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Daisy Derringer: The Miniature Rubber Band Pistol

Full house. Looks like this ain’t your
lucky day, Sheriff McAwesome. Nah. You got me beat, Dustin
[INAUDIBLE] Outlaw. Mother cruncher. I’ll just take this
and I’ll be on my way. Uh, what’s that in your shirt? Are you cheating,
you scum of a bum? Put down the chips. You sure you want to do that? [GUNSHOT] [GUNSHOTS] Oh. [GUNSHOT] Well, it’s been fun,
Sheriff McAwesome. But I got to mosey along
and you’ve got to die. Yippee ki-yay, Mr. Falcon. [GUNSHOT] [YELLING DRAMATICALLY] That’s the death you’re
going to go with? Pretty embarrassing, dude. Did you see that
sweet slow-mo death? Yeah, it was pretty sweet. I saw it. You’re dead! Why are you talking? Buy the powerfully petite
DIY Daisy Derringer and shop the full arsenal of– [GUNSHOT] –rubber band guns at [SINGING] For more McAwesome, tap up
on the video on the left. And to see the pump-action
shotgun, tap on the video below that. To get your own Daisy
Derringer, tap down there in that squirrelly link. Sneaky as a snake. [GUNSHOT]

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