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Cyberpunk 2077 – Katanas & Melee Weapons!

Hey Neon Nation welcome back for some more
Cyberpunk. Today we’ll be looking at the Melee Weapons
in Cyberpunk 2077 including Katanas, Mantis Blades, some weapons you might have missed
in the Gameplay demo, modules for melee weapons, what kind of melee weapons we can see from
the pen and paper game 2077 is based on, as well as looking at how the melee system will
work. So if you guys don’t already know Cyberpunk
2077 will feature a fully – fledged Melee combat system. This means melee combat will be complete with
blocks and parries and the ability to stagger or get staggered by your opponent. Looking at this sequence with Trauma Team
in the demo might give you a better idea on how that will look. Kyle Rowley also spoke on how The Witcher
3 will influence Cyberpunk’s melee combat in a recent interview saying “We learned
quite a lot from combat in Witcher 3, and we’re translating that to lessons we learned
in gameplay about how to do melee and try to transfer that to Cyberpunk” “Obviously
it’s very different in the fact that we’re doing it from first-person perspective rather
than from a third person, but the lessons we learned in Witcher, we can translate. Now whether this translates into us being
able to complete the entire game without firing a bullet and using melee only builds could
be anyone’s guess but there are some things we do know. First we have confirmation that Katanas will
be in the game. We can see that in V’s apartment, she has
a weapon bunker with two slots seemingly for Katanas. We also see a Maelstrom ganger drop a sword,
possibly being a Katana after a blunderbuss shot to the torso. Now in the Gamescom Demo, which was slightly
different than the one CD Projekt Red revealed, we learned that there were Katanas with specific
modules, just like the modules and attachments we can add to our guns in the game. The Gamescom Demo Katana had a magnetic field
mod, which was able to deflect bullets away from your character. The long blade could also be paired with all
the movement abilities that we saw, with V sliding across the floor and dismembering
a Maelstrom member. Dismemberment will be a feature associated
in Melee combat. Mantis Blades are also something we have seen
in the game. From the very first Teaser Trailer, to the
poster on Viktors wall, to seeing it in action as a high level ability the Mantis Blades
seem to have evolved slightly from the initial teaser trailer. We see Mantis Blades stylistically look a
little different in the E3 Trailer and the Gameplay demo versus that first Teaser trailer. Does this mean that they’ve gone back to
the drawing board with the design of these blades, or are there a variety of different
types? Now These blades which are based on The Praying
Mantis are not only for slicing and dicing enemies but will also allow us to traverse
walls and scuttle along building sides. We do also see a blunt sword like object being
held by a ganger in a Concept Screenshot at the Club Below Deck. The gameplay segment that correlated to that
concept art image, doesn’t have that weapon however. Let’s move on to Melee Weapons we could
see in Cyberpunk 2077 from the Cyberpunk source material. I think we will see most of the basic melee
weapons like Clubs, knives, brass knuckles and shurikens. Shurikens would my most wanted out of the
basic ones from Cyberpunk 2020 and 2013 because I think they would really add another projectile
based way to play that kind of combines shooting and melee elements together. Night-sticks are the melee weapon of choice
of the police in Night City and are equipped with two hidden extras for dealing with street
scum and thugs. The business end has a taser or hidden mace-sprayer,
that can be set off by a trigger on the side handle. These are manufactured by Excalibur who seem
to make a lot of melee weapons in Night City. Kendachi also has a variety of melee weapons
including whips, katanas, knives and canes. The most interesting however is the M-33 Powersword
which vibrates its molecular crystal blade 2000x per minute. Combined with its microscopically serrated
edge it can inflict some serious damage, even to heavy armour moifications. It seems some of these swords and katanas
in the 2020 universe are better at parrying and counter attacking than others, which could
be reflective in their stats and their rarity in Cyberpunk 2077. Throwing knives are also a part of melee combat
which can be used for up close strikes, or thrown from a distance to disable the enemy. The SlamDance Spawnblade, is a partulcarly
nasty throwing knife which seperates and fans out inside your enemies body. You can also upgrade your wrist cybernetics
to launch the throwing knives at a higher velocity than it can go thrown hand. A Battleglove gauntlet is also available in
2020 and gives you immense crushing and raw punching power. The smartwhip, which is Cyberpunks take on
the Bullwhip would be a neat addition in 2077 as it is essentially half cyberware and half
weapon. You can use a neural link and interface plugs
to connect to a smartwhip, to make it flex or rigid based on your mental control. This introduces some creativity in how you
can approach your enemies. Finally my favorite one out of the group is
the Mystic Technologies Nunchaku Blade which is a 60cm long staff with an extendible blade
on the end. There is a release button on the side that
splits the staff and forms a nunchaku. This has some incredible potential for chaining
combos, which we have seen to a small degree in the gameplay demo, and can really carve
up your opponents. In conclusion I hope 2077 takes Melee combat
seriously. This is a game where we can choose how we
play and CD Projekt Red has stated we can play like a cybernetically enhanced ninja
and assassin if we choose to. This would involve balancing Melee combat
to be just as rewarding and fun as shooting is, and I hope that’s reflective in the
gameplay with the vast array of melee weapons, mods and perks we have. Thanks for watching and as always subscribe
to the arcade for everything Cyberpunk 2077.

64 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Katanas & Melee Weapons!

  1. I want to see how CDPR will deal with the absurd amount of new things that Rockstar has put into Red Dead Redemption 2. The game is wonderful in every way and Cyberpunk 2077 has to be even better them Red Dead Redemption 2.

  2. I wonder if they'll make unarmed as powerful in 2077 as it was in 2020? Martial Arts skills could be OP with the right build.
    There's a gym/fight school in V's apartment building, I wonder if you can train there to raise stats & skills, and earn perks?
    With all these Bhikku Monks walking around, I wonder if we can become Shaolin CyberMonks with mad kung-fu skillz?
    I wonder if there'll be a Bruce Lee connection? And perhaps a Miyamoto Musashi connection too? Mono-Daisho, Perhaps?

  3. I am excited about this. Ever since I saw this image:
    I have been itching to play a character like this. so I am very happy to hear that they are taking melee seriously as a game play option.

  4. Ima use a katana and customize the hell out of my character to look and play like metal gear rising raiden

  5. I like to play as a "breacher" trope. I would love to see a portable/electro shield, so I can use it with one handed guns & cyber machete or maybe cyber gladius (if it's exist in the lore LOL).

  6. But will it be a 100% viable gamestyle or harder than with ranged weapons? Cause in Fallout 4 for example, you can play a melee character but you'll chug down stimpak after stimpak because a regular fight with 3-4 guys shooting at you, is much harder than if you shot back at them too.

  7. I wonder if there will be shops for several different things, like; tattoos, clothes for different areas(leather jackets with more cool stats, or suites for corporative), as well as guns or melee weapons?

  8. Have to go with a futuristic cyber ninja. Imagine Corvo Attano as a silent cyberpunk assassin with a katana, pistols and a sniper.

  9. 0:35 i just realized after watching your last video about clothing and outfits the way you look mite also have different reacts with the medic teams…like high stats and higher fashioned coolness mite change how the medic team will react to you

  10. I didn't followed michael pondsmith's cyberpunk universe but i always find the katana in futuristic settings seems very outlandish and cringy

  11. What the hell, my beautiful country creates a game that everyone's waiting for, and they waste the perfect opportunity to put Polish sabres in it instead of goddamn katanas.
    Seriously, Superhot did it, now Cyberpunk does it, while there's SO much cool, unknown historical weapons, HEMA is on the rise, and everyone still can only see katana, which can't even kill anything in real life.

  12. Underrated channel, deserves more than just 6.7k subs. i hope you reach least 1m subs when cyberpunk comes out. and btw i am a fan. 😛

  13. If it's possible, I'll apply the great majority of upgrades to machines rather than to my character. This is so that I can be an adaptive machinist to employ robots for all purposes from stealth and reconnaissance to shooting and swinging at targets.

  14. Love me a taser-type Excalibur Nightstick, taking down some cyber creep, whose going on a murderous rampage, by shocking him and then beating the daylights out of the creep.

  15. "Melee combat being transferred from the Witcher 3" Such a simple and amazing thing and they're the first company to do it…. lol.

  16. Already got my character planned out. Brown trench coat, cowboy hat, katana at his side, complete right arm replacement to enhance draw speed and strength. Cybernetic eye implants to slow down time for precision cuts.

    Going Cowboy Samurai Cyborg

  17. Fucking polearms? So fucking hype, I'm honestly going to make a female guts on my first play thru

  18. Once you notice the popping sound in your videos (can't tell if it's the mic, desk bumps, or the bgm), it becomes all you can hear….

  19. I gonna do a gunslinger/samurai character for maximum DPS or a Hacker CyberKnight Tank. The possibilities are endless.

  20. A quartz crystal like the kind in your CPU vibrates 32768 times per second, for a powersword to vibrate 2000 times a minute is really not very much.

  21. I really hope you can just be a super fast-sword wielding badass!!! I wanna be like afro samurai and Minato Namimaze!!!!

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