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Czech CZ83 .380 ACP Pistols

Hi, everybody, Matt from Classic Firearms. I’m one of our customer service agents, but
I’ve taken a break from the phone to bring you a video on a new product we have here. These are CZ83’s. That’s a commercial version of the military
VZ82. These are semi-automatic .380 ACP caliber
handguns, also known as 9mm Browning off of the inventor. We have a variety of finishes. Grayson, come on in and start scanning some
of these. We’ll go over a little bit of the difference. You see we have a brush steel finish. They call this a satin or bronze finish. We have some two-tones like this one or this
one. Now, these are guns from … They were started
being made in the 80s and served in the Czech military as well as police forces around the
world from Vietnam to Israel. There a really great reliable pistol, and
the size and caliber combination makes it a great concealed carry option. Have a 12 round magazine, a solid steel construction,
hammer forged barrels, so they’re a really reliable firearm. We also have a few in this other caliber. These are .32 ACP or 7.65 Browning. Now, these will come in a hard case. I have two cases out because [there’s 00:01:19]
are a little bit difference in the case. Most of them will have this black case with
the gold buckles, but we do have some with the blue case. Now, we don’t have pricing information on
these just yet. Today is Tuesday, the 31st of January. By the time this video goes up, I’m sure we’ll
have pricing. It’s going to be a fantastic value for you. Just look for all the custom options on the
page when they’re available. We have them in a variety of finishes and
conditions, and we appreciate it. As always, thank you for logging into
and God bless.

8 thoughts on “Czech CZ83 .380 ACP Pistols

  1. Picked up the two tone in 'excellent'. We'll see how it is when it arrives. Wish he spent a little more time showing them like Ben does. And still waiting for CZ 82's if there is still such a thing in the primary market.

  2. wish I spotted those too ya just have to keep a eye out sign up for the newsletter you will get updates on new inventory that way you don't miss awesome milsurps

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