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Destiny 2: Datto Reviews the Pinnacle Weapons – The Recluse, Oxygen SR3, 21% Delirium

The pinnacle weapons for Season 6 are 21%
Delirium, Oxygen SR3 and The Recluse, from Gambit, Vanguard and Crucible respectively. So, how good are they and are they worth getting? We’ll start with 21% Delirium. This is the first 900 RPM machine gun in Destiny
2. The feature perks on the gun are Overflow:
where walking over a special or power brick will refill and then double the amount of
bullets in your current magazine, and Killing Tally, where the gun gains damage for every
kill stacking up to 3 times and only goes away when you reload or switch weapons. So, the power fantasy here is to run over
a brick, get 200 bullets in your gun and unload on everything. Does it fulfill that fantasy? Yeah, it absolutely does. Killing Tally stacked up to 3 is a 25% damage
bonus on the weapon, a little tame in terms of how high the stacks go, but oh well. Whether this gun is good or not comes down
to 1 simple comparison: this vs. Hammerhead, I’d compare to Avalanche, but you can’t get
Avalanche anymore, so it’s this or Hammerhead. Hammerhead can come with randomly rolled perks,
but it’s not to say that Delirium’s perks are bad, because they’re not. I tend to have more of a PvE mindset, so to
me, Overflow is a novelty that becomes irrelevant with a Rally Barricade. But, in activities where you can’t always
be dropping barricades or need to roam, like I dunno, GAMBIT, where this weapon comes from,
it can really shred a lot of stuff, including enemy invaders and trust me, machine guns
are not going away any time soon despite how annoying I think they are in Gambit. In a very quick DPS test, Delirium can outperform
Hammerhead thanks to the fact that it is literally double the rate of fire, but this does mean
you need to hit double the amount of shots that Hammerhead does and Hammerhead feels
a bit better at longer distances due to its lower rate of fire, it’s easier to control,
not to mention that in PvP situations, it’s all but impossible to contest outside of long
sniper range. But when these guns will 2-3 tap a lot of
low tier enemies anyway, those fractions of fractions of seconds don’t really matter too
much in day to day play. This one is a tough call, it’s a very enjoyable
gun, but you do need to play a bunch of Gambit, one full rank reset’s worth. The other two requirements will likely be
done by the time you get your full reset done, unless you’re playing in double or triple
infamy weekends. If you already have a well rolled Hammerhead
or if you don’t take Thunderlord off, I don’t think you need to chase this aggressively,
especially with how good both of those machine guns already are and will continue to be. Oxygen SR3 is the Vanguard pinnacle weapon,
completely revolving around the Dragonfly perk. I actually got this one passively just by
doing milestones and by doing Thorn; you need 20 Nightfalls or more regular strikes, 1000
precision kills and 500 orbs generated. These are REALLY easy requirements and you’ll
get this weapon eventually if you play strikes with any regularity. The perks on the weapon are Dragonfly, shocker,
and Meganeura, where each headshot before a killing blow will increase the damage dealt
by Dragonfly, stacking up to 3 times. I also dropped a Dragonfly Spec mod into this
gun which increases the radius and damage of Dragonfly because what else are you possibly
going to use in this. This weapon is… fine. Dragonfly is not as impactful as people thought
Firefly was back in Destiny 1, although the Dragonfly Spec mod certainly gives it the
boost it needed. It is a situationally good perk, good in certain
activities or areas with high enemy density. This makes the gun a situationally good gun:
it is good in the same spots, but it has nothing else going for it outside of those situations. Don’t get me wrong, the damage potential on
the Dragonfly proc is really high, I’ve seen enemies take over 3x the damage of a headshot
from the Dragonfly explosion. But, if targets are spread out or you’re plinking
away at a high health target, it has limited value. Scout rifles have not been the hotness for
quite some time either, at least not on PC, so that certainly doesn’t help. This weapon is probably just gonna be sitting
in my vault for a while as I have other weapons that I’d rather be using. To me, it’s not compelling enough of a weapon
to work into my regular rotation of Outlaw/Rampage, Outlaw/Kill Clip and even Outlaw/Dragonfly
Spec weapons, like the curated Nation of Beasts. Wrapping up a bland series of objectives for
pinnacle weapons, we have The Recluse SMG from Crucible, where you more or less just
need to hit Fabled in competitive PvP. If you hit it fast enough, you’ll probably
need a few more wins, but if you can get to Fabled before you hit the wins requirement,
that won’t be a problem for you. This is definitely the easiest Crucible pinnacle
weapon that we’ve ever had the opportunity to get considering the low requirements and
the increased amount of Glory points per win in Season 6. I did solo queue competitive on PC in order
to get this, going from around 800-2124 in about 6-7 hours including queue times. The Recluse follows a familiar trend in Crucible
pinnacle weaponry: it is not an automatic “I win” gun, far from it. The main perk is where kills with any weapon
give you Master of Arms, which increases your damage output with Recluse. So, if you get a kill with Recluse, you’ll
get the Master of Arms buff, which lasts about 5 seconds. If you get a kill with a different gun, you’ll
get a Master of Arms buff without a timer, but it also lasts about 5 seconds. However, as long as you switch to Recluse
before that buff runs out, you’ll get the full duration of Master of Arms. So, you don’t need to switch immediately,
but you do need to switch somewhat quickly in order to get the buff. Much like Thorn needs its Soul Devourer buff,
this too needs its buff for it to really accel, otherwise it is a standard 900 RPM submachine
gun. The goal of this gun is to put yourself in
situations where you’ll be able to chain together kills one after another to keep the perk active,
since when the perk is active, you deal 25 damage per BODY SHOT in PvP, basically auto-rifle-esque
damage. Obviously in PvE, that isn’t really hard to
do, which makes this a REALLY good PvE weapon. PvP is another story. When you DO find yourself in those situations,
where you can kill one person, get the buff, kill another, refresh buff, kill another,
then yeah, you’re going to absolutely shred everyone in your way, with a time to kill
of about half a second. But, much like Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten,
this will not automatically make you into a PvP god. You need to play to its strengths and its
strengths are very aggressive play. You need the skill to wield the weapon and
actually have it be MORE useful than other things you might use. Pairing another weapon with The Recluse is
an interesting decision. A shotgun? Well, now you’re using an SMG and a shotgun,
so best save that for smaller maps like Endless Vale otherwise you’ll limit yourself to hiding
in corners. Sniper rifle? Eh, you might be too far away for any potential
Recluse targets. Honestly, another primary weapon SEEMS like
the play for this gun, like Ace, Thorn, your choice of pulse rifle, and then Recluse as
your special weapon to be used like a shotgun. If you have Mountaintop, I imagine you’ll
probably try that as well if you haven’t already. I wasn’t as impressed with The Recluse as
I was hoping to be in PvP after hearing so much good about it, but that’s probably because
at the time, I was trying to use it on every map and you just shouldn’t do that. This gun isn’t going to work on every map,
so don’t force it. On the maps where SMGs are good, this thing
can absolutely shred people, but you really need to play around the perk of the gun in
order to make the most out of it. If you’re more of a passive player, then I’m
not really sure what this is going to do for you, you really need to be scoring double
kills. Again, PvE, pretty darn good, no complaints
at all, but if its gonna be a struggle for you to hit 2100 Glory, this is not a gun that
I would say you desperately need to have for PvE, especially if you have a selection of
PvE guns you like using already. Anyway, that’s all I got on the pinnacle weapons
for Season 6, thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Datto Reviews the Pinnacle Weapons – The Recluse, Oxygen SR3, 21% Delirium

  1. I don't have 6 or 7 hours to farm for shitty weapons, are you fucking insane, why would you waste your time on shit weapons, getting Thorn was a struggle, but I can say Thorn is now a shit weapon, because Thorn year 3 on Destiny 1 was better, also why in the fuck did Bungie nerf Whisper of the Worm, come on seriously nerfing weapons seems very childish and immature Bungie

  2. Avalanche was the first 900 RPM machine gun in destiny 2. 21% Delirium is just a re-skin of Avalanche with curated perks.

  3. "The recluse is not an automatic 'I win' gun."

    False. 100% false.

    I normally agree with you datto, but the recluse is literally a no skill weapon.

  4. "Recluse is far from an instant win button."
    With the perk active it has a body shot TTK of a half a second, is very easy to control, and can easily remain within optimal range on nearly every map. If you are fighting someone using Recluse, and you are not using it, assuming roughly equal skill, you lose. Simple as that.

  5. Recluse, easy my ass. I suck at pvp and I've been stuck on brave heroic rank since the start of the season.

  6. Luna and NF power comes from precision shots sc sorry but aiming is the name of the game you got sick aim can move right and you know maps and strats then it is what it it is peo pl ke need to stop crying you dont have to buy the gun it's free you just gotta work for it and it's a hard long quest but just like in real life you get what you put in and there fantastic guns for fantastic players but nooow there going to nerf them while jotunn is in the energy slot can literally one shot you and if that's not enough it tracks you it beats pretty much anything or how about the erentil?? That long ranged one tapper fusion but nobodys saying a word?? Ya know why Cause most people simply aint good enough To get the Luna and the not forgotten So they beach and a moan and now look what's Happening the whole game is get nerfed smh people are destroying this game man

  7. Glory isn't the problem at all for me, it's the wins. I hit fabled yet I'm only 19% through the wins needed

  8. I ran a Hazard of the Cast with kill clip, zen moment and high caliber rounds with a range masterwork and this auto rifle just wrecks in pvp. It literally has zero recoil.

  9. Idk if it’s different on pc but the recluse is one of the best weapons in crucible right now. It is stupid how many people use it and how amazing it is.

  10. Good guns with interesting perks and reasonably easy to get for everyone. I just wish they wouldn't just make them reskins on the outside. Is it too much to ask for them to create new designs for pinnacle weapons?

  11. Crimson pairs VERY well with The Recluse, for anyone struggling to find a primary to play with.

  12. Recluse is obtained from Crucible but it is best used, in PvE activities..
    By that logic, Oxygen should be god tier in PvP but its downright bad.
    You done fcuked up, Bungie!

  13. Can I still get Recluse when season 7 begins? If so, and if I try now, will my progress be wiped when season 7 starts?

  14. I finally got recluse and I love it the only pinnacles I’ve not got are the rest of the crucible ones

  15. Bungie needs to stop with the “get a kill and do a shit ton more damage”’perks, every single gun that has been good in pvp has a perk like this, most of them are better than x3 rampage perks, suros regime gets like a 1 damage buff when you get the glass half full proc, Luna’s and ace turn into 2 taps and recluse literally fucking doubles in damage like wtf

  16. When I use recluse, I actually like pairing it with the service revolver, otherwise I just rush all the time and whip out arbalest when the enemies are to far.

  17. Guess Polaris Lance beats most Scouts due to infinite ammo and a “explosive payload” on the fifth shot.

  18. My favorite new weapon is 21%. Awesome. I would welcome responses to this question. I am doing some testing on gun stats and I have a 650 subtle calamity that I tested against a level 721 subtle that had explosive heads and boss spec. In a side by side run of a level 500 heroic mission the level 650 was hitting heads at 14000 and the level 721 was hitting heads at 8800. Can anyone explain this to me? Here's another one. Whisper 686 vs 714. Both guns same damage on a nightfall run – 86,395.

  19. Easiest pvp pinnacle weapon to get???? I've played so much crucible and yet I've not managed to hit fabled comp because retards use lord of wolves of shotgun ape or handheld supernova or use shitty fucking arkstaff which is basically invincible

  20. With the recluse quest, I was already on valor before picking it up and it’s still telling to reach brave :/

  21. I love watching your channel and the detailed information you give, not to mention your a pretty funny dude bro.

  22. The recluse is WAYYY better than you say it is (in my opinion) the best pvp gun in destiny.Its so fun to pair with revoker and it just vacuums everyone in your way

  23. I find it funny how Datto is still making excuses for the Luna’s Howl and the Not Forgotten. Like bro just admit that the guns were overpowered and damn near single handily broke the crucible when they were released.

  24. My friend grinded like crazy to get the recluse (he isn’t very good) and was mildly disappointed when he got it

  25. Recluse is taking forever to get for me, so I'm just going to stick to the huckleberry for the time being.

  26. Wow. You see that zero recoil? Must be nice. Because of recoil, many weapons are simply unusable on console.

  27. Might just be me but the recluse is like… Unobtainable for me. I play comp and any kill oriented game mode I can carry in if need be. But when I get those charge game modes (more often than not lucky me ig) there's literally nothing I can do. Destiny is not a bomb plant kind of game imo. With how many "cheap" ways there are to get kills in this game, a no respawn gm just drips with sweat and bm. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ das mah opinion don

  28. Datto I am extremely envious that you it only took you a short time to get Recluse..I can barely break 300 Glory points before going back to 0 within a few games..and this is after 6-7 hours of game play..

  29. The overflow perk for 21% delirium says it works for both special and heavy ammo but I've never figured out how to do it. Do I have to be shooting while I pick it up like with sweet business? I stand on top of a green or purple brick and see the effect is active but either I pick it up normally or nothing happens at all.

  30. 2:48 I feel personally called out, I will have you know. I switch power wepons when I need to use a exotic special.

  31. Dumb asf that PC plays totally different than console…. Recluse mapping targets and when he was clearing adds he didn't even have to aim with that heavy machine gun lmao. But console bounces everywhere can barley get half the distance. Please don't make destiny 3 like this or come out with a controller that's like using a mouse to get that no recoil bullcrap. Certain guns don't even work the.same like thousand voices lmao game is so broken they patch PC cuz it's to o.p. but then console gets the nurf to? when on console the gun isn't as good and even worse after the nurf to the point where u don't use the gun but on PC it's still a great gun. Destiny 3 needs to find a way to correct this major flaw with the game other than that I love the game and it's franchise

  32. These weapons will always be there so if i ever feel like going for them, i’ll choose the time to do so

  33. I have the best offence completed but it still says I need to complete it for the oxygen. Any advice

  34. All I need is fabled and I'll have luna, recluse and mountain top… I'm at 1900 in comp.. So fucking close

  35. Why does your recluse have no recoil? Mine jumps like a horse on crack. (Console btw)
    Too bad i hit fable before getting most of the luna quest: I'm on solar kills and can't aim the Ace of spades worth crap. Rip i guess

  36. It might be easy for you to get recluse, but lower end players like me have a hard time because they can’t find a comp group

  37. I Got Oxygen Sr3 from playing normally one strike I see triumph completed I collect it then I see go see zavala at tower I go to tower and theres a weapon I accedently got it

  38. I always get a bad fireteam in comp so I can’t get the recluse I’ve only gotten a good team 3/10 times

  39. It’s sad because that machine gun is a carbon copy of the avalanche. All of these weapons are just renamed and barely re skinned

  40. Why tf does this gun have no recoil on pc but then on console the recoil is retarded ? Like how tf does that make sense. Switching platform shouldn’t change stats/playstyle of a gun like wtf

  41. I was farming for recluse yesterday and got lagged out, I got banned from comp because of it, how long is it for

  42. LoW > Recluse

    I got it yesterday, the perk is ESSENTIAL to success and i have felt that SMGs, like scouts are in a weird spot.

  43. Being forced to play a ton of gambit because of the solstice armor made me think that I should go for the delirium… at 12k rank before I decided to check when the reset is… good lord

  44. Datto the only nigga to not just straight up say recluse is the single most greatest gun ever given to humanity forged by the gods themselves

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