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Customize your Marlin .22LR rifle!

Let’s say that you’re out at the range. You’ve
got your Marlin rimfire .22 and you’re getting your shoot on. And suddenly, a guy comes up
on the range and he’s got a tricked-out Ruger 10/22. And you look at it, and it’s got mods
that are beyond belief. And you’re thinking to yourself, “Wow! I wonder if I could do
that with my Marlin rimfire?” And the answer is: you can actually do a lot of mods with
a Marlin rimfire rifle. And that’s coming up next on Mostly22LR. Hey everybody, Rob Rosenberger here for Mostly22LR.
Before we go over to the rifles and show you some of the things that you can do to a Marlin
rimfire, I want to give a big shout-out to the Ruger 10/22 community. It is through their
efforts and their love for their rifles that we’ve got basically everything that you see
for the Marlins, for the Mossbergs, for the Savages, and even– the Remingtons. Everything
that you can think of in .22LR basically has descended from the Ruger 10/22. They’ve got
a whole subindustry that you can do to modify your rifle to make it “your” rifle. And with
that said, thank you very much for the Ruger 10/22s; thank you very much to the community.
Let’s go check out these Marlin rifles now. Okay, so we have three Marlin rifles on the
table here. They’re all .22 long rifle. These are all in my personal collection. And they’re
all model XT-22s, but that really doesn’t matter. What we’re talking about when we come
to customizations can really be done to pretty much any rimfire in the contemporary Marlin
lineup. That includes the model 60 the model 70 the 795 the 925 anything in the 800 series and of course the model 39A. If you can, if you can find it in the contemporary
rimfire line in the Marlin series, you can make these kind of mods to it. So let’s go ahead and begin with the first
one. Obviously, we’ll take a look at this: this one’s got a new stock on it. This one
started life as a Marlin XT-22SR. The ‘S’ stands for stainless and the ‘R’ stands for
synthetic stock like you would see here. Now, I’ve deleted the synthetic stock and I put
on a Boyd’s Gunstock Industries “SS Evolution” stock. It’s a really aggressive stock and
I picked the ‘Apple Jack’ color scheme for it. I could’ve picked any number of color
schemes including ‘Royal Jacaranda’; I could’ve picked ‘Forest Camo.’ But what I was going
for here was a red, white, and black motif. It’s kind of like The White Stripes color
scheme. (If you’re a fan of the, of the, the band The White Stripes, you know that color
scheme all too well.) And so with the ‘Apple Jack’ stock I’ve really got that red, white,
and black that I was looking for. Now, one of the things that you can do with
your wooden stock is you can go ahead and get some tattoo work done. This is done with
laser. You could take this to pretty much any trophy shop and you can tell them what
you want to do. Give them their designs and they’ll put these on your rifle. And I’ve
got a– I’ve got a tattoo done on the other side of this rifle as well. So, this is just
one thing that you can do. And Boyd’s Gunstock Industries is not the
only gunstock out there for the Marlin lineup. You’ll also find the ATI “Dragunov” stock
if you’re looking for a really aggressive, kind of ‘sniper’ kind of stock. And these
are just some of the things you can do with your stock. Now, one thing that you have to do if you
go with a synthetic stock — look here carefully — you see that this synthetic stock has a
molded trigger guard. When you switch to wood, you’re going to need a replacement trigger
guard, and this comes from Diversified Innovative Products. Now, I could’ve bought the OEM trigger
guard from Marlin. But I decided to go with, with Diversified Innovative Products because
they have a better trigger guard in my humble opinion. It’s costs a few pennies more, but
when you’re willing to put a $100 stock on your rifle, why not go with a couple of bucks–
I think it’s about $25, and you can go with this and say “Yep, I was so adamant about
coming up with a custom stock that I even got a custom trigger guard for it.” It’s just
one more way that you can make it sound like “your” rifle. And since I mentioned Diversified Innovative
Products with their replacement trigger guard, you gotta go ahead and talk about this Picatinny
rail right here, also from Diversified Innovative Products. (I’ll include a link to them in
the description.) This is a really beautiful Picatinny rail. It’s better, I think, than
just the simple Weaver scope bases that you can put on here, because I’ve got all sorts
of options now that I can use for this rifle. I can switch out from my rings here, take
off this scope, put on a GoPro camera. I could put on a red dot, a laser, holographic sight.
I could put a flashlight on this if I wanted to! It’s all available to me because I have
these Picatinny rails. And of course, once you’ve got a Picatinny
rail, it’s time to decide what kind of options you’ve got. And one of the options I opted
for, are quick-detach rings. You can see right here, all it takes is a– just a screwdriver
(use the appropriate screwdriver of course) and this will come right off. So you don’t
have to really re-dope your scope once you put it back on. It’ll be very easy for you
to get right back to zero once you take this off. Why would you take it off? Well, you
might put a GoPro camera on here. Or you might decide to switch to, you know, something tactical
like a red dot or a laser. You can– your options are basically unlimited once you put
a Picatinny rail on a Marlin rimfire rifle. So, I recommend highly going with some sort
of ring system that’s way better than the dovetail rings that people go with if you
want to make this “your” rifle. And, last but not least for this rifle: some
custom threading from Innovative Arms in Elgin, South Carolina. Any gunsmith is probably capable
of doing this. Notice here that Marlin was smart enough to recess this, this front sight
just enough so that they could put the threading on here without losing the original crown.
We didn’t have to cut anything off of here; we just simply milled it for threading. Now,
this end right here has been Parkerized (this thread protector) keeping in mind that I wanted
to keep with a red– red, white, and black motif, kind of like my “White Stripes” motif.
So that’s just some of the things you can do to a rifle. And let’s go on to the next
one. Now let’s talk about the rifle in the middle
here. Again, this one– it could be any rifle. This one just happens to be a model XT-22RZ.
All the ‘Z’ means is that it was factory threaded. The ‘R’ means that it has a synthetic stock,
and I like the synthetic stock; there’s nothing wrong with it. The only real thing that I’ve
done to customize this is I’ve put a Picatinny rail on it from Diversified Innovative Products.
(Again, look in the description for details on them.) But this Picatinny rail has a very
special quality: it has a 25 MOA cant. What that means is, is that I don’t have to torque
the vertical in order to get a 200 yard zero on this rifle. And this rifle is zeroed for
200 yards using — listen to me closely — subsonic ammunition. I’m not shooting fast stuff. I’m
shooting slow stuff with a big ol’ arc and I’ve– thanks to this 25 MOA cant, I don’t
have to crank this turret to get that zeroed properly. So this scope is in alignment very
well with the barrel and the turret is not cranking that inner tube to try and “argh!”
to get it to 200 yards. So, if you’re looking to shoot very long distances at something
(especially targets or varmints or something like that), this 25 MOA cant is the way to
go, and it comes from Diversified Innovative Products. “…And that is a very special Picatinny rail:
it has a 25 MOA cant and it comes from Diversified Innovative Products. And we’ve got a Mueller
25 power scope. And we are going to be shooting to 200 yards…” And here at the top we’ve got a simple Marlin
XT-22R. But we’ve done something interesting to it. Something that you can do to a model
795, you can do it to certain other rifles as well in the Marlin lineup. And that is,
we’ve cut the barrel down to 16.5″. Innovative Arms did the custom cutting for me. They threaded
it, of course; they re-crowned it. And I’ve added on here the Innovative Arms suppressor,
that’s the “Apex” suppressor for .22 long rifle. And if you notice here — I’m gonna
show you this just so that you see it — my trigger is right on the orange, my trigger
is right on the orange, my trigger is right on the orange. And let’s go ahead and go back
up here and you can see that, even with the suppressor on here, it’s actually just a little
bit shorter. It’s about 1″ shorter than the regular 22″ barrel that you would get with
a Marlin XT-22. Now, this is really nice for when I want to just go out and plink. It’s
a fantastic rifle. I can take that suppressor with me. I can go into, ah, some lightly wooded
areas, or I can go into some fields where I would have a tough time carrying this rifle,
and it really comes out handling very well. This is a lightweight suppressor from Innovative
Arms; adds very little weight to it. As a matter of fact I’ve actually cut the weight
by taking all this stainless steel– or, not stainless steel– blued steel off and putting
on basically an aluminum suppressor. So this is just one more thing that you can do to
a rifle — a Marlin rifle — to make it “your” rifle. People look at mine now and they go
“wow, that’s a pretty short rifle, you know!” Well, I don’t have a tax for it. It’s 16.5″,
it is legal to own without a tax stamp. And it is “my” rifle. Now, this isn’t all you can do to a Marlin
rimfire rifle. If you go out to NutNfancy’s channel, for example, you’ll see he’s got
two Marlins that he’s tricked out. One has a Duracoat across it, absolutely gorgeous
to look at, and the other one has a new custom trigger. Check with your gunsmith: I’m sure
he’ll be able to tell you all sorts of cool things that he can do as well to a contemporary
Marlin .22LR rifle. There’s just any number of things that you can do. And once again,
I want to give a big shout-out to the Ruger 10/22 community for trickling down all the
cool things that we’ve got for Marlins and Savages and Mossbergs and, and Remingtons
and you name it. If it’s a .22LR, there’s a lot you can do to make it “yours.” I’m Rob
Rosenberger for Mostly22LR. And remember: .22LR is real ammunition. Treat it as such.

46 thoughts on “Customize your Marlin .22LR rifle!

  1. Nice video! I have the Xt22 (.22lr) with the standard wood stock non threaded barrel and rim fire groove scope setup shooting about 2.5" spread with high velocity ammo @200 yards. I like the scope base you have….I'm thinking about converting to weaver scope bases. I use my rifle more for squirrel hunting though …have a bunch of videos using my rifle so check them out!

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  11. They also make quick change scope rings with pickitiny rails on the top half of the scope rings for camera , flash light etc. so you don't have to remove the scope.

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