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I will die, but fuck this. Or not Nothing… Don’t come with that crowbar onto me, you fuck Pistol only in the mist? I’m in. Pistol and shotgun. I’m kind of just using my pistol anyway. Right, let’s do this! I just want to find a shotgun supressor I meant pistol. I just need a supressor and it will be broken You barely hear nothing when it’s supressed Wohoo (;D) This is valid, right boys? I’m looting cause I gotta wait the gas to close anyway until I can find players, so… *deep breath* Yeeeeess Right, now I’m very happy Bro, look at that bullet Dudes won’t understand where it came from, right? Now I’m stealth mode. Crossbow and supressed pistol Chat: “Throw away your 12 gauge”
Tec: No, no, no, no, no It’s 12 (Shotgun) Crossbow and pistol, that’s the set up in this mist, got it? The game will, indeed, seem a little darker for you, guys Because it is, for me too. I’ve set brightness to 0 I hit him Wohoo I am almost sure I hit him, cause he went to heal right after I’ve shot… after I shot the arrow, he went to heal Here, here, here, here, look, the arrow there, look. In his chest Oh boy! I’m Robin fucking Hood!
Told you I’ve hit, because I hit! I got two pistol shots on him.
The crossbow one I missed *whoops* It was a guy up there. He ran upwards. He didn’t understand a thing I’m gonna wait here, cause I think there’s where people will come from. I’m right in the edge of the gas.
…There it is, look *lol* I’m not understanding anything, bro. Died outside the playzone… That is the strong gas, I already can’t tank it. The only bad thing is that PUB just works on first person, right? And I don’t know…
*interrupted by an enemy being spotted* And I don’t know where to aim with this shitty revolver, bro. *Hmm…* I should have killed him. I misplayed there. Don’t fuck with me. The house is safe. 17 Kills, pistol… Shotgun and crossbow only
… and nades *Stretching* Oh boy! Greetings, guys. Thank you for everyone watching the video. If you liked it, leave a like and subscribe. Very thank you all for your support. See you on the next video!


  1. Ou esse cara e hacker ou eu n sei n pq na névoa ele enxerga toda bomba q ele joga acerta tem condição n nunca morre

  2. Porra tec, rifle e sniper é a mesma coisa, tem que ser "Desafio sem fuzil de assalto e rifle."

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