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Desert Eagle Viking 1911

hello everyone and welcome back as you
can see we have another box here on the table and I don’t know what could
possibly be in here all right and inside our magnum research
box is a desert eagle 1911 G so let’s take that out of here and as you can see
we are clear we’re not going to make that mistake again
with this pistol so look at our desert eagle is in there we’ve got an eight
round magazine another eight round magazine we have our chamber flag which
is in an orange zip tie well that’s all right do not operate do not attempt to
operate the firearm without reading the enclosed instruction manual… well I did
that we’ve got the bag it came in we’ve got a
business card from outlaw ordnance they’re the ones that did the grips on
these so you can check them out at outlaw ordnance on Instagram and
Facebook and they’re in West Monroe Louisiana Louisiana there’s my receipt from Magnum Research
because I had to buy this directly from them to get it
locking manuals under foam inserts so it was also where my other spare magazine
was at there is your lock there’s your manual for it all right now
as we said this is the Desert Eagle 1911 G from magnum research this is their
Viking Edition this is the first in their warrior series that they’re
planning to do now I talked to him at NRAAM and they were talking about doing a
samurai one and he had a bunch of ideas for stuff they’re gonna do but the first
edition one was the Viking and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it I’ve
been watching for this thing since NRAAM up there in Indy and they
finally released it and of course I bought one and proceeded to shoot my
wall with it but that’s a whole different thing so as you can see it has
some Viking imagery on the grips these were done by outlaw ordnance I believe
these are Hogue grips that then they they then engraved and treated with maybe
black anodizing or something like that but you have a raven here some Viking
imagery you flip it over the other side you have Odin you have another Raven and
they’re kind of looking like his helmet you got the Viking imagery there and it
says til Valhalla on this side now these are from their custom shop and it
looks like every single one of these slides is different because I’ve seen
three or four of these slides between what they had outlaw ordnance posted and they
have different cuts they have different markings on them I think when I saw I
had like a grind mark up here in this another one had a couple of them here
some of them had them on this side which I obviously don’t so that’s pretty cool
if each one of these slides is different now I don’t have any more than just my
one slide so I can’t tell you if each one is different but it’s really cool if
that’s what they did now as far as some of the other features you can obviously
see that this has a rail on it which i think is a nice addition a lot of people
don’t like to rail on a 1911 I like having rails on just about
anything because it means I could put a lighter light on there if I want to
gives me some accessory options I like having a rail it does have the
skeletonized trigger it came with two eight round magazines it has a full
length guide rod but no ambi safety though if you look this grip is cut for
an ambi safety so if you wanted to you can add an ambi safety to this
I don’t know if I really want to I’m probably gonna keep it pretty much like
it is I don’t want to get into it and start taking things out and putting
things on I love this pistol the way it is now the weight of this pistol empty
is two pounds ten ounces loaded with 230 grain six hour v crowns 8+1 it is three
pounds one ounce and then it’s a little bit lighter if you’re checking the reset
the trigger reset and you fire off around in your basement so the trigger
weight on this and we’ll look we are empty the trigger weight is two pounds
13 ounces and there’s your reset so and the two pounds 13 ounces was an
average of five poles and last but not least we’re gonna take a look at the
holster options now this is a holster I got from Civ Div Designs he is on Etsy
he makes these custom nice quality holsters decent price this one is for a
full sized 1911 but without a rail so it will not fit in that one this is a 1791
Gunleather holster this is for a p226 it does fit in the p226 holster it fits
quite well covers your trigger guard covers everything on the firearm and
it’s easy to take out of there this is of course a Savoy Leather holster
this is for a 4-inch 1911 without the rail but he does make them a little bit
looser and you can get this one into his regular 1911 holster so if you really
wanted to get one from him he had one available for a 1911 without the rail
without the rail you could probably get your 1911 with the rail into one of his
it’s pretty tight but it’s got some nice retention on it then and we also have
one from Savoy Leather this is for p226 and it is again will fit in there this
one is a little looser because he doesn’t go quite with the form-fitting
as somebody who wet molds and really goes after it so as you can see this one
has a lot more definition of everything to fit the p226 so if you want to put
your real 1911 into a Savoy Leather holster you can definitely get it into
the p226 you can probably get it into a 1911 non-rail so there you go there’s
the first look at the Desert Eagle 1911 Viking build hope you guys enjoyed it
I’m going to take this out probably sometime next week get some
actual rounds through it more than just the one that went over there and I’ll
bet it shoots like a dream because it shot like a dream in here so I hope you
guys liked the quick first look at the Desert Eagle Viking 1911 like share
subscribe until next time stay armed stay vigilant stay safe

11 thoughts on “Desert Eagle Viking 1911

  1. That thing is freakin sweet OBNXS1! The artwork is awesome! Ambi safety is nice for carry but that things looks too nice to carry. Thanks!

  2. Thatโ€™s freaking awesome bro. Maybe I shouldโ€™ve waited till this came out to make it my first. However Iโ€™m happy with my DE1911G

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