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Cyberpunk 2077 – Militech Explained!

Whats up neon nation welcome back to the Neon
Arcade for a Cyberpunk 2077 Lore explained video. In today’s video we are talking about one
of the biggest megacorporations in Night City, Militech. Today we are going to be looking at it’s
history, how it came to power, key people involved, what they actually do and how they
operate in Night City arming and supporting assassins, mercenaries and even full scale
military operations. Militech International Armaments is a megacorporation
valued at 432 billion Eurodollars and specializing in weapons manufacturing and private military
contracting. They are the largest weapons manufacturer
in the world, and their catalogue of gear, arms and equipment are used by hundreds of
nations in departments such as mercenary divisions, assassinations, corporate security and full
scale military operations. Based out of the Eastern US and working closely
with police and military forces they have substantially contributed to civilian security
systems. They manufacture high grade military tech
from simple firearms to heavily armored combat vehicles. Initially founded as Armatech-Lucessi International
by Italian Weapons designer Antonio Luccessi in 1996, Militech didn’t find its footing
until 1998 with the trials for a new US infantry assault weapon. The US Government was recovering from bankruptcy
during this time, and this began the process to replace outdated weapons tech in the M-16A2
rifle. The trials came down to 3 competitors looking
to become the new standard issue rifle for the government. The FN SAP, a cheap but clunky and unreliable
weapon that allowed the US to maintain low costs, the Colt AR-17X a good but expensive
gun, and a submission by Armatech-Lucessi, a compact, realiable and moderately priced
rifle. A member of the joint trial General Donald
Lundee lobbied for the Armatech-Lucessi weapon, but due to a further collapse of the economy
and a tightening of the budget the government picked up the FN SAP for their standard issue. Now 6 years later in the second south American
conflict, in the jungles of central and south America these unreliable SAP rifles unsuited
for tropical climates led to many deaths of US soldiers. Lundee observed this from afar, and having
resigned from the marine corps and taken a comfy seat as CEO of armatech at the request
of Luccessi he began to formulate a rehaul of the system and saw the need for an efficient
military manufacturer producing high quality equipment. During this time of growth, the company was
rebranded to Militech Arms International. Their first success was in 2004 after a disastrous
Central American War where the US finally scrapped the SAP and began new trials for
a new standard weapon. The final choice was Militechs Ronin Light
Assault Rifle and they soon won the military side arm contract. At the same time this is where Militech expanded
their catalogue which included heavy weapons, artillery, and vehicles and aircraft systems. As a more established contractor, they took
advantage of yet another economic collapse to buy up competitors to utilize their designers
and resources and this is how they came to be so dominant. Some notable people during this time include
Roland Yee, current chairman of the board and one of the ioriginal investors in Amrmatech
We also have Margaret Ellen Goldstein one of the original investors and one time lover
of CEO Donald Lundee Mils Engelsson is the vice president and director
of the special projects division and known as Dr Death for his unethical and horrifying
experiments, we also have Meredith stout who is a senior operations manager working for Militech
in the year 2077, who we see in the demo. Thanks for watching guys, check out the lore
explained playlist to learn more about the world of Cyberpunk 2077 and join the notification
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23 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Militech Explained!

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  2. I don't see it happening but I really hope there is a path in the game or an option to not get a single piece of cyberware.

  3. To nitpick, Corps is pronounced "core", and ronin is pronounced "roh-nin" (It is a Japanese term that means a masterless samurai, so basically part knight, part mercenary/old west style wanderer). I also think (not 100% sure) that its pronouned "Luke-essi" (as Italians often pronounce c's like k's).

    Other than that, interesting vid. It's interesting that in this timeline, history repeats itself given the poor performance of the original M-16 during Vietnam. Also FN typically makes high quality but overpriced gear these days, so its interesting that in this timeline they're the budget option.

    The wiki page talks about the FN RAL, which again, mirrors real history in terms of the M14 and the FN FAL. A channel called Ahoy made a nice video about the history of the FAL if you're curious.

  4. I'm super hyped for this game. I'm glad you are trying to get a jumpstart on lore and information. Good job as an up and coming channel. You gained a subscriber.

  5. i will side with militech every time if corporate agent(woman who interrogates you) will be in romance options lol

  6. I want the former CEO of Militech as a in-game childhood hero. Well I'm bias. Members of my family have served USMC, US Army, and US Navy.

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