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Dark Souls 3: Bloodborne Trick Weapons

Beasts all over the shop… You’ll be one of them, sooner or later. I’M ETHAN BRADBERRY WHAT WHAT THE FUCK *modem sound* (Music: Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal) ♪ heeeere cooomes dat boooooi ♪ ♪ oooooh shiiiiit wadduuuuup ♪ ♪ heeeeere coooomes dat boooooi ♪ ♪ oooooh shiiiiit wadduuuuup ♪ Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Aaaah… You were at my side… all along! My true mentor, my guiding Moonlight! SONIC BOOM

100 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3: Bloodborne Trick Weapons

  1. 1000th comment woohoo! And also Simon's Bowblade

    Right hand: Carthus Curved Sword(untransformed), Rapier(transformed)
    Left hand: Light Crossbow(untransformed), Dragonrider Bow(transformed)

  2. Goddamn, Ludwig the Holy blade truly is one most hype and anime themes in the soulsborne series. Its got that chill and hype mixed into one.

  3. As someone who came to DS3 straight off beating Bloodborne seven times in a row, this pleases me.

  4. were theere any suspicious npc in ds3 that might allude to the next fromsoftware title? like chester or that other guy in bb

  5. Well Kaz, i don’t really know why we are here to suffer, maybe get a robotic arm and leg you crippled fuck

  6. For those saying that the covenants of dark souls 3 are broken I personally think that it’s not because blue covenants have bad matchmaking but because it requires some else to have way of the blue on and even then you’d have to hope they don’t die before you get there

  7. I see this build before in a video of a spanish youtuber called powerbazingaTV
    The one of the hunter's axe
    The same armor same weapons but the spanish youtuber use the avelyn
    Great video (^ • ^)

  8. I love the creativity you put into this. Miyazaki gave you tools to work with and they came out absolutely perfectly. The only thing you're missing is the transformation animation for the weapons and if you had that, that'd be BloodBorne on pc.

  9. Those undead don't know what one born from the blood, made man by the blood, undone by the blood is capable of, fear the old blood my fellows, this night, we hunt

  10. Can't you see what Nihilistic Commune was doing? He was teaching us how we pointlessly waste time running around, rolling our lives away. And for what? a few souls here, a few titanites there.


    PS: fucking love these gimmick builds

  11. Is there any way to do Rakuyo? Like with a dagger in left hand and a katana in right hand?
    Edit: I remembered thats not dark souls 2 and we haven't power stancy 🙁

  12. my heart could not take it for bloodborne i beat the second boss purely out of luck but darksouls 3 i can play but invaders make me want to commit suicide because the backstabs scare the living hell out of me and when someone comes at me with an ultra greatsword i know it was not my time to get raped

  13. If you see me and you have an ultra great sword i am running from you and jumping off the nearest cliff i promise you to god im to pure and holy tobe raped 😷

  14. Oh, I just love watching R1 spamming, shield-and-straight-sword using, uninspired proverbial asshats getting their actual asshats ruined by big, thick weapon

  15. Dark souls 2 is superior since you can do the fist trick weapon in that game but can’t in dark souls or ds3

  16. "Oh, you're giving me a gift?"

    "Oh, you have the Crown of Dusk, no armor, and the Court Sorcerer's Staff?"

    "Yeah no fuck off"

  17. A dark souls x BB crossover video and you're not going to include the obvious blades of mercy (twindaggers with quickstep) ?

  18. Gaels crossbow with splintering bolts or explosive would have worked perfectly wuth cosplay. The three-shooter still works amazingly though

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