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Custom Hunting Rifle: Full Curl by In-Rut

Coming in hot you missed another shelling
Todd Helms here with Eastman’s to bring you a review on the full curl in rut
rifle and tell you why you need to be looking at this for your next sheep
rifle so in rut is a custom rifle manufacturer and what I’ve got here
today is the in rut full curl model this is their sheep rifle this rifle is going
to tip the scales without scope and completely empty right between six six
and a half pounds depending on caliber this one I’ve got here today is the 28
Nosler super-potent round it’s gonna cover any sheep situation that you find
yourself in for sure lots of cool features on the in rut
rifles one of the things that you’re going to notice right away the spiral
fluted bolt it’s got a jeweled trigger and they don’t just slap the trigger in
there this puppy is finely tuned there is zero creep it is ultra crisp this
one’s set right about two-and-a-half pounds maybe just a shade under three
and it’s just one more factor that’s going to help you be extremely accurate
another thing that I want to show you about this rifle is the shadow line
cheek piece you don’t see that very often on a synthetic stock trifle this
is a feature you see on wood rifles this is the in rut stock but you have a
choice of three different types of stocks you have a Bell and Carlson
option and an HS precision option as well this particular rifle that I have
here today is seer coded so you’re not gonna have to worry about rust you’re
not gonna have to worry about the elements really affecting this rifle
this is sited in take it on your hunt don’t worry about it type a rifle you’re
gonna barely notice this thing is there with scope full of shells it’s gonna tip
scales just a touch over seven and a half pounds we put this one on the
postal scale back in the back office at work and it was just a shade under eight
pounds that is light for a magnum rifle part of that is the construction of your
carbon fiber stock and it’s had a lot of extra materials cut away from it your
bolt is spiral fluted your barrel is fluted for increased surface area for
cooling not a rifle you’re gonna shoot a lot and a lot and a lot it’s not meant
for that this rifle is meant to help you put on miles in the high country looking
for sheep but we wanted to shoot it because in rut claims that they won’t
ship a rifle unless it shoots half MOA at a hundred yards in under 30 caliber
and over 30 caliber right at an MOA if they flat won’t ship it to you so far
today we’ve put about a half dozen rounds downrange it’s where it should be
and what personally I would expect from in rut well considering with a wind has kicked up
tremendously to hit a 10 inch steel plate at 300 yards right now and this
wind that’s pretty good what makes this rifle so accurate is a
handful of things that work together number one this is a defiance action
in rut offers you your choice of a blue printed Remington Model 700 action or
the defiance action this is the defiance rebel action another factor in the
outstanding accuracy of this rifle is the match grade stainless steel cut
rifle barrel extremely accurate components that all work together to
make sure that you have when you get this thing a rifle that is going to
provide years and years and years of flawless accurate use you can get into
the in rut full curl for right about forty six hundred and fifty dollars
depending on options you obviously have your choice of caliber you have your
choice of barrel length you have your choice of stock you’re gonna have to go
to in ruts website and check it out for yourself to build your own custom rifle
right on their website well worth your time well worth the look because I tell
you what if I was going on a sheep hunt I’d want this rifle with me we got our
introduction to in rut rifles a couple years ago when Scott Reekers actually did
a review on an in rut rifle that in six five to eighty four Norma that’s on our
YouTube channel Eastman’s YouTube channel go ahead and check that out so
you’ve got two different reviews to compare I want the person making the
rifle to be a hunter and the owners at in rut and makers of these rifles are
hunters they know what it takes to make a hunting rifle not just something
you’re gonna set up on sandbags and shoot steel with in a competition these
are true hunting rifles and the performance today man if that carries
over on a hunt which I know it will is going to be very very impressive and
this rifle is going to put a lot of meat in the freezer
a lot of bone on the wall be sure to head on over and check out the rest of
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5 thoughts on “Custom Hunting Rifle: Full Curl by In-Rut

  1. LOOKS LIKE A BEAUTY! A great rifle for Alaskan Dall sheep or Mountain Goat. Drew Goat hunt this year and looking forward to filming it and posting on our channel!

  2. I’m all for new companies coming into the market. However, I don’t see/hear anything that justifies this rifle costing more than a New Ultra Light Arms rifle. NULA rifles are lighter with the same accuracy guarantee. NULA rifles have hand formed fully bedded carbon fiber stocks to your preferred size and color plus threaded barrel and open sight options for the barrel. I just don’t see how this rifle delivers more for the cost.

  3. I appreciate the good review and while that looks like a fabulous rifle, the $4,600 cost just majorly turns me off. We shouldn't have to pay that much for a 400 to 500 yard back country animal slayer, in my opinion. I am however very much interested in you guys doing reviews on rifles in the sub $1,500 price point that would be a close alternative in performance for more budget minded hunters. This sport has gone way too far into the ultra rich man's game side of things. Time we dialed it back and looked at not going into crazy debt just to go play outdoors each fall. Thanks.

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