12 thoughts on “DC wants Virginia to make stricter gun laws to reduce illegal guns coming into the District

  1. So now we Virginians are responsible for the crime happening in the ghettos of D.C. haven’t heard that one yet. Incredible

  2. They cant be that stupid. Only law abiding citizens follow their ridiculous laws. Crime will increase and they know it.

  3. This is nothing but an agenda to get back at whitey. That’s all it is. It’s going to take more than a few people standing up.

  4. Criminals will be criminals.
    And by taking the guns out of safe law abiding citizens, you turn them all into victims waiting to be plucked or killed by bad people.

    Criminals don’t follow laws. Wow, is that news to the news????

  5. So where are the other 59% of the guns coming from. DC residents are killing DC residents. Put the CRIMINALS in JAIL! DC has had some of the strictest gun law in the county going back to the CRACK WARS. Sorry same sad story for DC out of control with NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

  6. Notice how WUSA9 fails to provide factual citations to prove their "statistics" and BS statements and claims. How much are you getting paid from Bloomberg WUSA9?

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