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Guys, let’s go to the third challenge here on GamersClub. 15 minutes to kill more than The Veracious, but now it’s pistols. Already told the server guys about what’s happening. Are you guys prepared? I’m not gonna give you some easy time. Ready? Five seconds left I’m not a fool, I’m gonna grab an USP. Let’s go over them! Oh my God! – Hey Fallen… What? – It’s going to be every weapon or just the USP? Whatever suits you, my friend! – What’s the deal? Whoever kills more than The Veracious, is going to win any mousepad at FallenStore You can go and chose over there. – Nice! You just gotta kill more than The Veracious. Easy. Is it on already? – Yes, it is! It’s on! – Really? – Yes! Let’s go! There’s already a guy here with 7 kills and 1 death. He’s already got 7/1, my friends Take it! Ouch! I took it! Already gone? – Do you another one? (QUEOTA?) I’ve passed! I’ve surpassed them! Things are tight! – What? – It’s tight! – It is! Oh my God! Let’s focus! Let’s focus, Veracious! They’re getting close! I’m gonna need to activate the turbo mode! He got me over! Let’s go, guys! I’m 16/9 for now. I’m only 1 kill ahead of another opponent Oh my God! 22! Let’s go over it! No! Ouch! Delicious! Damn, boy! That shot from Short B was nice! 29 kills. The other guy has 23 kills, for now. The Morcego (headset) doesn’t let anyone comes from behind, right Fallen?! – You noticed? You’re hired! You’re hired! I’m 10/10 here! – Are you already using it? Of course! I bought it during Blast Pro series! – Did you liked? – I loved it! Nice! I’m happy that you liked it! – It’s also signed by you! Now that’s nicer! Where do you live? Araras, in the countryside. – We’re in this together! It’s really close to here, I live in St. Barbara. – Yes! – Well, I bought a nice keyboard these days. What keyboard? Eco? The Falcão( Falcon) – Did you liked it? – Yes! It’s amazing! – That’s good to hear! Thanks! Are you going to win the mousepad now? – By the way things are going, I don’t think so. I’m lacking bullets – Hey, Fallen! On CS, I … – to be… – On CS what? You got cut. – The audio here on CS, If I put 5.1… Over CS you just use the headset option. You can use the headphone configuration only. I don’t use to change it. There’s some people that use the 3D one… – I don’t like it neither! What you can change is that option from the Advanced settings over the 3D options, do you know? It drastically changes it, but you’ll get used to it. I’m using it! I didn’t got used to it. I know! But it takes some time to get used to it! – Yes. Guys, I’m winning that mousepad. Which mousepad would you guys choose? I would choose the “Fire”. – I took to long to get to the server. – I want the “Cold” one! -That one is dope! Which one? – The “Ice” one! – The Ice? That one is beautiful! – The Ice is beautiful as f*ck! – Just by 2 kills, otherwise I would won against you, Fallen! That’s true, Dreamzera! You and… – Krazera( Crazynn )… – Yes! You’ve played good! -If there was a spot for the third place Win this one! Where’s the skill? I’ve just entered! It’s impossible to top it. I’m gonna give you some help. I’m going to add 30 kills to your final score If you kill more than The Veracious, you’ll win it! – Damn! Not 30… I’m going to add 50 kills! Let’s see if you are worthy -DAMN! – Wow! Let’s go! We’re starting together! Just because you did good over the last one! Now that’s nice, Fallen! – I’ve also did good over the Rifle one! I got behind by 20 kill from you. But you were already here or not? – I was! But I just entered in this one! You’ve just entered, too? – On the Rifle challenge, I’ve killed just 20 less than you. – I killed 90, back on the Rifle challenge. Humm I’m level 10, but I’ve already killed… Ouch! Almost, guys! Where’s Dreamzera? He has 10. He’s ahead of me, I gave 50 to him! I need to kill more over here. Ouch! – C’mon, Fallen. Let me kill the guy above! It’s hard, man! – Boy… – What a shot, huh?! – Did you saw?! Damn, Theuz! Your head is big! – I can’t kill more than you! That’s meany! – What I win if I kill Fallen with the knife? Forget it! – That’s the question. Then when he doesn’t win Majors you guys keep complain about it! That’s true! – Damn! When will start that tournament over China? It starts on… I think on Saturday, or Sunday On one of them But we’re going to fly today! I’m leaving soon. – Nice! Do your best! – I’ll do it! How many kills, Dreamzera? 21? I’m ahead of you! – Yes! You’re close! – Again? – Damn, boy! Oh my God! Nooo! Damn! They’re hitting! Wrote, but aren’t reading. The cock is eating it! Six minutes to go, guys! Let’s hit harder! – It’s harder, but I can’t hit! I’m just like Iniesta today, just assistances. Rajada played over Gamers Academy 1.6 Noo! I almost did good! I’m crazy! CZ-75, that’s cheap! C’mon! Look at his! – C’mon, Fallen! – Three times! – CZ is cheap! Now they’ve got me good Where’s Dreamzera? Dreamzera’s got 46 kils, so I’m tied with him at the moment. I’m gonna send a photo of face, Fallen. You’ll see how… – … CZ – Are you holding, Fallen? I’m camping! – The guys here are not even blinking! I’m not seeing anyone close to me! – There’s no way! Gaules is playing just Deathmatch just like Fallen. Just sitting stil and waiting at the spawn site. – Damn, you’re joking with Fallen. – If Fallen adds my Rifle kills with these ones, I’ll win! Now that’s too much! – I think that The Veracious should play with the D. Eagle! I’m gonna pull it! 4 minutes with D. Eagle! – Really?! – Let’s go! DO YOU WANT ANOTHER ONE? – Yes! I want! – Damn, Dreamzera. – What a violent CZ! – This one is angry! – You saw?! – But it isn’t good as the Veracious’ one. My CZ is not very good, man. Let me tell you. – I want to see a MP5 over the chinese torunament, Fallen! – MP5? – MP5?! Damn! I never used the MP5! – Hey, Fallen. I think you should play using that calibrated D. Eagle of yours. You won’t believe the highlights that I did over “FROM SILVER TO GLOBAL” today! You’ll see! – Are you recording this? – Yes, I’m! I’m still the winner! 2 minutes left! – You don’t sleep?! I’m gonna grab a Glock now, because I need to surpass Dreamzera. – He quit! – You’re already better than everyone, keep using the D. Eagle! But Dreamzera… I gave Dreamzera a bonus of 50 kills. I need to win against him! – I had a GFallen Legends, but already broke. How many kills, Dreamzera? 65. I’m losing by 4 kills. – Let’s help Dreamzera wins, guys! C’mon! C’mon, guys! – Let’s stop over T spawn. – Let’s go Dreamzera?! Everybody on Mid! – I’ve almost won the AWP challenge, that’s why he’s helping me, guys! – The AWP challenge was great! You guys think you be able to help Dreamzera? – Just let Fallen sent the IP on Instagram… If I send the IP adress, everything was going to lag! – That’s true! – People would be trying to connect. It would be impossible to play The idea is good, but it won’t happen. – But let me tell you, that one that won the first challenge … – With lag. – He deserved it! – A warrior! – There was too much lag. – What was his name? I managed to tied against him, lucky! – He put “Z” at the end of his nickname – Someone stabbed me! – How much to you have, Dreamzera? Damn! I’m winning! If you add 50, you’ll still be behind me, you need 1! – C’mon, Dreamzera! Do it! 30 seconds for Dreamzera Would he stay just “Dream”ing? Where are you, Dream? – It’s like a tournament, I’m already shaking! – It looks like a Match point! – Damn! This way it’s impossible! How much does Dreamzera have, guys? 73?! I’m 4 kills ahead! C’mon Dreamzera, are you staying on “almost” again, buddy? – It’s not gonna happen, Fallen. – Damn, boy! C’mon, I’ve tried! Not even with 50. I tried to help you, buddy! – It’s hard! The next challenge, you’ll get it done! Alright, guys? I’m going! – Alright! Bye, Fallen! – A big hug to you all! Let’s do something here, Where are you Dreamzera? Here’s my position over the map. Let’s do a 1 vs 1. – I’m on Forest. – Forest? – Now I’m on T spawn Look, if you kill me first, you’ll win. But if I kill you first, you lose! – I’m on T spawn, on T- Ramp! I’m on T spawn, come fight me! If you kill me… I shot you already! NOOO! LUCKY BASTARD! You got lucky! – I’ve killed you, the aim is tight! Damn! I’ll contact you after this. The people over GamersClub we’ll get in tough with you. A big hug to you all! – Big hug to you Fallen! Goodbye! – Bye! Dreamzera. I tried to help Dreamzera in every possible way. But anyway, we managed to get him a mousepad. BUT I DIDN’T LET HIM KILL ME! I was going to kill him! But that CZ shot was lucky! But Ok, it’s on! That’s it, guys! I hope you guys liked the challegens. Thanks for every one that participated . Thanks for GamersClub Big hug to you all! We’re in this together! What’s up, guys?! It’s Dreamzera here. I’m going to show how my setup is now. A keyboard from HyperX A 144hz AOC monitor. A Logitech mouse. And my new mousepad, from FallenStore. A gift from Fallen! It’s damn good! Now I just need to click. Go MiBR!

100 thoughts on “DESAFIO DO MELHOR PISTOL DA GC [FalleN]

  1. Olá Fallen, TD bom? Queria te fazer um pedido, você pode fazer um vídeo ou sla explicando como jogar bem com a M4 pq eu sou um Lixo com ela

  2. fallenzão é um pai pra comunidade, humildade demais e ainda ensinando lição pra vida
    dá oportunidade, só não facilita kkkkk

  3. Fallenzao parabéns pela Vitória massacrante contra a astralis e contra a C9.

    Vc nos trouxe um gostinho de vitória outra vez. Obrigado fallenzao

  4. Parabéns pelas vitórias Fallen!
    Assina meu perfil pf:

  5. Fallen, parabéns por inovar em HUMILDADE. Foi uma pena não termos levado esse último CAMP, mas foi lindo ver o 16×2 contra a Astralis, tava engasgada aquela derrota pra eles. #GOMIBR

  6. Mano o mais incrivel do fallen que ele pode estar no topo do mundo, um dos melhores mas ele sempre ta aqui com a galera que po ta procurando um futuro no game, incentivando a ajudando a galera daqui.

  7. Aew Fallen bela Vitória contra a Astralis e Cloud9 jogaram dms.
    Faz tempo que não vejo a torcida tão feliz assim kkkk e nois mano

  8. Fallen vc poderia me dar 1 computador pode ser 1 fraco e que n tenho consicoes de comprar 1 entende e queria mt jogar esse game 😢💔

  9. Fallen e Gaules, dois mito jogando e full humildade, incentiva demais os brodi a ser competitivo sem perder a amizade, Fallen God



  11. E amo CS GO mas como nao tenho PC tenho que jogar Standoff 2 kkkk quem ai joga???meu nick:{{WINS}}Alucard .add la kkk

  12. phanom x4 black edition 16 gb ram e 9800gt1gb 256bits quanto seria base de fps em csgo por exemplo ? ME AJUDEM

  13. parabens pela humildade parceiro! em qlqr lugar, em qlqr posição/cargo, humildade sempre! abs e boa semana

  14. Nem jogo CS e comecei a acompanhar por bobeira vendo videos no youtube. Ta ai uma prova que o sucesso não vem só com habilidades, precisa ter um coração gigante também. Parabéns pela atitude e pelo grande exemplo dado pra mulecada.

  15. Salve verdadeiro!!! Eu queria que você fizesse um vídeo de analise da semifinal do major entre a Ence e Na'Vi ! O que a Ence tem de estratégia para que podemos usar!

  16. Dá uma saudade da época da SK que os BR botavam medo nos gringos que eles ruchavam (não sei escrever) sem medo nem piedade falta um pouco disso hoje palavras de Japapito mais contra a altralis (também não sei escrever) brilharam mas
    tomara que a mibr se torne uma luminosity e saía dessa fase ruim não estou dizendo que a equipe da mibr é ruim estou dizendo que ela já foi melhor e Fallen vc um dos melhores se não o melhor

  17. Caramba mano não sei se é o fallen que jogava cf mano mas com essa sequência de kill me lembrou mt se for ele mesmo eu vi ele jogando um campeonato de cf em Diadema a muitos anos

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