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Decking out the Smith & Wesson Performance Center Pistols: Guns & Gear|S7

– The Smith & Wesson Performance
Center has been making really nice guns
for a long time. Real reliable, great shooters. But they also make pretty guns, and here are a couple
that are recent. This is simply a Smith
& Wesson Bodyguard .380. Nice carry pistol, nice backup
gun, and it’s a nice gun, but if you want it to be pretty, you can actually get
engraving on here. Or if you want something
that’s kind of unique, something different,
check it out. Now, here’s a gun that
is obviously very pretty and you can get it from
the Performance Center with this type of engraving. This is a Smith & Wesson 1911. Smith has been making really
nice 1911s for a long time now. But check out the
engraving here. A lot of nice little
accents here, pretty grip. This is a gun that you would
expect to be engraved, right? But these are also shooters. These are from the
Performance Center. So we thought we’d
show you a little drill here in the shoot house. Wes, you’ve taught a lot
of people to shoot guns and this Bodyguard is a
real popular small gun. But people think of
it as a close-up gun and sometimes you could have
to shoot longer distances. – Absolutely, the idea
behind weapons like this are extreme close quarters. That’s really where they
come into their own. But that’s not to say that you
need to underestimate this. It’s just as accurate
at greater distances as long as we apply the
same shooting skills we’d use with a larger firearm. – So that’s what
I was asking you, is there a tip or a
trick to doing this if you have to
make a longer shot? And you said, “Not really.” – Not really, you’ve got
some safety considerations because it’s a little bit
smaller in your hands, but the reality is,
big gun, small gun all we do is apply the
same shooting fundamentals that we would to both weapons. – Alright, well
we’ve backed up here. We’re about 33 feet away,
it’s kind of across two rooms and I wanted to let
you put some rounds down there and show
them how it works. – Absolutely, let’s shoot this. – Alright Wes, the .380
Bodyguard from Smith & Wesson, 33 feet, show them
how it’s done. (gun shots) So, if a .380 can shoot that far you just have to
do the same things: trigger control, sight
alignment, all that stuff. – Absolutely, it’s just
a little bit smaller so it’s just different, people
are not accustomed to it, so it’s just something
you need to practice with. – Now, if you’re
gonna have a house gun maybe a full-size 1911
would be a good option, huh? – I would think so, absolutely. – Especially having to
shoot a longer shot. – Without a doubt. – Alright, let me try this out. (gun shots) Alright, Smith & Wesson
Performance Center guns: pretty, but they do the job.

1 thought on “Decking out the Smith & Wesson Performance Center Pistols: Guns & Gear|S7

  1. Just picked up a M&P Pro Series 9mm with an advertised 4-5lb trigger. I checked the trigger before and after shooting 200 rounds and it measured over 6lbs (20-33% out of spec). So I called customer service, and they told me it would settle down after 600 rounds. I guess all of their "Smiths" are spending their time making guns pretty and cannot be bothered to build a product to spec or fix a defective product. So much for truth in advertising and standing behind your product. I guarantee you Glock would have said send it back and we will make it right. Just be aware that you may not get exactly what you think you are and after the initial sale S&W wants nothing more to do with you.

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