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Dave Chappelle’s Impressions Are Insanely Accurate | Netflix Is A Joke

Tonight I’m gonna do something that I’m
not particularly good at but that I like to do. Tonight I’m gonna try some impressions out. [applause] I only got two. Alright, the first impression is kinda dumb
but I like it. This is my impression, are you ready? This is my impression of the Founding Fathers
of America when the Constitution was being written. You ready? Here it goes. Hurry up and finish that Constitution, n*****. I’m trying to get some sleep. It’s not bad, right? Alright, the next one… the next one is a little harder. I want to see if you can guess who it is I’m
doing an impression of. Alright, let me get into character, you gotta
guess who it is, though. [clears throat] Okay, here it goes: Uh, duh, hey, durr If you do anything wrong in your life, duhh,
and I find out about it I’m gonna try and take everything away from
you and I don’t care when I find out could be today, tomorrow, fifteen, twenty
years from now if I find out, you’re f******, duhh, finished! Who was that? That’s you! That’s what the audience sounds like to
me. That’s why I don’t be comin’ out doin’
comedy all the time because y’all n***** is the worst motherf******
I’ve ever tried to entertain in my f****** life!

100 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle’s Impressions Are Insanely Accurate | Netflix Is A Joke

  1. Unhappy customer. Netflix can you get rid of Dave Chappelle special..
    Netflix. Fuck no we got 6.9 billion people watchin dat. Just cancel us and we'll have 10 million more thank you

  2. Not even one full minute into this video and I had to stop it. I have not laughed this hard in years. It is dangerous how hard I have been laughing. Not sure if I was going to catch my breath there for a moment…

    Ok, time to unpause the video…

  3. Donna Hylton: Convicted rapist, and torturer (admitted she did it) is one of the most famous and popular feminist speakers today… a rapist and torturer. Melissa Villasenor: A hateful racist that makes non-jokes about minorities she hates "I hate those mexicans" "Bossy black lady looks like steve erkel". Sarah Jeong: A completely insane racist who both hates white men… and has a fetish for white men… yikes.

    None of these women have been fired for what they said. This "cancel culture" doesn't care about any of what I just mentioned. No one is trying to stop a rapist for speaking for feminists, no one is trying to stop Melissa from working at SNL because of the non-joke racist comments she made, and no one is trying to get Sarah fired for being a racist.

    I'd be able to take people's offense to Shaun Gillis's racist jokes, but people don't get offended over actual racist comments, and there is already a racist working at SNL, so obviously this "offense" is nothing more than grandstanding.

  4. Millenials are all about making changes. Trying to end racism, sexism, and all the other -isms. Only thing they've come close to doing is bringing an end to comedy.

  5. look at the chika in white in the front and centre with her red shirted man.. watched this whole thing and theyre missing from more than the second half… I wonder who wasnt impressed lol, the truth hurts dont it? 😉

  6. This was amazing. Laughed so much. The Anthony Bourdain part made me sad bcuz I was a huge fan, but everything was on point. I'm a part of at least one demographic he poked fun at and I was LMAO. He nailed it.

  7. Imagine being able to trick people that your jokes aren't mediocre because they're """offensive"""

    Like honestly this is getting praised because other people say it's offensive… but honestly it's not even that offensive?

  8. Sticks & Stones may be one of, if not Dave Chappelle's best stand-up to date. And it proves everything Dave Chappelle claimed, more so in the segment on impressions. He called out today's cancel culture towards freedom of expression particularly if it is stand-up.

    Think about it, he is not advocating hate or discrimination, Dave Chappelle does not have the power to pass legislation, bills or judgements that will have a profound effect on our lives – he is a comedian.

    He is not intolerant, the people trying to cancel him are. And remember, you clicked on his face.

  9. Did you see the blonde lady and her boyfriend in the red t shirt sitting in the front row? They did not find that joke funny lol 😆

  10. Comedians need to take their right to make jokes back. Too many people project their negative emotions into humor: the lightheartedness, the satire, the comedy, things that aren't to be taken serious whatsoever for gosh sakes. The man captivates us with his stories but just jerks back and reminds us that those awful stories are true. The world he perceives to be awful is the same world we perceive to be awful and that's where he makes his magic happen, he takes us on a trip that we're familiar with and reminds us how crazy it has been and just how funny it all really is when you step back and think about it together at a comedy club where everyone is just sitting down next to each other and relaxing and just thinking back on life. He is at the peak of his career mentally and spiritually, critics couldn't complain more about him, but i hope they do and i hope everyone watches his stand up, hes a smart dude.

  11. dave is a freaking genius, he "hides" a few one liner impressions in this special that are fucking 100% perfect. the DJ khaleed one and the voice he got when he said "too hot for tv". perfect that he started off with the 2 bullshit ones to trick the viewers.

  12. The only guy to call out and talk shit about his audience and have them give him a standing ovation for it!! He is a pure genius, The best at the game!!

  13. Omg. These comments are like bots or hive mind or something..
    80%: "Haha, audience says Trump, Dave says That's You!! Priceless"
    19.99%: "Yeah! We hate SJW/PCC/YMCA"
    Me: "Omg. These comments are like bots or hive mind or something.."

  14. Chappelle is finally free, that's when you have enough money and security in this fucked up racist ass country where you can tell the absolute hurtful truth

  15. The reaction of the chick in the front in the white top at 1:35 says it all. Seen that reaction, literally paying to be offended, at many a comedy show of late. We are doomed.

  16. It's basically back to medieval ways of thinking. Kill the unbeliever! Burn the heretic! If the body of the woman who is chained to a cannonball floats when we throw her in the water, she is a witch – if she drowns, she is innocent! Fuck all these self righteous, sociopathic, resentful, bitter and jealous half-breeds.

  17. Man I'm missing Louis CK so much, and this one feels like it's for him to me.Thank you Dave for this beautiful FU

  18. I wanna know where the fuck they got "Trump" from any of that?
    I don't remember Trump scrutinizing every last word that someone has typed on twitter for the last 15-20 years.

  19. It's funny because as he gets older so does his voice and so does that generic white man voice. It's still the best.

  20. Dude love Chappelle, and love that he is keeping it real! Its true, todays culture: if someone finds about what someone did, said, thinks, etc and they dont agree, try to ruin their whole life….we all mess up we all make mistakes.

  21. It would have been insane if he had just walked off stage after that and never performed again. If this comeback special was all just so he could say Fuck You to the cancel culture in person, leaving them all laughing uncomfortably.

  22. The beauty of his joke is that he’s not insulting the audience but he has to generalize to be ambiguous. It’s basically a “ if the shoe fits” situation. If doesn’t apply to you, you won’t catch any feelings. But if it does then it’s a big F-U to you. Lmao! Everyone is out here trying to dictate what is right and wrong.

  23. That woman in the front that gets visibly offended when he says "That's you" is amazing.
    Like, bitch please, it's a comedy show

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