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  1. He seems like a very well spoken young man. I love the mention of wounded knee. We have a very diverse history and we need to remember it all so we don't make the same mistakes again, like he said.

  2. What about the 70,000 a year dying from opiates pushed by the Jewish sackler family Hogg?
    They are a-ok in your book.

    Why don’t you go after the real killers, not guns, jews.

  3. The trolls whose manhood is invested in owning a big gun( perhaps another part of their anatomy is small) are very active on this subject and probably need a psych test. The 2nd Amendment was for militias not individuals. Have they actually read what it says? Can they read?

  4. Listen. These psychopaths are forcing the government (or dems) to do something. There have been way too many mass murders. I don’t want to turn in my automatic rifles by any means but I really cannot blame the dems for trying SOMETHING. So far we have done NOTHING. Which means our government has done the same thing over (nothing) and over again and are expecting different results. That’s insanity. They won’t take ALL the guns. Slippery slope is made up by NRA. I even know that and I own plenty of guns. If the gov ever tried that there would be riots.

  5. Who is more stupid here? The teenager that has been trained by psychotic leftists controlling him or the audience of adults applauding him?

  6. Hogg Vs. The fact that Manufacturing Technology bypassed gun control somewhere between 1751 and 1940.
    Someday Arms Prohibitionist Scum are going to have to face that.

  7. just remember that the nazis started a registry so they know where the guns are. And then they took them from everyone.

  8. Hoggey has really got his race narrative B.S. down and the trained seal audience has their flipper slapping perfected. The fact that all Arms Prohibition is based in the DemocRAT’s Slavery and Race laws doesn’t even cause them pause.

  9. Mass brainwashing of students ;( Do not give up your guns!
    This David Hogg is just after the fame he is getting!!!!!



  10. IM 100% PRO-GUN






  12. Some really sick comments here by gun propagandists. This conversation should be about weapons of mass destruction, not normal hunting and protection guns. American citizens have proven they are incapable of being responsible for military weapons in this country. That experiment should end now. WMDs were not invented when the 2nd Amendment was created. No arguments make sense for citizenry to own WMDs. Give them up, set up a buy back program. Simple logic. Anything else is just ignorance and malignant macho fear. American children, and the rest of us, have rights to be safe on our streets, at school, at a concert, at a store, in a car. Gun owners are responsible for helping to solve this problem. What are your solutions–gun owners? Let's hear them. Serious ones, not dribbling propaganda from the NRA.

  13. David Hogg, so many great kids died that day…and just this PC indoctrinated skullface survived. The universe plays cruel tricks sometimes…

  14. What an impressive young man David Hogg is becoming. He and his class
    mates were already incredible immediately after the horrendous mass
    shooting act at Parkland, but his courage now, in articulating the
    American legacy of genocide and the wisdom he shows in pointing out the
    pivotal role that women of colour played is truly a valuable
    contribution to the process of healing. May he inspire everyone who
    hears his message to join him in this process. With all my heart I wish
    him total recovery from his PTSD and depression – and that he manages
    to gain some weight! He looks dangerously thin 😟❤️

  15. What an impressive young man David Hogg is becoming. He and his class
    mates were already incredible immediately after the horrendous mass
    shooting act at Parkland, but his courage now, in articulating the
    American legacy of genocide and the wisdom he shows in pointing out the
    pivotal role that women of colour played is truly a valuable
    contribution to the process of healing. May he inspire everyone who
    hears his message to join him in this process. With all my heart I wish
    him total recovery from his PTSD and depression – and that he manages
    to gain some weight! He looks dangerously thin 😟❤️

  16. So, the United States government is genocidal. And the only way to make us safer is to ensure that the only people with guns are the United States government. I think his emotion is trumping his logic on this one. He might not have heard of the Black Armed Guard

  17. it is the right to the people to keep and  bare arms that is our 2nd Amendment and they need to stop infringing on our gun rights

  18. Would david hogg need training and a license for his first amendment right in the same way he wants to license and put restrictions on other rights?

  19. Mental health is severely under-diagnosed and trying to report it would go against HIPAA laws. It is a small part of what can be done.

  20. Please watch "Beau of the Fifth Column" on YouTube before you finalize any proposals. He may be able to appease both sides effectively.

  21. Mr. Hogg is hitting on all cylinders. The skeptic in me thinks about my idealistic self at his age, but there's no loss in trying

  22. Hogg you arrogant pompous pontificating punk….'Peace and justice'?! http://theboxingtribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/uncle-sam-middle-finger.jpg

  23. This stupid kid knows nothing about guns.
    He's probably never held a gun in his life.
    His input on what we should do with our firearms is about as good as a bag of bricks….

  24. This guy’s stellar-sharp! There are questions I’ve never heard discussed….
    There are large numbers of people who do NOT own guns…which means, if data claims Americans own more guns per capita, than any other country….that means it’s only a fairly lesser number, own LOTS of them.
    And, how does the data look, in context to guns being owned by military members and retired military?
    Does NRA and/or other groups, intend to make Americans experience the same trauma as has been being committed elsewhere? Is this stuff going on in other countries, like Russia, China, India, etc.?

  25. Kid looks like he is on drugs

    8:56 what if I told you that politicians do listen to "us" but the fact is most Americans support the 2nd Amendment? Guess democracy isn't democracy when you are not on the winning side.

    9:10 thank you for admitting the Democrats true intentions, also we already have background checks. The shooter in Odessa was stopped from getting a gun legally because of a background check.

  26. The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.

  27. women of color have not been leading the charge to pass gun control… the first gun control laws were literally passed by racist white men trying to prevent freed slaves from owning guns. gun control is rooted in racism.

  28. the side of "peace and justice" isnt the side that wants to send men with guns to take private property from citizens. what kind of upside down world does this kid live in?

  29. 3:49 how does this worthless platitude help my wife when she is home alone and a psycho on PCP breaks into the home to murder her? is she better off fighting the psycho with platitudes or by putting hot lead in his chest? these sheltered people are detached from reality. there are over 1,000,000 home invasions every year…

  30. 5:22 yeah those people were not armed, which means it was easy for tyrants to come in and murder them with no resistance. the same concept applies to unarmed citizens being easily killed by a psycho gunman. idk how that concept goes whoosh, right over his head…

  31. he is a smart guy, however i see that he skirted a target point to say America has a culture of violence by standing "of the more developed nations" (paraphrasing) because statistically speaking the more undeveloped the country the more violent, and of course there are always the anomalies.

  32. one facility he does contribute too is he says this is purely an American issue. Africa's gangs have been shooting up schools for a long time and make children soldiers. In Ireland both the government and IRA and different factions would routinely target churches with men,women, and children……i dare say this is a American problem.

  33. another misconception he seems to promote is when he says if guns made us safer then he would not be sitting there now. guns are used for a multitude of things personal safety being one. if every person in that class that day was armed do you think the shooter would have shot up the school. in no way am i say we should arm our school child I am just making a point of the logical fallacy he is promoting here. also on suicide with or without firearms people who really want to end their life…..will.

  34. the willingness to give all for your country has been a virtue of patriotism since the founding of our great nation, the 2nd amendment being of that virtue put there to let us stand against a tyrannical government if need be.

  35. i do agree with his statement that you love your country so much you don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past. whole heartily do i agree however, while we should never forget the past we should also understand that no nation that stands today has not committed an atrocity of some kind. speaking as a native, the past is the past and there is no growth be dwelling on it.

  36. i think he is a smart guy but, unfortunately one day he will realize that there is just some cruddy people in this world and in all major industrial countries that have instituted strict gun control laws, it just increases other forms of violence like stabbings thats a statistical fact.

  37. Marching for lives!!!! I don't see you marching for the lives of the unborn. Those are lives too. But you people can definitely do this. This country has a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. If you don't like them, you have 2 choices. Get them changed or move to another country. That's it. Don't like it? Too bad…losers…

  38. Criminals don't obey laws, the US tried to ban "assault weapons" ( semi automatic rifles) in 1994 it didn't do anything which is why it did not get reinstated most crime involving guns is done with the use of handguns most violent crime murders assaults ect. is done with things other then guns. Europe may have strict gun laws, but that doesn't mean criminals obey laws London for example now has a higher murder than NY both cities by the way have strict gun laws and yet still have high murder and assault rates also the Uk as a whole has seen a rise in the use of knife attacks and acid attacks and now groups are trying to ban knives and finally most gun related deaths are suicides 2/3rds of them.







  39. Every time he holds a press conference the stock prices for the private prison industry move up.

    Kids of the rich and privileged aren't going to be the ones going to prison

  40. That's really sick how he uses black people to sell his plan.
    Because black people are always the ones any new laws punish the most

  41. Wow….just wow! David Hogg – what an amazingly brave, articulate, courageous young man! How is it possible someone so young has so much more courage, intelligence and integrity than those arseholes in Washington??

  42. David Hogg is an old soul in a young man's body. He will be one of the movers and shakers of the future. Thanks for having him on.

  43. I enjoy living in a country with gun laws instead of gun rights….. it’s a lot more peaceful, our kids don’t fear going to school

  44. Most parents own guns to protect their children, Mr. Hogg. I bet your father brought his service pistol home because you never know when you would need it. Blatant hypocrisy.

  45. So the US government has a history of being genocidal maniacs and perpetrating mass-murder with guns on unarmed men/women/children…. Sooooo, let's disarm ourselves and give all the guns to the mass-murdering government! Yay!

  46. Cant you find a normal looking kid? One who is of a normal weight and can make socially appropriate eye contact?. Just saying. Just saying what everyone else is also thinking.

  47. Hogg's Initial Statement: "I want to start out by recognizing Women of color".
    Response From CNN Audience: ….WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!
    Rationale: You cannot expect CNN's audience to listen to a freaky looking white boy, unless you grab them with the specific buzz-words they have been trained to respond to (Preferably – Identity Politics, although Climate Change may have worked as well).

  48. Hogg is roach. I think he should move to China where he belongs he would fit right in with the communist party. Obviously he doesn't like our founding documents here

  49. Wouldn't the massacre at Wounded Knee Creek be evidence that gun confiscation by the government is a bad thing? Did he not actually think that through before saying it on national tv?

  50. I dont think he really understands what a mass shooting actually is. There is a difference between a shooting and a massacre. The native Americans were disarmed by the government, then massacred.

  51. Maybe schools should focus more on education and less on political activism! This moron references an incident where the people were disarmed and then slaughtered by the government in his push for the American people to be disarmed by the government!!! David Hogg is not only ignorant, but suffers from horrible white guilt! Hayes loves him some Hogg!

  52. So this dolt brings up Wounded Knee, an incident where the US government disarmed the Native American population then slaughtered them.

    Wow, left-wingers are galaxy brained individuals.

  53. Did this kid just reference a battle (wounded knee) where the government slaughtered a bunch of people after they refused to turn over their weapons… as his argument for gun control???

  54. WTH? Rewriting history before our very eyes via a broadcast from MSNBC. I do have a question, how in the world does he have PTSD? He wasn't there, by his own admission, He returned to school AFTER the shooting was over! MSNBC this isn't spin if flat out Lying and Propaganda. Also add insane! He mention Wounded Knee. The Government attacked unarmed people within our nation. Thats exactly why the second amendment is in the Bill of Rights! You want to know WHY the native americans were unarmed? Gun Control, you uninformed Twit! You said the Words, and yet you still advocate the Government is the only ones to have Firearms? Also, the organization you hold is disgust, disdain and contempt. The NRA was founded to train and educate newly freed Slaves in Firearms to combat the Klan. In other words, to combat White Supremacy. Another misstatement from David Hogg months ago. The NRA are NOT spending millions to stop background check. They, (The NRA) lobbied FOR the Background Checks we have today! I'm completely DONE with MSNBC!

  55. Smart guy and a good leader. I hope he's right about the table flipping. But, It won't happen as long as Republicans are in power.

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