100 thoughts on “Custom Leather Holster Making // Saddle Style // Pancake Style // How It’s Made

  1. Wow this is so cool video I love it and love the work on leather very smooth nice original professional u name it and we don't see this now days all we got China shity work. Thanks for the video everybody in USA should support this hand work really and its big shame if gun holders don't buy and order this beautiful leather. Love from Canada

  2. great video..I was going to laser cut my own.. but after watching. I think I just might buy one of these instead.. he could be the next Sean Connery impersonator.

  3. Finally, a 30 min You tube video that Genuinely has ZERO time wasting in it!! This man is not only incredibly skilled in his craft, but also skilled in being succinct in his descriptions and so wonderfully relevant in all the tips and information he describes! Plus his voice is just wonderful to listen to taboot! <3

  4. Goddamn, that is some beautiful work. So much inspiration for things I want to do. Very informative and THANK YOU!

  5. People be carful of this man. His voice will capture and enchant you. Oh well, I'm going to buy leather now. This man just convinced me into thinking I'm a professional at making leather holster. VERY GOOD video/guy…

  6. Awesome I wish I had all the machines I do it by hand totally by hand but I don't come close to the finishing job he does minor functional but not as pretty

  7. I don't know how anyone could thumbs down this video… not only did he cover the topic COMPLETELY and in depth, but it's almost as awesome as listening to Sean Connery…

  8. I always wondered what it would sound like if you took James Earl Jones voice and the Movie voice guy and smashed them together…you would get this dudes voice…. :O)

  9. what bottom feeder disliked this video!!!!! 277 dislikes!?!?!? those people can go suck on something large…..this knowledge is priceless!!

  10. What an amazing gentleman, that makes an incredible product. I am ordering one as we speak!!! Great work sir, and great video work, keep up the great work, both of you guys!

  11. This is the video that inspired me to start leather working it was so soothing to watch and I figured it would be soothing to do.LET ME TELL YOU WHAT!!! The first few times is relaxing when you are doing the stitching and whatnot but my god it is stressful when you mess up especially at the end

  12. been doing my own leather work for years . this video has really shown me easier ways of each process and shed light on the matter. thank you Hank and the gentleman Leather Crafter.

  13. I have a couple of 1911 and I will love to have both of them suited with their own holster.
    How can I make contact with this gentleman to place the order?

  14. What a wonderful video very well done I was wondering where mr. Andrews got the red exacto knife handle and if there was a particular size blade he uses thanks for your time Simon

  15. I really like leather and wood and steel. It's really hard to find because what you see most nowadays is plastic plastic and more plastic. Plastic is not pretty not by a long shot. Thanks you Hank Strange !

  16. I have gone through the comments looking for my question being asked and I seem to cant find it. I find more comments of guys in love with this mans voice than anything else. Great video! Very Informative! I am starting to learn leather work particularly leather holsters for myself and friends, but I like to have to best tools for whatever I do. Can someone tell me what brand and model of knife is being used to cut the leather is? I have looked online, but for the life of me I cant find it. Thank you again for a AWESOME VIDEO!!!

  17. Hi Sam
    I am new to holster making and have read about Making Pancake /Saddle Holsters.
    I have also read about Making a Flat back style and a 50/50 style.
    Is the Pancake/Saddle style you are making in this video a flat back style?
    Would this be a 100% flatback style or more of a say a 75/25 type of style?

    Is there any advantage /disadvantage to using lighter weights of leather cemented together instead of using one piece Leather
    Say 2 of 3/4 Oz for the front and 2 of the 3/4 OZ for the Back compared to say 1 piece of 7 oz in the front and 1 piece of 7 oz in the back ?

    Thank you much for sharing your knowledge and experience

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