeper and RPGs that builds have been getting more and more stale and pigeon holed?

  10. I need to still get anarchy and the terrabah ( or how ever u spell it) anybody on Xbox wanna raid sometime? My GT is biggah hmu

  11. Why Datto's videos are all like we are watching some Mexican soap opera with the actors talking about the actual voices do not match ? I am not regural here so maybe it has been explained, just curious.

  12. I will not punish myself to get any weapon ever again……Nerfing guns is ridiculous… I finally got recluse only for it to be nerfed a month later.

    I haven't had the time to get Izanagi but lo and behold…nerfed….

    I never bothered about Whisper because…you guessed it..NERFED>>

    now last word and Lord o…YOU KNOW WHAT………meh

  13. I am so rediculously tired of needing a sniper rifle for EVERY boss in these games that I don't care about these nerfs. Seriously…I have had to suffer through sniper bosses for practically every Destiny 1 strike, most of D2's Strikes on Nightfall difficulty, nearly every D1 raid boss, and most D2 raid bosses. 5 years of Sniper Rifles feeling like an absolute requirement, I'm done. Seriously done.

    Just once I want a boss that I can get close and have fun with. I prefer CQC….the perpetual focus on sitting back takes me OUT of my Titan "Close Quarters War Machine" fantasy, and that makes the game feel more like work than fun. Let other people have fun…not everyone wants to sit back with a sniper and pretend to be Jude Law from "Enemy at the Gates".

  14. My reactions to the changes:

    Swords – Overly convoluted solution to a simple problem. Raise their DPS, simple.

    Elemental Affinity Rerolls – THANK GOD!

    Seasonal Mods – Again, complicated solution to a simple problem. The seasonal mod slot should be universal for all seasonal mods. PERIOD.

    Sniper Rifle Nerfs – Completely idiotic.

    Shotgun/Fusion Aim Assist – Why wasn't this the way it worked to start with?

    Grenade Launcher Nerf – Wendigo, Mountaintop, and Edge Transit will still be strong, so what's the point?

    Fusion Rifle Nerf – Who cares?

    Auto Rifle Nerf – WHY?!

    Izanagi's Burden Nerfs – Completely misguided. An uptick in use does not equal overpowered.

    Lord of Wolves Nerfs – Leave the poor gun alone. It's suffered from enough nerfing abuse as is.

    The Last Word Rework – Extraordinarily overdone. A simple PvP Impact adjustment was all that was needed.

  15. If Bungie wants us to use weapons other than snipers for dps, then they need to actually make those other weapons viable. Fusions are okay at dps but certainly not the best, and shotguns are near impossible to use in activities/bosses because of the stomp of death that is so common now

  16. I think this is the most fair review for upcoming next season before season starts. There are a lot of things nerfed that are abused on PVP and the loadout on PVE will now change, maybe. I think people will still use Izi as they have continue to use Recluse after nerf, it will just take more time to beat bosses.

  17. Sniping is a safe thing to do? Wrong. If you don't insta-kill enemies in master content, you're dead.

    Is using a shotgun or fusion rifle in master level content impossible? Might as well be fit the vast majority of players. See my comment about being killed unless you kill everything instantly.

    A shotgun can't 1 tap an enemy in master content, it takes 2 headshots from Izanagi's to kill a champion. Now think about those rooms in nightfalls with multiple champions like Insight Terminus, you get like 4 champs in one room with grassroots of other adds, you gonna just shotgun them to death? No.

    Snipers aren't too good, everything else is bad in COMPARISON. It seems like that's the one thing you and bungie aren't doing right. You're just looking and saying snipers are good compared to the other special weapons without looking at it the other way.

    As for power creep, I disagree. Buffing shotguns to Izanagi's level isn't introducing power creep at all. Shotguns in PvE are WAY more dangerous than snipers. Why do we use snipers? Because shotguns and fusions are more dangerous.

    Both you and bungie are missing the biggest issue with CQC weapons in ANY PvE content, stomps. Bungie STILL don't have any intention to look into that, they've said so themselves in forums. This just shows they aren't actually looking into anything beyond the fact that we're using things they don't want us using.

  18. Hey Datto, what do you think about Bungie separating pvp and pve mechanics? So all the stats could potentially vary in each. So if something is gamebreaking in pvp it could be changed.. but still be fun and useful in pve.
    I've seen this in other MMOs I play. Dont think you've covered it. Not sure how hard it would be. I think community would like it.

  19. Give Bosses specified AoE cleave instead of full 360 slams. Destiny draws a lot from WoW, at least as far as Luke sees it, and this is a mechanic that lets melee classes be involved. It encourages quick positioning and makes players feel good when they capitalize on smart movement and awareness. This would obviously bring shotguns/fusions back into the mix.

    I don't know if Bungie will ever rework current/old bosses, so this change would most likely come in the form of future content, but I think it would be a good addition. It would also have the added benefit of actually utilizing high mobility builds instead of having that state pretty much wasted.

  20. You scumbag youtubers… you guys make video after video crying like a 5 year old calling for a nerf to everything… then when it happens, you act all shocked!
    At this point, i dont care. This game can burn ….. you guys have ruined this game.

  21. I dont understand why anyone had release the wolves on in pvp. you can just double click and shoot 10 bullets just as fast lol

  22. "We have to nerf snipers because in the most challenging content we provide, players are prioritizing safety over … uh … picking other guns," says game developer dangerously close to self-awareness.

  23. The seasonal mod slot is just that, a mod slot, so why have it only limited to only three seasons? It doesn’t make it OP that you can sock in what ever mods you want to put in. Does bungie have a problem with players using the same armor over and over again, or do they just want us to use their SuPeR cOoL lOoKiNg ArMoR. It doesn’t make any sense and I don’t see any reason against the slot just being completely universal.

  24. And who cares about back up plan? You’re getting killed almost as fast as you would if they pulled out a shotgun on you instead of a fusion

  25. Beloved and Izangis are light-years more cancer than lord of wolves and I relish the fact they’re getting nerfed into dust.

  26. being the guy that still doesnt have burden and most of the endgame weapons aswell as raid weapons, kewl nerfs i guess when i get the guns i can enjoy their new ability changes, even though i still solely use the Tatara Gaze or Persuader sniper choices

  27. All these damn unwarranted nerfs, but where are the buffs to 90% of the exotic weapons and the armors that is sitting in our vault collecting dust??? Are you guys every gonna address these useless items?

  28. Datto, you are only ok with these changes cause none of these changes will affect you since you have a hardcore Destiny team. You guys can basically run thru most high end contents with ease, but what about your everyday average players(solo and team players). Also, if they are gonna nerf things because Bungie dont want everyone using the same items, but what about the items that never see any playing time(90% of the exotics), how about buffing some of those useless exotics so maybe there is more choices when Bungie nerfs other weapons.

  29. Another streamer who dictates to us and bungie what they should be doing and gets things changed and nerfed by their comments…

  30. You're wrong about The Last Word part. It doesn't matter if you hip fire or not its doing 38 to the body, the only increase in damage is hip fire headshots do 68 and ads does like 50

  31. If bungie wants us to use close range weapons on bosses then stop with the stomp mechanics that either one shot when you hit a nearby wall or just hoop you off the map. Maybe you can block the stomp mechanic with the Titan towering barricade, would at least give that one a reason to be used in pve.

  32. Hey datto a little while back you did a was it worth the grind for broadsword and never really touched on it after the 340rpm buff and now snipers are being nerfed I would like to know if it would be worth using after the sandbox changes starting next season

  33. As a Veteran Player i have to say f… Bungo always nerfing everything, by the waY i skipped this season because no content , i still wait for a tarrabah buff

  34. 2 words

    also just got the izanagi cat done 2 days later ugh we will nerf izanagi yeah fuck you bungie you fucking dickheads…

  35. "Tired of Lord of Wolves in PvP"… Correction: PC USERS are tired of it. In real Destiny land on console where Destiny was designed for, it's fine.

  36. The sniper nerf is so stupid! And they need to separate pc and console balancing more I’m sick of the game changing so much because all content on yt is pc and it’s what bungie uses to change sandbox clearly!

  37. Bungie want players to farm for high stat roll armors, but they also gives season pass owner 64/66 total stats Void armors (Sniper, GL). 😐

  38. Wait a minute… That means that changing the energy type of a Masterworked Legendary Armor will cost 1 Upgrade Module plus 16k Glimmer, 25 Legendary Shards, 3 Enhancement Cores, 3 Enhancement Prisms, and 1 Ascendant Shard. Get ready to spend your shards.

  39. can anybody help me to get the Black Spindle exotic on Io if anyone can hit me up in my dm twitter name is nofilterking or if u use ig: myslayisunreal

  40. “Oh we see you like using this weapon? Well fuck you buddy find a new one. See you in 5 months when we nerf your next favorite weapon into the ground”

  41. Regarding armour changes: too little, too late. Let people use the mods they want and change the affinity more frequently. This is just an artificial way to grind and be more subject to RNG again.

  42. I love that you cry wolf and bungie swings the axe.

    You can say you don't influence bungie. But you do. And you know it.

    I love you got the same you wanted while all of us get to get burnt out

  43. Good, glad we're nerfing Last Word so we can actually feel what no ADS-ing feels like in a fake shooter. Sorry, I like Destiny, but it's kinda crap at the same time. Sure, ask me why I still play it? I'll answer it now… TITAN SKATING. It's just a slight nerf to me when they sent out a tweak with Titan double jumps and I still use scroll wheel. Sure, it's better macro'd, but nobody's time to set that shit up. *clap* *clap* Can I go home now?

  44. I never understood the "nerf to adjust" instead of "buff to adjust" balancing approach for the PvE perspective of the game. It's dumb to take the fun away from the game and make it a drag.

  45. Alright, Garden of Salvation. The first boss literally runs away from you and you cannot really use short range weapons on it, the only options are snipers and what, linear fusions (lol). Rocket Launchers do no damage, GL's are good for it if you are close enough otherwise hard to hit. The Final boss, no way to get close to him in the milk, dps is too short to get up to him AND do damage anyway, there are armor mods that REQUIRE you to stay the f away from him… what else to use other than snipers (and GL's in this case) ???

  46. They need to buff the flux grenade that hunters have and need to nerf warlocks and titans cause that shoulder charge and hand-held supernova are too OP'd. Hunters need to land their shots while titans and warlocks dont need to worry about aiming. Titans and warlocks are catered, if the hunter super for "way of a thousand cuts" gets nerfed then warlocks and titans need to get just as nerfed as that super did.

  47. How can you say that how they are handling the ability to change affinity? Many of us have already upgraded to masterworks – the cost is WAAAAAY too high. they created a problem for which we now will have to pay for a solution. No thanks. I'll keep using my gear the way I want. Having the foresight to keep one of each affinity has kept me from personally needing to worry about it much, but that does get very space-hungry in the vault… a trade off I'm okay with. I just need to learn to let go the really really older stuff I only have kept due to sentimental reasons. Have a lot of fun!

  48. Since snipers are inherently "safe" to use and will be receiving a nerf…why dont they buff shotguns (revert trench barrel back to OG)??? Apparently by bungie logic shotguns are very risky to use. So they should get a damn pve buff

  49. So what I’m getting from the sniper nerf is that it’ll take 5 minutes longer in master activities because snipers will just take a little more time to kill. No one is gonna switch to shotties or fusions.

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