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CYMA P.799 M3 Shotgun + Pistol Test

Alright guys welcome back to another video where today we’re gonna be testing out this shotgun I got from a BBGuns4Less Mystery Box! and the pistol which came with it. So uhh… So I got the shotgun and the stock so you just connect them like this and uhh… It’s made of plastic so um… yeah… so you just um… do that and um… wait lemme do it this way it’s easier alright, so that here and uhh… it goes into there BOOM and you just pump it and… that’s all you do, it’s actually quite powerful you know? look are you seeing that? aww, you can’t really see it can you? alright we’re out of ammo in this so uhh… now time for the pistol. so it’s just simple, little mag um… i think it’s 9 bullets. 1,2,3 … yeah 9 bullets easily, you just do that, pull back and uhh… it’s a very tiny um… yeah… ah! my hand needs to be still um… uh… there we go and like you just pull back and uhh… ??? it’s quite powerful aswell and… oh… alright um… so let’s go test it out in realtime we’ll start of with the pistol soz abt bass anyway guys, I hope you enjoyed that uh… I hope you enjoyed me shooting stuff um… so uh… yeah see ya later!

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