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Da li je šlem od kevlara neprobojan? (eng subs)

Hi, I’m Darko, you’re watching a new episode on the DumDum channel. You’re probably not wondering why I’m wearing this helmet on my head, because you assume we’re going to test it. This is a Kevlar helmet, a modern helmet used by the modern army of the world, and even our army. This particular helmet is a French helmet. As you can see here. For the French army of 1997, made of kevlar. We’ll test that helmet as in the previous video. .22 short then .22 long rifle 7.65 9mm para, ie. 9mm luger 7,62×25 .357 magnum 7,62×39 and finally a 7.9 mm mauser, or 8×57 All the ammunition jacketed, except longrifle which is all lead. It’s all with a jacket and it’s all FMJ except this .357 magnum, that’s FMS, ful metal spicer because it’s spiked like this at the top. All ther ammunition is FMJ. What do I want to say after our previous test with a helmet. Many of you had remarks that the ammunition hit at an angle, etc. As you can see, the entire helmet is rounded. It’s very difficult to find the flat side to hit. The helmet was made round so it would repel various shrapnels, and in final case even ammunition. So you can not use a metal plate to test the effect of the helmet on it. The metal plate is not a helmet. The helmet is a helmet, and on a helmet you test the performance of the helmet against all these calibres. Also, some of you have said that the role of the helmet is not to stop bullets but to protect against shrapnels and the like. Of course, but the helmet is there also to stop the ammunition. Of course that not a single helmet can stop direct hit of 8×57, but if it hits here it will ricochet and save potentially life of a soldier. We try to test the effect of a direct hit. We’re looking to hit the flatest surface possible, and see if this helmet will be able to stop the bullet. What is important to note is that this helmet is the so called level 3A protection system. So in theory it should stop the bullet to .44 magnum so in advance the manufacturer says it can not stop 7.62×39. And it can not stop 8×57 These are standard military helmets. There are perhaps even stronger helmets, but no helmet can stop a direct hit of 8×57. Only if this helmet is of some AR500 steel or something like that, but it would than be too havy to carry. So this is the standard military helmet, which is used by almost all armies of the world in a similar configuration, a Kevlar helmet. So let’s start with the test We start first with a .22 short and .22 long fifle. We’ll shoot from Beretta. We are firing from the same distance as we were shooting that metal JNA helmet. I must also mention, it is not important from which distance we are shooting the helmet. Whether we shoot from 5 or 40 meters, ammunition energy is almost identical at these distances, Farther than that we can not even hit a helmet with a handgun This way from this distance we can choose where we will hit the helmet, so that they do not strike one against the other, or one in the other. Also I have to say is that you do not trying to test this yourself. We shoot at an authorized firing range, where we have all possible protection both side and horizontal and backstops. We have additionally secured the helmet at the site from potential ricochets. So starting with the test, we go first .22 short. As you can see, we also put a watermelon in the helmet to simulate some effect. Since many of you asked to put something under the helmet. This was a .22 short, we’re going to a .22 long rajfl. And we see the hits. We see a hit .22 short, he did not even get inside the helmet. This is where this rivet fell of from the impact. And here we have a .22 long rajfl. It entered the first layer of the helmet, somewhere in there. And of course, on the other side, we do not even have a bump, You can not see here from all this protection here. But I can tell you, we do not even have a bump. It penetrated the kelvar and it stop it. The difference between the metal and this kevlar helmet, kevlar helmet absorbs hits, i.e. absorbs ammunition and stops it in the kevlar itself, so there is no ricochet. Potentials for the ricochet are considerably lower. We put helmet on watermelon and move on. Let’s go to 7.65. We use the same handgun as in the previous test, this Hungarian FEG PA63. We already have more force, and watermelon since it is round fell off. But let’s see the effect. Here’s a hit from 7.65. The watermellon is intact, the bullet is stopped, as expected. Here’s a hit. And here on the inside we have a slight bump. Visually it can not be seen, but it can be felt scarcely under a finger. So 7.65 was stopped. We’re going to 9mm. It’s 9mm from CZ99. There is already a much higher force than 7.65 and we see that the helmet bounced a little, it seems to me. We’ll see it on a slow motion. Let’s see the effect. Here, we see a 9mm hit, is all soft here. He stopped the bullet, did not go trough, here is the amount of protuberance. But because of the force of the impact, you see how soft it is, it would break your skull. Here you can see, see how soft it is. From the impact force, and that is only 9mm. Could get a serious concussion. Let’s see “Tetejac” or Zastava M57 7.62×25 against this helmet kevlar. It does not seem to me it went through, but let’s see. Here we see damage to the watermelon, cracks, an concussion or a cracked skull. We see a hit. Where it entered the kevlar, but it didn’t went through. Kevlar stopped and 7.62×25 According to the manufacturer’s specification, kevlar level 3A protection system stops “Tetejac” as we could have seen. But your head would been hit in any case, as with 9mm. Let’s go to the .357 magnum. And .357 magnum FMS bullet. Enormous energy, but let’s see what happened. Let’s see what it did .357. We have a great hit, with .357 magnum. But it did not went through. But the same as you can see, A huge bulge. Huge energy transfer, head broken or an concussion. But Kevlar stopped the .357 magnum. Everything is soft, Kevlar has done his job. None of handgun or revolver calibres went through. we unfortunately do not have a .44 magnum, because according to the specifications it should stop the .44 magnum. Let’s go to the rifle calibers, we start with 7.62×39. We’ll shot 7.62×39 in the forehead of the helmet where there are no hits. We will see immediately that the watermelon is damaged, so we have a clear breakthrough. We see that the bullet must have entered. Here’s a hit, Here we have the exit. And here’s potentially not to say what. You see that chaos inside the helmet. But the 7.62×39 entrance and exit and the pass through watermelon. To shot, for the sake of it, with a carabiner 7.9 mauser, or 8×57. Here we try 7,9 mauser, that is 8×57 just for the sake of it. I do not think he even moved because he did not even feel the speed of the pass of this bullet. Let’s see. Neither colors have been removed from the impact hole, and of course we see a massive exit. Here is a kevlar that is torn up all over. The clean passage of the bullet through helmet, the entrance and exit. In any case, what can we conclude after this test today. That the Kevlar helmet is better than a old metal helmet. And it really stops all the calibers up to .44 magnum. Of course against rifle calibers there is no chance because it is the factory specification level 3A protection, means it can not stop 7.62×39 nor of course a major military caliber, as we could see. Even 7,62×39 pierced, passes through this watermelon and goes back and ends somewhere in the backstop. So it’s an extremely fast bullet like 8×57, As you can see, not even color has come off at this speed. We want to thank our friend Concho from Concho Sewing for donating this kevlar helmet. You have a link to his page in the description. That would be the all with this episode, if you like this subscribe by clicking here. Share this video on social networks and with your friends. See you next time.

100 thoughts on “Da li je šlem od kevlara neprobojan? (eng subs)

  1. Суштината на шлемот е да направи рикошет на куршумот,ретко кој куршум удара директно по агол од 90 степени на шлемот

  2. Кевлар будет получше, но одноразовый. Причём после очередного попадания общая прочность кевларовой каски явно снижается.

  3. A i daljina pucanja je barem mislim isto bitna ,ako vas neko u borbi gađa sa još vece daljine da metak gubi snagu u putu možda bi šljem sačuvao tada glavu i od puščane paljbe.

  4. Ako vise puta pogodite slem normalno je da struktura slema slabi.Ovo nije pravo merilo.Ne moze se na osnovu ovoga utvrditi neprobojnost slrma

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  6. 7 , 62 x 25 mm TT pogodio je previse visoko slem , u oblinu , inace da je pogodio pod ostrijim uglom , probio bi ga i to olako . Probaj taj Francuski slem o Kevlera da gadjas Krusikovim jedinicanim zrnom iz sacmare kalibra 12 .. ima da napravi rupu sa obe strane . ( moje laicko misljenje ) .

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  9. Isn't it that helmets have a expiration? And this Kevlar was made 1997? so meaning this helmets durability is already lessen.

  10. Good video! Proves a helmet is good for stuff falling on your head from bomb blast material and tree limbs and bark.

  11. Er. Sorry I call bs on the 9mm and the claim it can break your skull. Skull is WAY stronger than watermelon. You'd have a nasty bruise, maybe even a concussion, but your skull would be fine.

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