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Cube-Shaped Bullets – Your Predictions are FUTILE!

make it so! Hi everyone this is jeff of TAOFLEDERMAUS Several viewers have asked me to try to shoot a slug that is a
cube-shaped so we came up with this design we call it the BORG bullet The
slug is made out of lead i actually made a mold and cast them myself this sides measure half an inch and the
slug weights 9/10th of an ounce or 24 grams one of the big problems is a
square peg doesn’t fit into a round hole very efficiently as you see there’s a
lot of wasted space but since we are more concerned about the diagonal
measurement that’s the largest size key by can
actually fit into a 12-gauge shotgun i posted a photo of these slugs on my
Facebook page last week and it gave me a pretty good idea what people thought a
cube slug would do absolutely zero people said it would be accurate – since they didn’t have hindsight like you do right now. some people said it would become lodged
in the barrel and a couple people said the gun would actually blow up and we
will be shooting is through a rifle choke so inside that shot cup which is acting
like a sabo is the slug and the edges of the cube are kind of acting like little
rails very minimal barrel contact but enough to create a spin at least that’s the theory at this point
so in your mind how do you think these will perform will be able to hit the
broad side of a barn with them today we’re shooting the board bullet and our
first target over here gordy the flooring so you think or you can take the rounds
or not man who knew now people are always saying hey you
need to put a laser on your gun because we can’t tell what you’re a minute what
he’s aiming at that little white piece of tape there and he came extremely
close to hitting it now the slug is tumbling at a very high rate of speed
but for a 15 to 20 yard shot like that that’s not bad at all that’s in fact better than some of the
factory slugs that we’ve shot so maybe this is just a a rare fluke so
let’s continue on now the reason it didn’t go through the
dummy is because he was wearing a blaster proof vest he wasn’t a dummy after all Romulan ale
and gage oh cool it was a magic mountain there this of
course was another good shot nice accurate center shot the slug went right
through this 5-gallon jug of water and then continued on I didn’t see a whole
lot of hydrostatic shock other than just blowing the cap off of it though so
maybe this is just another case of luck or a fluke because a cube slug should not be
aerodynamically sound and it certainly should not be accurate and why hasn’t
the gun blown up yet wil wheaton you have a young cadet some
Kardashian love fruit Oh lovely and Romulan love fruit excuse
me also from the Kardashians ed page looks
like I know styled watermelon to me i would say good
effect on target captain now remember I did that survey last week
on facebook and everyone’s prediction was either disaster or just terrible
performance so if you’re honest with yourself you’re
probably as surprised as we were at the results of these things now several of us actually thought these
would make a weird sound is a flooded through the air so far we haven’t heard that make it so
cool now you’ve probably seen the experiment
where you kick a string and tie it on a like a wooden ruler and spinning through
the air and makes a sound right that’s kind of what’s going on here the
slug hit the lead plate flattened out and spun at a high rate making that
sound but it really wasn’t flying very fast in fact that was able to track it and
see where it landed most mushroom a little bit like to see roundabout seem
to be somewhat accurate it’s amazingly is that a cote did you know that in real life he’s a
professional boxer is really yeah i was about to get a rocker and he really is
the less he’s also an actor the last movie was in
he played himself in the hangover otay go for it ok that’s not mike tyson i was joking so we’ve got to ask ourselves why are
these accurate that’s because first of all it’s made
out of lead and it’s very dense and it carries a lot of inertia also they are symmetrical and balance so in many ways you can actually compare
these two a LED sphere which is also symmetrical and balance and that is why
as odd as it seemed these are accurate his head backwards I
found like this ok taking dr. McCoy yeah you’re going for the head right I was actually was ok start impressive in person impressive there you have it folks a functional cube slug I don’t know if
anyone’s ever attempted that I bet they have but probably won’t find anything on
youtube I want to show everyone how i made these slugs i use this dirhams
rock-hard party to make a name I’m old and it held up well to the heat
and me wrap and i like that i made a total of twelve slugs and cherry pick
the best ones that had the fewest flaws and all that i just want to show the people that have
donated and support me on patreon that i’m using their money for good things i
have a very small budget it’s all about using your creativity the
best you can so you don’t have to spend that much
money that’s my philosophy what about people offer to send me stuff
which is kind of expensive to ship so with patreon we can combine you know
everyone’s dollar and I can actually buy it on ebay or wherever now the word on the street is that
chicks really dig a guy wearing a towel Fledermaus tactical gummy bear t-shirt
and of course you can also get a mug or a phone thingy case thing when you buy
these things you’re actually supporting the channel and help us create even
better content

100 thoughts on “Cube-Shaped Bullets – Your Predictions are FUTILE!

  1. In the late 1600 early 1700s some European Mediterranean countries tried making cube and pyramid bullet because round projectiles were considered to humane for Muslims

  2. Since they are so accurate why not try to improve on them. Hollow points? Where there is a divot on all sides? More dense? Hotter? You may be on to something

  3. What would happen if you made a broadhead slug that helped stabilize itself in the air and created a wider entry wound

  4. It would be interesting to see the ballistics of cubes in subsonic vs supersonic. I would guess that a cube with sharp edges would make a more damaging wound channel than a round ball.

  5. If you are familiar with a channel called Cap and Ball he did some accuracy and gelatin tests between cut lead which is square to rectangular pieces of lead vs. ball in a muzzle loader. The cut lead loads were surprisingly accurate and powerful. It was exceedingly easy to cast the cut lead.

  6. The earliest use of cube shot that I have heard of was I think isreal I at least know they were Jew/Christian and that the purpose originaly was more pain for Turks and belief that a separate shape round for Muslims than for your own people. I had also heard many shapes were tested

  7. According to Puckle who invented the Puckle gun square bullets work best on Turks and other Infidels. Everyone laughed at him perhaps he was right

  8. Back in the 19th century, a British inventor and gunsmith named Puckle, invented a primitive black powder machine gun, called the “Puckle gun”, unsurprisingly. It is notable because it had two magazines. One fired normal round bullets, and the other one fired square bullets, just like the ones you are testing. The round bullets were for use against “Christians”, and the square ones were for use against the Ottomans, who were causing trouble at the time. Don’t believe me? Gun Jesus at Forgotten Weapons will back me up!

  9. Just when I thought this channel couldn't get any cooler than it already is, I find this video. Combining my love of shooting and Star Trek. Fabulous, Jeff!

  10. If you had a square barrel with a twist to give the slug gyroscopic stability it might be even more accurate. The Civil War Whitman rifle used a hexagonal slug like that and was used by snipers.

  11. That comical headspin on the doll after getting socked by a lead slug was almost as amazing as it being seemingly unaffected afterword. That was perfect.

  12. I heard somewhere that Richard Gatling wanted his weapon to be used with cube shaped ammunition for shooting heathens, though it may have been James Puckle.

  13. They used to use square bullets back in the day some army's any ways but not on Christians but on Islamic people

  14. Star Trek Voyager meets The Exorcist! At least Chakote didn't puke up a river of split pea soup…

  15. So I'm shooting cubes out of a couple of my Trebuchet this weeked. I'll post a video. Lower speeds, 250-300fps, and with back spin, 400-1000rpm. They should go pretty good. They should produce magnus, and fly pretty well.

  16. try a miniaturized "golf ball" with little indentations on it. No matter which dent hits, you should maybe have a hollow-point expansion.

  17. "We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

  18. Used to be an acceptable back up in the days of the arqubus, I'm sure I'm spelling that wrong. It was called a cut ball. They don't fly straight or penetrate well, but they occasionally make a massive wound cavity

  19. Need to redo this, but with steel cubes instead of lead. And some longer range shots. 25 yard increments with the high speed camera until its completely useless, lol.

  20. Wow, you think the air is thick? Set up a water tank with submersed cameras and a polarized lighting system and let's see it there.

  21. Oh no, I'm thumbsdowning just for that guy at the beginning of the vid saying Gordy's name wrong… It's not a hard G in either first or last name. C'mon man!!

  22. The cube is in the wad, therefor it will spiral like an oridinary bullet and have accurate shots up to 15 meters, and the projectile is still in the wad

  23. Incredible. It seems like every time one of these slugs are going to do something really interesting, like the prince rupert drops, it ends up being really boring. Then, the slugs you're sure won't work and give boring results end up performing really well.

  24. You should get some 3d printed plastic sabots to load around the cube, might make them more accurate

  25. Here's a fun fact

    There actually was a military that used hand cut lead cubes (technically 3D rectangles) as well as round balls and there's little to no difference between the two

  26. that last one was amazing the piece of plastic that was spinning really fast that it was floating was really cool exp in slow-mo wonder what that was maybe the casing holding the slug…?

  27. The four corners in spin cause aerodynamic synergistic positive n negative wind flow pressures actually contributing to stability, speed, and range. Maybe?

  28. for the ones who are wondering cube shape bullets are actually used in warfare with musket, it was used because it gave more damage to the person who are shot giving a horrendous entry wound and would sometimes fragment inside the body while taking some cloth in too and could cause severe infection. It's basically you die from the initial impact or you would die from infection afterwards because of how large and deep the wound would be, most doctors at the time was unable to treat such a severe wound.
    the difference between a round ball bullet and a cube one is the speed and how it react once it hits a person, a round ball bullet would usually over pen a person leaving a hole instead of a lead block and shrapnel stuck in the victims body. these cube shape bullet were used (To my knowledge) against the turks as the phrase "round ball for a european and a cube for the turks".
    in today's standard these type of bullets are ban and considered a warcrime for modern warfare.

  29. As for your issue with the square peg in a round hole, homosexuals do it can do it bro pop that slug in the shell

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