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Deadly Skill Training: Defending Yourself Against A Firearm

– I’m Clint Emerson, retired Navy SEAL and author of “100 Deady Skills”. How to survive any kind of situation. Today, I’m going to teach
you life-saving lessons. (fast, energetic rock music) You hear shots fired. You’re at work. You’re at at school. You’re at home. There are books everywhere. You can use them to build
improvised body armor. Ideally, you want to get books that are hardbound or
hardback, as thick as possible. Place them together nice and tight. And utilizing duct tape or
any kind of tape, really, you’re gonna wrap ’em up nice and tight. I’ve done some tests on these, and a nine millimeter round
will stop with just two books. Ideally, you have ceramic tiles that go in between the two books. Ceramic displaces the
energy of the projectile like no other material out there. Obviously, in a dangerous situation, you’re not gonna stop to
build something like this. If you have time, great. Otherwise, grab books and hold ’em up if the shooter comes your
way and shield yourself. And that’s it, improvised body armor. Let’s say you’re at an ATM and suddenly a man comes up from behind and puts a barrel of
a gun into your spine. First, if he’s demanding your
money, demanding your wallet, go ahead and give it all up, and hope that he goes on his merry way. There’s nothin’ that you have that’s more important than your life. But if he doesn’t, here’s
something that you can do. So I’m at an ATM. I’ve given this guy everything I’ve got. He’s not going away. Violence is on his mind. Now, I have to do something to increase odds of survivability. So, hands up. Hey! I’ve given you everything I’ve
got, please don’t do this. When I do that, I’m just looking to see which hand he has the weapon in. He’s right-handed, which
then gives me the blueprint on what I’m gonna do next. I’m gonna use my left arm as I rotate in, rotating my arm down, trapping the gun. Number one rule, get
control of the weapon. His hand is fist around that gun. He cannot pull his hand
out, even if he tried. Now, if he drops the
gun, which would be good, the blade of that hand
might be able to slip past. Soon as you whip around
gaining control of the weapon, you can do a lot of things right here. You can strike ’em in the
throat, take his air away. Go straight to the face. Your fingers if they can
reach, go into the eyes, his chin back, and then
you drive him down. You can drive him forward. I can trail. Arm bar. And then, rotate, trail it. And then, take his
weapon, muzzle strike ’em, shoot ’em, or run. We’ve just touched on some of many skills that are out there to learn. There is no right, no wrong. It’s all about being prepared. (fast, energetic rock music)

100 thoughts on “Deadly Skill Training: Defending Yourself Against A Firearm

  1. I've been robbed and shot at twice before not letting it happen again if a mf runs up he getting done up

  2. If someone has a gun to your back just fart to catch them off guard and to buy yourself some time to turn the table. (Joke)

  3. Why do schools teach us useless things? Cant they just teach us how to defend ourselves during an event of lockdown?

  4. Dude why don't you have your own channel??? Bc I'm searching for ya! Very informative videos, so thank you👏

  5. Thank you so much for taking the time out of whatever your doing. To give very important information to save ourselves or someone. Thank you for all of us. God bless.

  6. Soooo let me get this straight…. Books and ceramic for body armor?
    You're telling me I have everything for improvised protection all on the lid of my toilet tank?

  7. yall is there anyone who is feeling like a badass watching this even tho your chances of trying this is gonna be quite low?

  8. if the guy with the gun in the vid really rob you, you are quite f up because he had spent 2 weeks to plan

  9. My senior year of high school i was walking home while listening to some music and some guy was running towards my direction and bam he struck me in the face. ( I thought he was jogging cause that is was it look like) he then got out a knife and asked for everything such as my wallet and phone. I was getting off the ground as I was bleeding.(he ended up breaking my nose) after he threatened to harm me using a knife. And I tried playing a poor victim move until when he got his knife close to me I tried to disarm him and wrestled him for it and I as soon as I saw it was on the ground kicked it as far as I could. ( I had 3 years of experience in high school wrestling) so I managed to take him down easily and that is when a neighbor ran out and called the police. And I had him straight on the ground pinned and the police then came and I later pressed chargers etc. but from that day forward I learned a few things that people should know and that is don’t listen to music when your by yourself. Always focus on your surroundings be clear of them. When you see someone approaching you, make sure you keep distance and final have something to defend your self at all time. Granted you can’t carry weapons in school. But having something small as keys is useful As well. Just be cautious and careful out there folks because there are people with terrible intentions

  10. Clint seems like he knows what he's talking about. I wonder why he doesn't get more in-depth with these subjects? Maybe another book? Even if it was the same way & it built on the last stuff, it would still be interesting.

  11. Another way to defend yourself against someone with a firearm is to have a firearm, but this will only be useful based on the state you live in.

  12. Oh, kung fu…a guy also called Bill Wolfe taught a series of disarms as such in a thing he called Defendo. Supposedly a branch of what Fairbairn taught in Camp X to OSS people. Look it up.

  13. I heard one man tried to rob a video store, the clerk gave him all the money and even her money, but he still would not leave, he was demanding more, so she gave him some hot lead in his chest.

  14. Can you please clarify:
    When pivoting, I'm assuming that it's important to trap the offending arm BELOW the elbow, right? If not, couldn't the guy rotate his gun-wielding wrist and shoot my back? I want to practice correctly. Thanks much.

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