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Datto’s Thoughts on S8 Ritual Weapons: Edgewise, Exit Strategy, & Randy’s Throwing Knife

The new pinnacle weapons for season 8 are
Edgewise, Exit Strategy and Randy’s Throwing Knife. Except they’re not pinnacle weapons, they
are ritual weapons. What is a ritual weapon? A ritual weapon is basically the new pinnacle
weapon, pinnacle weapons being guns like Breakneck, Mountaintop, 21% Delirium, from seasons past
that were most of the time good and all of the time having a unique functionality. We’re gonna talk about the weapons from season
8 first and then we’ll talk about my thoughts on the change from pinnacle to ritual weapons. The first weapon we’ll look at is Edgewise
from the Vanguard. You need solar kills, you need machine gun
kills and you need something else that you’ll probably get done before the other two. Edgewise, along with the other weapons, have
perks that you can select. You can pick either Field Prep or Feeding
Frenzy and you can pick either Rampage or Demolitionist. It is a high rate of fire machine gun, akin
to 21% Delirium. Obviously the main competition of this weapon
is 21% Delirium, based on RPM, but you can also factor in Hammerhead to the comparison
since it is a very reliable machine gun. So far, I haven’t seen anything that would
overwhelming say that Edgewise is a better option than Delirium except for the amount
of reserve ammo it can hold when you have Field Prep and maybe for Demolitionist. 437 rounds for Edgewise with Field Prep and
no reserve perks, 389 for Delirium, a difference of 48 shots, or about an 11% increased capacity. Edgewise also has flexibility, allowing you
to spec for mass destruction via Feeding Frenzy/Rampage, or allowing you to grab Demolitionist to enhance
a specific character build you might be going for. Where Delirium shines is in its Overflow and
Killing Tally bonuses, allowing to maintain a damage bonus that lasts until you reload. When you can fire 200 bullets without stopping,
that’s a LOT of power. For PvP purposes, I’m gonna say use neither
and just stick with Hammerhead. It has the right balance of RPM to damage,
it is easy to control, still murders from miles away AND gets more value out of a power
brick in terms of how many shots you get. When it comes to PvE however, I think it really
depends on what you’re doing and what your build is. Any grenade based builds are likely to use
Edgewise, but if you need raw killing or add slaying power, Delirium seems like the play. If you already have 21% Delirium and don’t
want to kill about 5-6 hours grinding strikes, then I would say you’re probably not really
missing out on too much. If you don’t have either, but have a Hammerhead
with a decent roll and don’t feel like grinding strikes, then again, you’re not missing out
on too much. But if you have neither of those things and
are looking for something solid, then this isn’t too bad of an option. It is by far the easiest of the season 8 weapons
to go grind for, you can do it by yourself, in fact, I would encourage doing it by yourself
instead of with a team so that you aren’t competing for kills. Strikes are pretty chill and if you grind
on a day when it’s heavyweight, you can really cruise through the process. Next up is Exit Strategy, which is one of
the best themed weapons that has ever come out in Destiny. It is perfectly designed for Gambit considering
the perks on it: Underdog or Threat Detector in the first column and Swashbuckler or Surrounded
in the next. Gambit is: many enemies in a tight space basically
all of the time. What a well put together weapon. Two problems. Number one is how long it takes to get this
gun. The first two objectives aren’t as big of
a deal as the final one, where you need to kill enemies and send blockers. Sounds easy, until you realize you’ll be progressing
this step about 2-3% per game on average. That’s 33-50 games of Gambit. Gambit vs. Gambit Prime didn’t really yield
too many differences in percentage. We’ve had to do 40 games for Breakneck, which
was actually a very good auto rifle that has been since obliterated into the ground with
Shadowkeep’s release, hopefully they’ll fix it, and we’ve had to do a full Infamy reset
for 21% Delirium. WIth Breakneck, you could just play games
of Gambit for the most part and with Delirium, you could speed things up with triple infamy. With Exit Strategy, you basically can’t be
invading at all because you’ll miss out on motes, killing and banking. It seems like banking 5 motes is the fastest
way to get points, which means if you’re playing solely to gain progress, you’ll be playing
very inefficiently, which might make your teammates mad if you’re soloing. Plus, you know… it’s Gambit, it hasn’t really
changed since my last video talking about the problems of Gambit. Problem number 2 is that 2 of the best weapons
in the game are submachine guns. One of them is Recluse. Yes, it did get a PvE nerf, it’s still amazing
for PvE and it’s still bonkers in PvP. The other is Huckleberry. Huckleberry’s Rampage perk did not get adjusted
in the same way that other damage perks did, making the gap between Huckleberry and Recluse
much closer together, at least for PvE. Huckleberry in PvP is average at best, unless
you happen to chain some kills together, which will be very rare, and you have the catalyst,
but in PvE, the thing shreds. It always has, that’s never really changed. Point is: they are incredibly strong PvE and
Gambit weapons. Exit Strategy has to compete against these
2 behemoths. Yeah. There are only 2 other 900 RPM kinetic SMGs,
Trackless Waste, which is a Tangled Shore random drop, and Pillager, also from Gambit. So, you could just random roll your way into
a gun similar to Exit Strategy, although I’m not sure on the perk pool. Don’t get me wrong, Exit Strategy is not a
bad weapon. But it suffers from the fact that there are
2 better guns out there already and this should only be chased if you don’t have either one
of those other weapons, are looking for a solid kinetic SMG, just really like Gambit
OR if you want the Season of Undying title, aptly named Undying. You need to get all 3 of the ritual weapons
for the title, not to mention get all of the unique emblems from strikes, Crucible and
Gambit via their quests, AND run a 980 level Nightfall. But back to Exit Strategy, I don’t think you
need to put yourself through the 30-50 games of Gambit it’ll take you to acquire this gun,
especially if you have either Huckleberry or Recluse. Finally, Randy’s Throwing Knife. This is probably the most difficult of the
weapons to get. The Vanguard one, do strikes, no problem. The Gambit one, alright, gotta play Gambit
and do PvE, but you’ll get it done if you PvE hard enough. Randy’s? You need to get enough wins in Survival to
get 2100 glory points, not be 2100, just get 2100 points, you need a seemingly undefined
amount of enemies defeated and medals, where it appears that getting Cold Fusion medals,
aka 2 fusion kills in 1 life, seems to be the best way, and you need, count ’em, 1,
2, 450 final blows with scout rifles. Now, I grinded both the MIDA and Jade Rabbit
catalysts, which both required a lot of PvP kills and headshot PvP kills. I was not in that much of a hurry to go get
another 450 scout rifle kills in PvP, but I did it anyway, because I needed to make
this video. I used Jade Rabbit for all my kills, I did
not use MIDA or Black-Scorpion. I grinded from 41% scout rifle kills and 52%
medals to 100% in both in 6 hours, the previous percentage points probably took me around
4 hours or so, 10 hours for 450 kills, 45 kills per hour at a rate of 5 games an hour,
a pace of the equivalent of 9 scout rifle kills per game, since you get a bonus for
multi-kills. Sounds about right. Depending on how good you are with scouts,
the average player is probably not going to want to suffer through 450 scout rifle kills
in the Crucible. On console, things might be a bit more manageable
because the game is a little slower, but on PC, thigns are ruthless, especially with all
but 1 Crucible option having skill-based matchmaking. Not to mention that when you finally DO get
the weapon, if you’re not good with it, then you’re just going to vault it straight away. Again, you will need this if you want Undying. This is the only 260 kinetic scout rifle in
the game and it comes with quite the perk suite: Rapid Hit or Snapshot and Zen Moment
or Kill Clip. Most people will probably be using Rapid Hit
Kill Clip, that’s a very strong set of perks, Rapid Hit’s bonus flows with Kill Clip, it’s
perks 101. Scout rifles are still not super great, but
they’re being used a ton in the Crucible, I imagine, because of the hunt for this weapon. The gun is also full-auto, which I did not
actually realize while recording gameplay and getting some thoughts on the weapon because
I haven’t used a rapid-fire scout in a million years, which may have been why I had the following
take: I was underwhelmed with this weapon… at
first anyway. We are still not really in a scout rifle meta,
but 260 RPM scouts are the closest things are ever going to get to competitive for scout
rifles (on PC anyway) as of this video and if you want a 260 in the kinetic slot, this
is all you got. This weapon is the champion of leaving people
at one health. 47 per headshot means you’re at 188 for 4
headshots, 63 on Kill Clip gets you 189 on 3 headshots. People will survive this very frequently,
if not what feels like all of the time and it is very annoying. Now, Titans, with One-Eyed Mask, if you have
Kill Clip AND Vengeance, good news, it’s a 3 tap at 66 damage per shot, any damage buff
turns this into a 3 tap with Kill Clip. However, Bungie has said that One-Eyed is
targetted for an adjustment in the future, so that might go away depending on what they
do. Would a 3 tap scout like this be a game-breaker,
or a 4 tap with no kill clip? Mmm, it feels like it would be, so perhaps
that was a good call, you’ll see me hit these 3 taps a couple of times in this gameplay
and it feels like it would be pretty strong, even if the conditions are short lived. It took a little while for the weapon to grow
on me and towards the end of my play session, I was learning what I was and was not capable
of doing. I definitely want to play with it a bit more
now that I’ve gotten used to it. Is it worth grinding? Well, it took me 10 hours and I’d say I’m
a little above average when it comes to PvP. If you are worse than me, it will take you
longer. The question is: do you want to spend a dozen
or more hours using scout rifles and getting miscellanous medals and points in the Crucible
to use this gun? It is a good gun, don’t get me wrong. Is 15-20 hours in the Crucible using scouts
worth it? I’ll say that if I wasn’t doing this video
and I wasn’t a title chaser, then I probably would’ve spared myself the effort. Perhaps a day will come where Randy’s becomes
the meta due to whatever changes happen in the future. It’s a good weapon, it’s a unique archetype,
but I’d say grab a Black-Scorpion energy scout first and try it out before you commit. This brings us to the pinnacle vs. ritual
weapon situation. Well, you see, Bungie kind of realized, or
I imagine realized anyway, that making pinnacle weapons was sort of… you know… busting
the game on occasion. Mountaintop and Recluse ring some bells there. Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten also say hello,
although their nerfs are more hotly debated. These weapons were SO powerful, that they
were game-breaking, mainly Recluse and Mountaintop, with Lunas and NF being not terribly far behind
according to some. They are a massive power-creep issue: if you
wanted to make something that was better than already game-breaking weapons, you would need
to create yet another game-breaking weapon. So, while I’m sad we don’t have a really insane
weapon to go hunt down every season, I’m glad that hopefully these weapons will not be a
problem like Recluse and Mountaintop will continue to be until they are deleted from
the game. Have I mentioned how much I love Mountaintop
and Recluse? The unfortunate side of things, like I’ve
been saying for all of these weapons is that because we had a year of pinnacle, top quality
weapons that can still be used, the new ritual weapons are going to fall in between pinnacle
and well rolled items in terms of how strong they are. If you don’t have pinnacle weapons, then some
of these might be interesting to you. But if you don’t want to kill upwards of 20-30
hours for all 3 of them, then most well rolled weapons will do the trick with no problem. Those are my thoughts on the season 8 ritual
weapons. If previous season weapons did not exist already,
then these would all be pretty darn good, but as it stands, they are above-average weapons
that unfortunately need to compete against some of the most ridiculous stuff we’ve ever
seen in the game. I’d say Randy’s is probably the most interesting
of the weapons to hunt because of its limited archetype, but it’s also the hardest to get.

100 thoughts on “Datto’s Thoughts on S8 Ritual Weapons: Edgewise, Exit Strategy, & Randy’s Throwing Knife

  1. How come datto kept saying you need to do the ritual weapons to get the undying title…? all you need is the vex offensive stuff, you don't need to do any ritual weapons

  2. I might quit if they remove all pinnacle weapons. Played D1 on first day and solo grinded just to have taken away. I have revoker, recluse, Luna’s, Nf and mountaintop.

  3. I got throwing knife 2 days ago and it's absolutely bugged. I switch from Titan to hunter after I got to 97 percent. My hunter in 3-4 games got 2 percent. Took me 6 games to get 99-100 percent and I know I got tons of double kills with same weapon. I did cold fusion and nothing. Bungie good old Bungie with something going wrong.

  4. Ritual weapons are a perfect reason as to why stuff like Recluse deserves a nerf. These guns are so unique but get outshined by stuff we got like, two seasons ago.

  5. Yeah if I have to get all three ritual weapons to get a title, throwing Gambit into the mix, it's never going to be worth it

  6. The pinnacle weapons then are too abundant now. The only option is to move into D3, start from scratch, and hope we'll never repeat such a quarrel predicament.

  7. Maybe they should give you the weapons at beginning of the seasons but then you do the objectives with the weapons to unlock the special perks?

  8. "Is 15~20 hours in the Crucible worth it?"

    No. No it's not. Seeing it in action in your video I don't think I'll bother chasing the Throwing Knife anymore.

  9. Thanks for mentioning that “on PC anyway” so people on other platforms would understand that console and PC platform are entirely two different world.

  10. I love my exit strategy. But it wasn't worth the grind. I think the grind for these needs to better represent the quality of the weapons. No longer are they exotics but legendary, now they are just above average legendary weapons.

  11. hey datto if you are going to do a dps test for garden of salvation could you try a Love and Death with Spike Grenades and Full Court (i was thinking about it because of how the boss encounter room is pretty big)
    hoping to get one with Hard Launch, Spike Grenades, Auto Loading holster and Full Court if it does good

  12. Finished Exit Strategy first. Didn't notice the grind tbh.

    Then again, i also didn't play during season of the drifter when all you could do was gambit, so i understand why this may be painful for some.
    Gambit > Strikes though. Strikes on repeat is like getting blood from a stone. It's just fuckin bad

    Also: Hidden Gem scout rifle; Night Watch from gambit.
    200RPM Scout, doesn't consume energy slot, nice little fit between black scorpion and regular scouts. Personally, Jade Rabbit and MIDA fire too slowly for me and i absolutely hate it. Night Watch gives me that little hit of just enough fire rate to be good. The only real difference is i cant hold down the trigger on night watch. But its basically the same as scorpion, but better because it's Kinetic
    I have Outlaw, Multikill Clip on mine, 53 to the head unbuffed, 63 to the head with MKC x1.

  13. I'm tryna get that Undying title and it's taking so long to do the Edgewise. Also I decided to have fun grinding out for RTK by using Skyburners Oath. It's surprisingly good on console

  14. Idunno, Randy's wasn't that bad. Crucible changes made it much more tolerable to be grinding pvp for 2ish weeks.

    Considering the how absurd a scout it is, I can't complain.

  15. Why doesn't anybody recommend using Polaris lance for randy's? I've found it better than jade rabbit but maybe I'm crazy

  16. ill probably want to get all of these guns just cause my ocd is killing my with all these unfinished quests………

  17. idk Exit Stratergy wasn't an issue to get for me, got it within one reset and I invaded all the time, maybe siphoning motes counted?

    Sounds like you just don't like Gambit xD

  18. Black Scorpion-4SR is exactly the same as Randy's Throwing knife except it has a really shitty scope, try it out while farming Randy's, I didn't enjoying it at the beginning but fell in love with it after a couple games.

  19. Until now, I still can’t believe a web game like iogames received 94% of positive reaction on Freegames66 only.

  20. Funny how your always complaining about how powerful mountain top and recluse are and how they needs to be needed, but yet YOU'RE still using them in your videos.. If so overpowering put them in your vault!!!

  21. bro randys is by far the best weapon to be team shotting with in my opinion, it is not a solo scout… Once kill clip procs it can be… but when you are shooting with a team you snag all the kills.

  22. Pinnacle weapons should be difficult to get. I should not be able to get Not Forgotten, I am not good enough. I trudged my way, solo, to Luna's Howl. For some reason The Recluse was much easier to get? But I like the idea of having top tier, almost game-breaking weapons, but they need to be really difficult to get. Maybe take an entire season to gram them. Not just play some Gambit or run some strikes.

  23. I really like Randle. he's been my go to kinetic weapon when I want to put on a exotic weapon/sniper/shotgun/fusion in the energy slot…which is all the time. catches people off guard in comp. will probably use exit strat when I get tired of using Randle…which probably wont be a while…or if I want to switch up to the peacekeepers exotic.

  24. I have to farm both catalysts for MIDA and Jade so. Randy’s will come from that. I’m currently top 2k for PC Crucible ELO. I’m halfway their because I like using scouts but honestly I’d rather use a pulse rifle. Randy’s will be a fine reward because I’m not striving to get it. I’m doing something else and it’s a side effect.

  25. I just want to grind this weapons to get Undying title, anyone knows if we can get them after the season ends? That way i can get all vex offensive achievements this season and get the weapons later to get the seal

  26. Reason facecam wasnt used was because he patted Jez on the head and that's okay, Jez deserves the affection; He's guy being dude and that's all he needs to be

  27. fought an asshat last night with Mountain Top/Recluse combo…what an asshat. I mean, I have recluse, but I don't use it, because I believe it is pretty toxic, same for Jotunn, I choose not to be "that guy", why can't we all?

  28. Scout rifles have always been fine in PvP after Forsaken. Their ONLY issue was Hand Cannons and Pulse Rifles overtaking their ranges and having better AA. MIDA has always been good, 150's are now just clunkier 150 HC's with way more range, and lightweights and rapid fires simply put so many bullets downrange that your target can't deal with it.

    I feel like most people who say scouts are intrinsically bad are the same people that charge into engagements trying to top the scoreboard in quickplay. I mean, if you're going for score, you should just be running Mountaintop/Recluse/OEM/Pick Your Heavy Poison, but per-engagement you have SO MANY EFFECTIVE OPTIONS now as long as you play your ranges and land your shots. HC's are no longer the be-all end-all.

  29. Maybe I'm just broken as a person, but I would grind these out just because they gave us the quest and I don't have the weapon… The completionist in me wants it maybe just to vault it.

  30. During my grind for the Randy’s I used a nightwatch and with weapons of light I could two tap people so overall Randy’s is underwhelming
    Also thanks for using the proelium it’s my fav fusion

  31. I'm not a pvp player, but even I was able to snag Randy's in a couple evenings of playing (maybe 15 or so hours total after getting 2100 glory spread out over 4 or 5 days) and got my recluse along the way.

    If you are struggling, don't let it worry you…it's meant to be a season long quest. You have time. Don't break yourself trying to do this in one session.

    If you are able to…fantastic for you…but please take breaks, the gun is good, but not good enough to mentally destroy yourself over.

  32. Randy’s was about a 5 hours grind for me and it was definitely worth it in the end, for me it will be in my inventory at all times for comp on maps like Widow’s Court and other long range maps like that

  33. Lmao Randy’s was easy for me. My favorite thing to do in this game is use scouts in the crucible, lmao and it was nice cause the randy is a great gun as well

  34. I got all other Gambit weapons trying to get Hush, THE most annoying weapon to get. Everyone else is running and gunning with powerful shotguns, ARs, LMGs and there you are with a bow, trying to get headshots.

  35. Dude if they take out mountaintop or recluse because you mentioned it, you will owe me for hours of my life wasted!

  36. I basically do nothing but invade in gambit and kill adds I occasionally collect motes to bank if players miss them I’ve only played 15 games if gambit and I’m more then half done with my exit strategy quest

  37. I love you Datto but I also love my exit strategy. My recluse has been in the vault collecting dust for months, I’m so bored of it. Just because it’s the “best” doesn’t mean you have to use it…

  38. Randy's is also the most bullshit of them. Gotta do comp, but hey let's let people grind out the scout rifle kills in every other game-mode. It's not like consistency matters when you invoke the fucking word R I T U A L.

  39. @6:28 "although I'm not exactly sure on the perk pool"
    In case anyone wants to know,

    Trackless Waste…
    * doesn't have barrel perks so it can't drop with Arrowhead Break.
    * can drop with Ricochet Rounds
    * can drop with Threat Detector but not Underdog
    * can't drop with either Swashbuckler or Surrounded

    * is a Light Weight frame not an Adaptive frame
    * can drop with Arrowhead Break
    * can drop with Ricochet Rounds
    * can't drop with either Threat Detector or Underdog
    * can't drop with either Surrounded or Swashbuckler

    The closest IMO is a Trackless Waste with Wolf Sight W1, Ricochet Rounds, Threat Detector + Grave Robber, & Kill Clip + High-Impact Reserves.

  40. I for one loved the Randy quest, its great to finally be using a scout again in pvp seriously. Between Jade Rabbit and Black Scorpion, even after the quest was done, I am still using them.

  41. Yo how about ritual AND pinnae weapons 🤷 mid tier that everyone can grab if they commit and high tier reserved for top players 🤔 seems like the best way to satisfy both audiences, which is what they've been trying to do since year 1

  42. Nooo. Don't remove Pinnacle weapons. Are they game breaking? As far as I know Lunas and Not forgotten are good but not nearly as good as they were due to their nerfs

  43. Ritual weapons are how I wish pinnacles always were, since, as you've said, some certain ones are gamebreaking. I love weapons like Breakneck, that was great before the nerf, but this way wouldn't have broken the game like Recluse and friends did.

  44. I did exit strategy while trying to get an infamy reset for dredgen. I think it’s safe to say I’m not playing gambit prime in a while

  45. I've gotten the kills for Randy's with Black Scorpion. The other two requirements look like they're gonna take the whole season

  46. Thoughts on Recluse:
    Do I have it? yes Do I have 1500+ kills with it? No but almost. Should it be removed? Maybe. Could bungo just make it an exotic? Maybe

    Thoughts on Mountain Top: Does it take SOME skill to use? Yes. Do I have it? Yes. Should they remove it? Oh god please no, not my baby? Could it be made an exotic? I mean it could..

    Make the old "Pinnacle" weapons exotics to prevent the game breaking loadouts. Ik bungie can do it with Elemental Primaries from D1 with the Age of Triumphs, they can do it now. It was pointless then, it wouldn't be pointless now.

  47. Just make Mountaintop and Recluse both Exotic, that way they can't be both equipped. You will have to choose. That's how you FINALLY kill the season 7 meta. 🙂

    p.s. any other problems you want me to fix without taking months to years Bungie 🙂

  48. For people who are working on breakneck for the auto rifle kills and multikills use sweet business . I did those kills in anout 3 to 4 matches of regular gambit.

  49. I like my Breackneck (even after the nerf), but I had to play so much Gambit to get it I haven't played a single match of Gambit since… nor do I want to.

    Genius game design, forcing people to play so much they get sick of the game…

  50. Why not just make perks for the ritual weapons that won’t be available until next season so that it’s kinda like a first hand look at the perks, might not be exciting but just some food for thought

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