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Cyberpunk 2077 – ACPA & Power Armor Weapons!

What’s going on Neon Nation and welcome
back to the Neon Arcade for some more Cyberpunk 2077. Today we are going over Part 2 of our ACPA
and Power Armor series. Today we’re going to get really specific and talk
about ACPA weapons If you missed part 1, check the description
or pinned comment for that episode. Just like the actual flesh and bone Edgerunners
and Cyberpunks in 2020 ACPAs have a large variety of weapons. Starting with melee weapons we have the heavy
bladed weapons, including axes and swords which can’t be wielded effectively by an
unpowered human. Some trooper pilots carry these ACPA blades as a mark of
distinction or honor, and these blades have the ability to penetrate hard and soft armors. The most common model of bladed weapons is
the trooper sword, which sports a classic medieval crusader design. It weighs more than several times that of
a normal sword but is still just as sharp as say a good combat knife. Heavy blunt weapons are very similar but are
made at a lower quality production and have less potential for armor piercing as theirbladed
counter-part weapons. Large power saws which sport a powered disk
or chain saw with very sharp hardened alloy teeth and retractable mono swords which are
lighter than trooper swords are options for ACPAs looking to up their
hand to hand and brawly combat potential. Next, we have machine guns and heavy rifles,
which have become the standard primary weapons in ACPA combat in 2020 and can wound a trooper
in armor with a well-placed shot. Most rifles can be enclosed on the arms, or
external on the arms or torso as well as being handled with 2 hands Externally you can
choose to protect it with armored pods or housing units. The 12.7 mm HMG is a vehicular heavy machine
gun, whilst the 13.9mm rifle is a rare rifle based on a .55 caliber anti-tank weapon used
between the world wars called the Boys AT-Rifle. The 14.5 mm KPV is a massive machine gun and
one of the most devastating anti-ACPA weapons ever used. Featuring a very high ROF, this weapon was the
largest machine gun made by the Russians and originally mounted on vehicles. The 12.7mm Gatling gun is a weapon usually
mounted onto AVs and Helicopters whose multi-round penetration can drop even the hardiest suit of power armor The EMG-85 4mm Railgun has immense power requirements
but cannot be matched in its penetration and firepower. Experimental weapons are typically used in
ACPAs due to the nature of their exotic design and functionality, and although Beam weapons
are limited to primarily space use, there are a couple that function great on ACPAs. A painting laser can be used to spot for
laser-guided weaponry, which comes in handy for other units on the battlefield. We also have the Meta-Armson “Photon”
Assault Cannon, the first combat laser weapon to see field use. Power is provided by a backpack superconductor
battery and damage here can be varied by adjusting the amount of power used. Next, we have scatter-packs which are light
weight weapons which use explosive charges to fire an area-filling cone of ammo. There are also special restrictions on firing
scatter packs and firing one in a location not recognized in a militarized zone can lead
to a suspension and investigation of the trooper or soldier behind it. Some examples of scatter packs are the BRP
battledress Ripple Flechette pack, which holds clusters of explosive charges in separate
tubes which can be fired simultaneously in a 60 degree cone, BFCWA Flechetter Clouds,
which fire needle projectiles in a wider cone, and the BIM Minelets volley, which sends a
60 degree cone of mini mines, to damage infantry unfortunate enough to walk on them. There are also more traditional scatter packs
filled with smoke, rubber or chemical pellets and even a pyrotechnics package for colorful
firecracker-esque diversions. Second only to heavy rifles, ACPA- portable cannons
are often used on the PA battlefield. Most are designed as a bullpup battle pack
which makes the large weapons easier to handle. The 20mm Rifle is the most common, but options
like the 27-30 mm autocannon, the EMG-83 improved railgun, and the 75mm recoilless cannon are
options if you are looking to beef up your ACPA setup. Rockets & missiles are the true heavy arms
which are mainly strapped onto Aerial vehicles and helicopters and have extreme destructive
capabilities perfect for full military operations. All these weapons by the way require some sort of targeting
capabilities. The IFAR is a folding fin aerial rocket and
has been in use since the Korean conflict. This is a single shot tube mounted on the
arm or on the back of the PA and is intended for medium-hard targets. There are also 3-pod and 6-pod variants. The Law 3 is an anti-tank system designed
to punch through armor and is one of the more common types of rockets when it comes to power
armor. The Light anti-tank guided missile is massively
larger and is capable of stopping most AFV’s on the battlefield. ACPAs can also carry smaller arms like anti-personnel
weaponry, including miniguns and auto shotguns, and grenade launchers which can deal with
infantry or other ACPAs and can be modified to incorporate incendiary grenades and white
phosphorous amongst other things. Thanks for watching guys and for more Cyberpunk join Neon Nation by subscribing to The Neon Arcade.

44 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – ACPA & Power Armor Weapons!

  1. be cyberpunk. all high tech implants and metallic bodyparts. encased into metal and ceramic alloy walking suit of armor.
    carry a sharp japanese stick as a weapon. because sometimes cool and street cred outweigh practicality 👌

  2. I hope you see this! 😊 I am hoping that in your upcoming Q&A video you will add my question. ❤️(about the censorship because of Sony’s new policy) Keep up the great work 😊 ❤️

  3. Cyberpunk 2077 – ACPAs + Power Armor Part 1!


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  4. Hey neon, do u know if we’ll be able to dual wield melee weapons and guns? Like I wanna have a samurai sword in one hand and a pistol in the other

  5. I'd like to have power armor that lets my V run faster, jump higher, and carry a huge sword. Cyberninja power armor!

  6. Thank you NeonArcade for great lore-fills to those who like us, who aren't much aware of all the stuff surrounding the tech in this Universe

  7. I currently playing the outer world and I really surprised how much depth in dialogue. But seriously I waiting only one and only one game Cyberpunk 2077 and I hope this game surprised everyone.

  8. Somehow I don't see most of this stuff making it into the game. The guy would be unstoppable, from Geralt to Dragon.

  9. I'm just here to say that I read "ACPAS" (from the first video) as "alpacas", which would really add to gameplay IMO 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Its all cool but theres no way we will be able to own our own acpa that we can use whenever we want. Maybe “liner frames” with one or two of the weapons shown here but sadly I think almost all of this stuff will be beyond the scope of the game.

  11. I suddenly have an idea for an ACPA-bladed weapon build: Emily Blunt/Rita Vrataski/Angel of Verdun from "Edge of Tomorrow"

  12. I feel like a dumbass for asking this question, but are we gonna pilot the power armor in the entire game!?

  13. I dont like big power armor. Maybe a nanotech cloth like a samurai "dress" would look prety awesome. But big square plate armor dosent fell right to me. Keep up the good work. Hugs.

  14. Hopefully we can get some of those, a Sniper Railgun would be dope af, pair that with a miniaturized rocket launcher inside your arms for massive room clean.

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