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Hello everyone this is Sanadsk and today I
am back with more unused weapon movesets and specifically unused weapon arts that left
inside the files of Dark Souls 3 so without further ado, let’s go! First, we have an unused weapon art for the
Farron Greatsword weapon which is created using the soul of the Abyss Watchers. Now the original weapon art is a parry using
the left hand dagger but the unused one is actually a Stance weapon art. The R1 after the stance is the second attack
of the weapons moveset and the R2 after the stance is a heavy thrusting attack that sends
your foes flying into the air like a badass. Now this move is actually used by the boss
himself but it has much longer range so it seems like they wanted the player to have
this move but they scrapped it in the end and like any unused content in Dark Souls
3, this is a total idiotic move. Next, we have is a very weird and rather broken
weapon art which is applied to Halberds weapon and as you can see, you hold the weapon in
a stance-like fashion and after a couple of seconds it starts walking straight forward
by itself and once you let go of the button it launches forward with a thrust attack. But that’s not all that happens. Ummm I think that is all I have to say about
this weapon art. Creepy. The next weapon art we have is a stance for
Spear weapons and it has two attacks. The Stance then R1 is an uppercut move but
sadly it doesn’t have a hitbox and the Stance then R2 is a running thrusting attack that
has a weird hitbox but it is unused content so it is understandable that the hitbox might
be bugged. The next weapon art I kept it to the last
because I wasn’t 100% sure if it is unused content or not but you can see it on the screen
and I am sure that I have seen this animation before so please tell me in the comments if
you saw an enemy or player using it or if it is even unused content or not. Also if you are interested in more unused
weapon movesets, make sure to check out the two videos you can see on the screen right
now. So I hope you all enjoyed and guys we are
super close to 20 thousand subscribers so I would be very very appreciated if you hit
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the world to me. So I’ll be seeing you on my next video. Bye Bye.

100 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3 Unused Content ► REMOVED WEAPON ARTS AND MOVESETS!

  1. I feel like that last moveset has to be from the Soul of Cinder fight. Perhaps one of his special forms, It might even be a variation on the big gigantic swings and explosion he does.

  2. The first attack could fit well with the Black knight (ultra)greatsword. It used this in ds1, althought readying should look different. (If I remember correctly it still has that upwards thrusting in game, but doesnt send enemies flying)

  3. that twirl you were doing with the farron greatsword at 2:00 is the alternate WA for the immolation tinder if you swap it to a scythe moveset, but sadly it wont discharge the fire.

  4. I think the moveset is from Demon Souls, I think? But maybe that moveset will be in a weapon on the dlc

  5. That thing at the end that you said you weren't sure about, I'm almost certain that's one of the scythe weapon arts. Maybe

  6. Having a uppercut and a lunge, would allow for a lil more mixup…. after BBs nice movesets, From gave us shit with DS3.

  7. I have already seen several comments saying this, so I think I am on the right track.

    the spin thing at the end seems to be an unused gesture. I would HOPE that it was cut because it would have applied to all weapons and they could not get it right for certain ones. (so you could twirl a halberd, normal sword, greatsword, etc.)

    however it could be a lead into the spin attacks the farron greatsword already has

  8. It seems the gesture is set for spears or halberds, to me at least, judging by the fact the ending of the animation ends with a spear/halberd idle stance.

  9. i need the all the abyss watchers weapon arts in one weapon. They dont even use the dagger to parry so they should have done this move into the L2 instead if a parry. the dagger is used for the rolling R1….

  10. The very first stance you show like 7 seconds into the video looks like the new Straight Sword stance from the new DLC Gameplay trailer.

  11. could that animation be the sword spin from ds1 when it was bugged out and let you have the same attack animation as the pinwheel shield

  12. Okay, so in your second cut content video you say "man fuck that anti-backstab armor, I'm glad they removed it" but then in this video you say "any content cut is a very idiotic move." There's not really anything wrong with an anti-backstab set in the first place, but your reason for hating it and being glad it was removed seems to imply that you're a backstab fisher. Don't say inconsistent things.

  13. i think what they could have done was allowed you to take the soul of the boss and exchange it and then exchange that weapon for the alternate version for a different moveset or weapon art this way they could have multiple variants of the weapons in the game.

  14. i understand but yet doesn't understand why from changed the farron GS's WA i mean the farron GS is a very aggresive weapon and think of the possible combo's you can du with it. like a L1 L2 R2 or something more. and if the weapon art had a working hit box think about how long that animation pushes you forward you can really screw people up with it. and the WA is much quicker than any other stomp WA i have seen

  15. Is there any way to put these movesets into the game? Would be cool to have the Farron greatsword stance and the Gundyr kick.

  16. that cut abyss watchers gesture reminds me of raiden from rising revengeance when he does his blade twirl and then gets in his stance to use his blade.

    THE DRAGINSLAYER SPEAR HAS THAT WEQPON ART FOR ITS SKILL ATTACK YOU CHARGE FORWARD than thrust with one hand to fire a bolt of lightning

  18. That unused animation of the swinging sword, isn't it from Berserk like most of the stuff in the game? i think i've seen it in the anime.

  19. Well now I know that the stance at 0:10 is from the valorheart. However I haven't seen valorheart do that attack.

  20. The first one was cut to give the parrying dagger attached to the Farron Greatsword a function…

  21. i really wish that the whole stance thing was the weapon art on the Farron Great Sword. it would certainly fit better than the parry and would most assuredly be more useful.

  22. I actually invaded a world where a guy used that cut WA on the Farron Greatsword. My jaw hit the floor as what I assumed to be an Abyss Watcher wannabe launched me into the air like a badass. I can understand why they cut it; that move cleaved through half my HP.

  23. the FarronGS Weapon art could've been very well, its not stupid at all.
    L1R1 could've been a hyper-armored thrust and L1R2 could be the one-handed aerial slam used by the watchers.

  24. They should have added boss rings that changed movesets for weapons or actions. Forexample, that farron stance, Gundyr kick, coiled sword gael jump attack, dragon slayer great axe charge dash strike, twin prince greatsword charge holy blast, dancer ground slash and more

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