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Destiny 2: How to Get Outbreak Perfected & Catalyst – Exotic Pulse Rifle

Outbreak Prime is back in Destiny, now called
Outbreak Perfected with the reveal of a new Whisper of the Worm style mission. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as complicated
as it was in D1. In order to start this chain, head to The
Rig on Titan. Follow the path that I take on screen in order
to get the Fallen Transponder. When you get to the door that you need to
open, if it doesn’t open, try a different character, this is the easiest way to troubleshoot
the issue. If the door does open, then you’re good to
go. Pick up the Transponder to start the first
part of the quest. In case none of that works, in order to REALLY
start this chain, you need to have the Titan world quest Data Acquisition available to
you, meaning you needed to have completed the main campaign. This is also known as the Rat King quest. You need to complete the Enemy of my Enemy
mission in that quest, where you will meet Mithrax and where you must choose between
Mithrax and a Hive Knight. Kill the Knight, not the Captain, but you
just need to complete the mission. You’ll talk to Sloane after that, grab a year
1 engram from her and then you can continue, starting at the previous paragraph. For this part, you need to activate 6 nodes
on the Transponder by picking up 6 keys. 4 of these keys are in Lost Sectors on Earth,
2 of them on Nessus. We’ll start with Earth. You’re going to hit the following Lost Sectors:
Widow’s Walk and Atrium in Trostland, The Drain and Whispered Falls in Outskirts. For Widow’s Walk, head to the Lost Sector
chest at the end and jump up on the ledge above it for your first node. For Atrium, go about halfway through the Lost
Sector and after the first main group of adds, go into the locker room in the back and you’ll
see the next one. For The Drain, get to the big cavern area. which is about halfway through the Lost Sector
and drop all the way down. You’ll see it by some purple tarps. For Whispered Falls, when you first drop in,
look to the right and watch out for a green light. Head over to it and you’ll see the node on
the floor. On Nessus, we need to go to the Carrion Pit
and The Rift. The Rift is in Exodus Black. The node in The Rift is located in a container
in the main area of the Lost Sector. The container is on the left side sort of
up a little high, follow the on screen instructions. In Carrion Pit, it is behind and to the right
of the chest at the end, again, follow the on screen instructions. After you get all 6, you’ll be presented with
a bunch of letters and numbers. What it means is: go to the farm. You’re going to go into the basement of the
main farm and meet with Mithrax, who will send you into a mission called Zero Hour. This is a power level 690 mission with no
modifiers, so you may want to bring some friends. This mission is very similar in style to Whisper
of the Worm: you have 20 minutes to complete it and if you don’t, you get booted to orbit. You should bring a wide range of elemental
weapons so that you can shred shields quickly. Arc shows up the most, but try to have all
3. The first part is heavy combat, just bust
your way through all of the adds and keep moving. Once things start to get easier, you’ll be
hitting the platforming section, which is where you may get slowed down. You should be entering the platforming section
with around 14 minutes left, if you can go faster, great. Once you enter the area called Passage, head
under the ship, down and to the left. Make your way through the vents. After you break through another vent, make
the first right and break through this vent and drop down to the corresponding platform. The platform WILL break, so be careful. Continue to make your way outside. Jump on the first big yellow crate. Normally, you would have to traverse all the
way down in order to unlock the shortcut. Warlocks, Hunters and Titans with Lion Rampants
can perform a big skip. Hug the wall as you jump off and make your
way down. When you see red, get ready to move close
to the railing. If you time it right, you can jump onto this
platform and open the shortcut for others. Either way, make your way up the platform
into a vent in the ceiling. You’ll get to elevator shaft room next. Climb up the sides of the walls, you’re going
to do 4 jumps, the first one onto the box in front of you. I go counter-clockwise, alternating with long
and short platforms. The 2nd long platform is where you need to
go, it is the top-most right-hand vent from the entrance. Break the vent and go through. If you reach a dead end, that’s the wrong
one, keep trying. Eventually you’ll reach the giant fans. You need to slot yourself into the… slots
on the sides of the wall to go down, marked by red light. The next section is a giant chasm, you just
need to get across, no tricks here. The exit is in the bottom right side of the
chasm. You can hit a switch at the end to make it
easier for your teammates. The next section requires you to trigger 4
switches inside of a maze while avoiding Trevor, the robot. Trevor the robot will instantly kill you if
he touches you. There are some places to hide from Trevor
while he is going around the maze. There is a map of where the switches are inside
of the maze, it’s not very complicated to find them. One person should go to the right, the other
to the left and flip 2 switches each. You’ll periodically be blocked by walls of
electricity. These walls won’t kill you instantly, but
they will bounce you backwards. Once you trigger all 4 switches, head to the
end of the maze, which is on the opposite side of where you dropped in and take the
elevators up. You’ll break through another vent and then
go down a slide. When you land, turn left and take that passage. Right before the staircase, there is a vent,
go in it. You’ll drop down into the vault. Behind you will be a secret passage, walk
up to the Cryptarch symbol to open it. Once you get to the part, you’ll walk through
a giant vault and exit to your right. Keep going through to get to the boss arena. Ideally, you’ll reach this point with about
5-7 minutes remaining. The boss battle is basically just kill all
of the dudes, but there are a couple of moments to be aware of. First, be sure to clear all of the adds before
going to the boss, you’ll thank me later. When the boss reaches about 80% health, he’ll
start teleporting around the room. A Servitor with several shank will spawn on
the main platform and then later directly behind you. A Slowva Bomb Warlock with Skull of Dire Ahamkara
makes this VERY easy to deal with. Continue to kill adds and the boss and he
rotates. After the boss gets to 66% health, 2 walkers
will spawn on the left and right side. Definitely kill these quickly. Killing JUST the boss will not give you the
victory, you need to kill basically everything. Once you complete the boss event, you’ll be
rewarded with Outbreak Perfected. A heroic version of the mode will open up,
which gives you the catalyst for this weapon. Be sure to visit the Drifter afterwards for
some dialogue related to this. Speaking of the heroic, let’s take a look
at it. The loadout suggestion I made earlier with
normal mode also applies: be sure to have a lot of elemental variance in your weapons. Otherwise, use whatever your strongest weapons
are. It scales up the power to 700 and drops in
an elemental singe. You also need to take a different, longer
route to the boss room. This alternate route starts when you get to
the ship outside. Instead of going to the ship, hang right and
go into a duct. The ducts make an E shape, the entrance is
at the top right of the E. You’ll drop into a room with a breakable vent on the other
side, this path splits left and right. One person can go left, the others right. If you’re the left person, go to the left
and you’ll see 2 bridges; you should drop down, turning left. Then drop onto the lower bridge. Facing the way you drop down, go to the right
corner and flip the switch. Then, I’ll be honest, I just jump off and
die here. There’s a way to get back up without dying,
but I just jump off. You should respawn a couple of rooms back. Then, you can go through that original vent
and make a right. Head straight forward and drop down. Lid 3 should be open if you hit the correct
switch. If not, you need to open it, so go back and
hit the switches. Jump on the lid and climb up. Keep going through vents until you hit a chasm. You just need to get across. If you struggle, don’t worry, there’s a switch
at the end that will open up plates for you to jump on. Keep going, find some red pipes, go down them,
then enter a sewer pipe that leads outside. Turn left. You need to hop from sewer exit to sewer exit
until you can start climbing the wall by walking on the pipes. Be wary of platforms that collapse, they’ll
come back, but be careful. You need to make a blind jump when you hit
the corner of the wall, so, do that. Watch out for more rotating platforms and
make your way across. Then, after the rotating platforms, climb
up until you find a panel in the wall that’s open. Head into the room and you’re going to have
a big slide down. Hug left first to dodge the panel, then go
right to dodge the next one. You should be ready to jump as soon as you
see a red light. You’ll jump across a gap. Then, look to your right for another vent
in the wall and climb up. THEN, after this, you’ll be at the slicing
fans of death and you’ll continue normally until the end. Nothing else changes. Oh, wait. One thing changes. When you get to the vault extrance, you may
notice that walking through it normally wil light you on fire. That’s bad. You need to take a secret path over these
panels in order to not die. Then, you can flip a switch around the left
corner to disable it. The path is as follows: Start 2nd from the
left, go up, left, up, up, right, right, down, right, right, up, up, left, up. Ok, now you’re good. Be sure to go one person at a time, multiple
people will result in death. And that’s how to get Outbreak Perfected’s
catalyst. There is one more secret in this place, but
we’ll tackle that another time. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next

100 thoughts on “Destiny 2: How to Get Outbreak Perfected & Catalyst – Exotic Pulse Rifle

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  2. This unnecessary platforming shit that doesn't fit the rest of the game AT ALL is exactly what made me quit destiny2 in the first place. Not because i couldn't do it, but because i found it tedious, unfun, and unnecessary. What the fuck are they thinking, it's like there's that odd dev on the team who wants this type of shits and manages to creep into quests/raid designs like cancer here and there. Jesus fucking christ. Just.. stop.

  3. Cuz you all play with PC like my 70/80%noobs I know in the game.Plus I do solo & now wich is more difficult than before.So what we learn?Noobs take it easy with PC & the other half(almost)they take the weapon before bunggie make it too difficult.

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  5. This could just be me but there's been an update to acquiring this quest. Initiate the Red War storyline, complete them to get to Titan, do the red war missions there. after the quest line for Titan is finished and you receive the Rat King exotic quest, head to the Tower and speak to Banshee to get the Arsenal of Oddities quest. After receiving it, head back to Titan and initiate the Bad Neighbors adventure (It doesn't have to be the heroic one). Proceed through it normally until you encounter the first Shrieker of the mission, kill them or don't, and follow the marker until you hit the door the way point wants you to open, ignore it and open the door to your left and pick up the Fallen Transponder. Now you're set. Just collect the nodes and be on your way. Saving the fallen captain or killing both the knight and captain no longer has an effect on your ability to receive the quest. I killed them both and I got it anyway. Enjoy.

  6. Its fucking bullshit that bungie makes these quests that require more than 2 people for a solo player thats pretty much telling us to fuck off….I tried to solo this and made it pass the first part and I'm ready to give up on this fucking game everything is about groups raid and all solo players pretty much cant do shit but the normal stuff……bungie must not know what a fucking solo player is welp looks like this gun is pretty much never going in my collection. Plus i am not gonna use that shitty ass group finder because it never works

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  10. i just finished collecting all of the codes and went to the farm and stood next to abraxis while i finished watching the video, and i'm gonna walk away from this till i find someone who's done it before, there's no way i'd be able to remember all this and it will take me too long to start and stop the vid while i'm going through it

  11. Before watching this I have done the enemy of my enemy mission. I killed both the knight and Mithrax, there was no problem for me.

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    EDIT: Btw I tried doing it solo (impossible I know) cuz my 2 friends who planned on doing it with me sent me a message on my phone which I didn't see until after they had done it.

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