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Deer Hunting with 113 Year Old Winchester 32-40 Model 1894 Rifle (HEART SHOT) 2018 Whitetail Season

alright guys today I’m gonna be taking
out a pretty cool gun it is the winchester model 1894 30 to 40 in the 30
to 40 is a 32 caliber bullet over 40 grains of black powder that’s sort of
how a lot of those old calibers and rifles at Winchester and Marlin made
they were the caliber of bullet over how many grains of black powder this
particular rifle here was built according to the serial number in 1905
now my grandfather was given us grandkids some of his guns and my cousin
got this as he did the 3040 Craig that I shot my big buck a few years ago with
and I said hey I want to take that gun out try to shoot a deer with this one
too I ended up getting the 30 the 25 20 and an old 30 32 so I’ve been really
wanting to take this gun out and try to shoot a doe with it we got to know a
little bit of the history of the 30 to 40 basically we need to start in around
1880 to Winchester came out with the 30 to 20
now the 30 to 20 also known as the Winchester centerfire the 32 Winchester
centerfire now in two years later Ballard for their Union Hill single-shot
rifle created and designed the 30 to 40 this 30 to 40 was designed for a very
accurate target rifle and it was only a couple years later that Winchester and
Marlin took the 30 to 40 and incorporated into a lever action now
this gun was originally made for black-powder at the turn of the century
smokeless powder was coming onto the market and a lot of people reloaded with
black powder and they really weren’t sure too much about smokeless powder so
around 1895 the 3030 came out or 30 Winchester centerfire came out
Winchester wanted to make a rifle that was more powerful than the 30 to 40 but
have a bigger caliber bullet that was a bigger than the 33rd and so they came
out with the 32 special these old 32 40s it was very difficult to hand load and
get them up to the rate of 30 30 or a third
32 special you could get close but it wasn’t quite the same the difference on
why the 30 caliber one out you this is why the 30 30 everyone is the classic
deer rifle you don’t hear too many people with a 32 special is because you
had more options with bullets and things like that with the 30 caliber bullets
then you did the 32 32 was established as an awesome accurate round but it sort
of just got one out by that 30 caliber bullet it’s just those are a little
things of the history behind this 30 to 40 this is why the competition between
the 30 30 and the 32 special the 30 to 40 just wasn’t gonna make it this was
designed mainly for target and then they took that 32 caliber bullet that was
sustained for its accuracy and started creating bigger faster guns for bigger
game now that doesn’t mean that this is not a hunting rifle you just don’t have
the energy so you don’t want to be taking extremely long shots with this
now granted it is open sight so it’s gonna be a little bit difficult to be
shooting that far but tried to stay 75 yards or closer on the shots with this
and you know because it’s accurate a well-placed shot right behind the
shoulder this is more than enough to take down deer and so we’re gonna go out
and see if we can get something some of the important things you have to
know when you get into the deer woods is regardless of whether it’s private
property or public land I’m hunting family owned land that actually does get
pressured it’s not a perfect paradise here where you’re just running around
with monster big bucks all over the place the deer do get pressured you have
to learn over the years to get to know your land that you hunt no all of those
little dips and valleys and springs and Crick’s deadfalls and thickets and all
those types of places because that’s where the deer are gonna be hiding
they’re gonna be looking for those spots that they can use the wind to their
advantage they’re gonna be setting up or they can
see for a long ways where they’re gonna catch you before you ever see them so
you want to constantly be looking at those spots the best time to do that is
after deer season’s over when the snow comes and you can find
those historical bedding areas and then you can pinpoint those for the next
season so when deer need to hide you know where they’re at
then it’s fine-tuning using the trees and lay of the land to your advantage
the wind to your advantage using the stream like I am right now plucking to
the camera I’m using the stream to drowned out my voice so I’m not scaring
any deer close by those are the types of things that you need to look for when
you start hunting deer so I’m just gonna walk along the stream and just kind of
catch those deer laying on the ridge little dips beside
rocks dead falls and see if I can pick out that coloration of the hair that
separates them from the colors of the trees even though their shades of brown
and grays but you need to be able to pick those out so I’m actually going to
be walking somewhat average speed until I get close to those places I expect to
see deer then I’ll slow down and really start using my eyes and sneak real slow
and not be looking down but constantly be scanning for colors and movement and
anything that I could help bring myself to sneak up on the day this just makes me sick this deer is in the centre of our
property and none of us guys shot at this deer that means it was probably a
gun shot in a deer ran the whole way down here and laid there till it died I
don’t know what that thing is on its mouth almost looks like a sore or
something could’ve got injured from fightin but it
really a big blow when you’re trying to do quality deer management and you find
nice good two-year old bucks dead like that it’s just it makes me sick when I find
them and I find one one or two every single year in fact the biggest bug that
I was watching last year a real nice eight-point it wasn’t too much bigger
than that one shot called Li gut shot found dead in the middle of woods and
you know I hear a lot of people complain about archery hunters I’m telling you
rifle hunters kill more deer than flintlock and shotgun and archery
hunters combined because I’d never find dead deer from archery and I always find
them from right mmm so hard to say who shot that
obviously didn’t make a good shot very very disappointing very disheartening
just my heart just sunk you know I mean that’s a buck I wouldn’t let go I would
like that but go for the next year then somebody shot it and it’s really really
really hard to practice quality deer management on I’m even on private
property and this stuff still happens you know it’s not
it’s really really tough and sad said that there goes to waste that’s
why you don’t see me shooting too many bucks because I find too many like that
you know I wish the person that shot it would have got it I would have much
rather seen that and it actually laying here rotting away and the Coyotes
starting to eat it but I don’t see any bullet holes in the
upper side so it seems like they’re starting right there where the guts are
maybe that’s where the hole was and that’s where they started digging at
first that’s why I shoot a lot of dough
because of that reason right there but there’s more important things than
than that I mean I’m got a lot of dough and I’m
just as happy to to shoot a doe in a buck so I’m coming down around this
Creek like I said I’ve been following the creek it’s also a good thing you can
also fight a lot of dead deer along the creek because they usually run downhill
and you’ll find them near water not because they need the drink but just
because they’re running downhill it’s easier for a wounded deer to run
downhill than it is uphill so ah okay on to the hunt that deer busted me and what I mean
however that deers that anybody recognize these dead falls because right
over there right behind that tree is where that big eight point was on the
third day of the season and remember how I said about this log I’m on right here
because this is this is that Valley this is that 30-foot drop off this is what
that deer was doing he was bedded over here it was better right here so he
could look right down in there he got me all right coming right through
their spines as soon as I come out I noticed him right here
bedded now there’s no there’s no snow or anything so but I just picked up the
back end but it was too late um when I peeked out around was already looking
down at me and I just I got away from the creek and so this was his field of
view he was just staring down there so he caught me way way before he that I
would have ever actually seen him it’s really hard when they’re watching you
come from a long long ways away well I’m up here on top of the hill go
through these pine trees and goldenrods and just wanted to show you there’s the
buck that’s the buck that I found dead last
year somebody got shot and it ran way into the middle of her property so it’s
such a shame every single week and last year that was the biggest buck on the
property took me six months to find ammo now I could have bought collectors ammo
and really high-end expensive ammo that people were having that were charging
outrageous amounts but I wanted a royal wasn’t spending that much money for a
gun that I didn’t even own and I was only gonna shoot it a few times I showed
it a few times at Thanksgiving this thing is dead on I mean it’s amazing it
just the ribs that we never you mess with the sights is dead on action oh
it’s so perfect and now I couldn’t actually find real 30 to 40 brass but
these are actually 3030 casings and all you’d have to do is put them in a 30 to
40 die and you can get these 3030 brass to work with the 32 caliber bullet and
you know the you don’t really have the shoulder on it so it’s more tapered down
but yeah that’s that’s really you can reload if you have 3030 brass for the 30
to 40 way this really upsets me it’s walking through right there’s Danielle a
nice deer stand right there and right here
look at this this makes me sick there’s another nice buck dead somebody hit it
made a bad shot ran up over here and died looks like it’s an 11-point there’s
a point there maybe the broad time I don’t know
10-point least I’ve had this one on trail camera I just I don’t know what
you what do you do what do you do to prevent stuff like this from happening I don’t can’t really see where it got
shot you’re like that just doesn’t just fall over dead for no reason and the
fact that it’s right here by our deer stand it’s a nice buck he would have been nice
you know trying to have family get deer and here we have
two nice bucks dead and I don’t it really just doesn’t make me want to
shoot a buck at all it doesn’t not real heavy not real wide but I mean he had so
much potential and just gonna rot away I mean the antler restrictions only work
if you know people make good shots on the deer – I mean if you go around and
yo injure and kill a bunch of nice bucks like that you’re never gonna have the
potential that’s why so far into this video I haven’t really seen a buck yet
there’s now two of them dead I mean I’m gonna shoot a doe I already
know I’m not going to shoot a buck I don’t care I’m not going to shoot a buck
this year because of that fact right there while it’s getting to be about a
whiteout my visibility is really doing Glenn it’s gonna be hard to actually
tell if it’s it will spike or something unless it’s like within 35 yards
hopefully tomorrow I can get it done man man okay Wow I know the video isn’t gonna show it but
I have worked extremely hard just to get a dough this wind and snow crunching I
keep getting busted and every time I find a deer it never wants it sits stay
still enough and man I mean everything a deer can do without even realized and
always putting a tree or brush in between itself me and work NOLA blinking
is going this way and he’ll try to cut it off turn around go the other way
finally I’m walking up this logging road and I’m looking down over and I spot a
couple down walking down there now the wind is in my favor
and they were walking into the wind but I don’t know what happened but something
has spooked them and they turned around so I had to get down low and come out
this road and I started peeking down over when I did that I noticed they were
coming right up at right up at an angle usually they follow these old logging
roads that are cut down into the bank from years ago and they’ll follow them
well they were doing the opposite and crisscross and going like this up over
the wrong direction so I’m run out this road and just so
happens the DOE steps out the road where the dip is and I knew there were two of
them so I go running out the road didn’t realize I had the camera on record the
whole time sent the track plot back up get up and squat facing straight away
from me and they come thinking okay soon as it turns to the right I’m taking a
shot what’s it doing jumps across the road into the
as I’m standing there just frustrated I look over and I see a big big doe head
come up over the bank and look right at me
and turn and look away I’m like she doesn’t even realize I’m here standing
30 yards away so I just kind of guessed where she was gonna come out and I’m
right behind the camera I looked in alright the camera had a better angle
for brush than I did I actually had to but I was down like this I actually had
to lower myself almost 12 inches just to get right there behind the shoulder it
looked like I nailed her good right behind the shoulder she ran down over
that hill so I think she’s gonna be done for so we’re gonna go take a look at her you can kind of I don’t know if that
really shows you anything but ironsights let’s go walk down here okay I thought I
hit some like a branch I’m not sure but I wasn’t too worried about one little
branch the branch was maybe I didn’t here branch was standing
right up there rather don’t walked out there right here the tracks oh good
thing I know I have my gun loaded getting into some blood
she ran out along this hillside keep fine blood she can’t be too far what I
like to see Oh a little bit of blood on the snow yep
good blood good blood look at that now why won’t they just
stand there like that earlier anyways I don’t see any font with that doe so doe
that little fawn must have been fine must already found the the DOE now it
came straight downhill on maybe seventy yards right now but it would not take
her very long even with a hard shot to get down this far pregnant
the finder by the creek like she hung out here for a second am I seeing a white belly am I seeing a
light though maybe not Ange snow I don’t see this how quick you can lose blood
with you not looking at the ground in the world oh well in the world did I
walk past that thing like I said take your eyes huh I thought that white there
behind the tree was the deer yeah I just said that
so look what she was kind of knows plowed the whole way down to here oh my
goodness another big big old oh well there’s the stream she didn’t quite make
it I’m probably a hundred yards probably 100 yards well yeah maybe 100 yards
straight down the hill and so she didn’t make it very far and right there is the
exit hole so that’s pretty good pretty good lung and heart shot awesome all
right there she is second of the 2018 season
it’s the Thursday and the rifle season man she’s the head on that thing it’s
like a cow even the body in the camera I’m looking at the the camera through
like LCD screen and it just doesn’t really show how big this deer is I think
it’s just awesome I took it with us 30 to 40 I mean such an old gun an odd
caliber I mean it has enough to get the job done and it’s very accurate and put
the bullet right where I was aiming and with iron sights I mean this is
awesome with a gun that my grandfather had that he passed down to my cousin and
I used it before I tell you what even though with all the disappointments to
find a dead bucks around and things like that I’m just glad that I was able to
take one of these big doe got a couple days the rifle season left maybe I can
film Ron or some of the other guys it’s hard to say who’s all gonna come up just
very fortunate god bless me today with another big
mature doe what I was after all the praise and honor and glory go to him
there’s something truly special to hunt for these big giant doe
man especially with an old American rifle it’s awesome you

100 thoughts on “Deer Hunting with 113 Year Old Winchester 32-40 Model 1894 Rifle (HEART SHOT) 2018 Whitetail Season

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  2. John I really enjoyed your video. I sometime hunt whitetail with vintage lever guns. I have hunted with my Marlin Model 93 in 32 special. It has a 20" octogen barrel produced in 1912. and is quite effective out to 150 yards. I also acquired just a few days ago a vintage Winchester Model 71 in .348 Winchester produced in 1949. The wood was a little beat up and I am currently restoring it with hand rubbed boiled linseed oil. God willing I'll get a chance to hunt with it next season in Potter County PA. Looking forward to more of your video's…Great Job! Tom Z

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  23. Hey brother I would strongly advise not touching any of the deer you find laid over. Their is more of a chance than anything it had TB or the chronic waste disease. We found TONS the past three years and a nice 8 point this year. Doesn’t necessarily mean poachers but it definitely could.

  24. Also…guys really dont track properly.

    I liver/back lung shot a buck last season. Limited blood. Tracked for 12 hours…found him bedded down in a creek bottom alive. Killed him in his bed.

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    Seriously though
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    You need to be on the lookout for disease. Maybe.

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  30. My name is jason I wanted to let you know that I was going through my attic an I found two boxes of 32 ammo I was wondering if you wanted them they are 170gr please contact me of you want them 304 – 694 – 8783

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    She has been following me around my cattle outfit for years and she always does what I ask of her… Love her like one of my children…
    God Bless

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  49. You can't prevent it brother I'm right on the border of units 2A and 2B and it's the Wild Wild West down here find deer like that all the time and one thing I learned I used to want to blame the Hunters but I hunt every small game every big game bow rifle Flintlock and I have made bad shots myself even when everything was right it just went wrong just something is hunting you know that's hunting…. it's a low blow when you been hunting that buck for a long time or one you just seen once or twice just one of them things though

  50. And another thing I want to add around our way like lately all four spots I've been hunting I got about 18 Buck on camera but there's so many more out there that I don't see cuz I catch glimpses of them or I get one picture of a new one here and there and we're not antler Hunter now my Ole Man in his older years he waits on nice ones now but all grown up if it was legal you shot you know I grew up in a days where you went out and shop Five Points and bragged about it all through town but in places like this in PA it's one of them things were once you get an opportunity you got to try to gain from it and grab it by the horns so a lot of shots are made that may or may not be ethical to certain people but yet to another person it might be ethical you know me myself I know a lot of people that won't take a shot and rifle season when a deer is walking away well I got many years to be honest shooting them straight in the ass and they dropped like a sack of potatoes it's messy when you gut them but I can deal with that. I guess what I'm saying is Maybe it was a perfectly ethical shot in that Hunter's mind and it just didn't work out it could have been a rough shot or could have been just standing there broadside one of them things we'll never know

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