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CS:GO’s Weapon skins explained (As of November 2016)

In CS:GO, weapon skins are split into two
categories: WEAPON CASES and COLLECTIONS. The collections are all Valve made skins. I’ll only briefly cover them in this video, but there’s a collection for almost every
map. That even includes a lot of the fake armsrace
ones that nobody plays! There are also a couple of exclusive collections
that were released as part of the operations, like the GODS AND MONSTERS collection. The rarity grades of these weapons are typically
lower than with the weapon cases. The older collections often only range from
‘Consumer Grade’ up to ‘Restricted’, but newer maps and collections do go all the
way to ‘Covert’, with the Dragon Lore being one such example. Normally these skins are just dropped for
completing missions and whatnot. However, spectating large CS:GO tournaments
will drop souvenirs, which act a bit like cases but can be opened
right away without needing a key. These will only contain the weapon skins in
the map collection that was being played at the
time. Now onto the Weapon Cases. There are currently 21 weapon cases that combined
contain a total of 305 different weapon skins. These cases can only be unlocked with a key
that you have to pay for and the weapons inside start at military grade
and go all the way up to covert. Of these 305 weapon skins here are 119 military
spec, 88 restricted, 61 classified and 37 covert graded skins. Obviously, you hope to get covert grade, though there are occasions where lower grades
can be more valuable. Most of the Weapon Case skins are made by
the community, but 88 of them were made by Valve. They did ALL of the skins for these 6 skin
collections. I guess they get all of the money from the
3 vanilla ‘Weapon Cases’, and share the money from the esports cases
with the gaming scene. They also did 2 skins for the Revolver collection, since that was when the weapon was first released
and there were no community ones to pick from. To date, the R8 only has 5 custom skins; 2
originally made by Valve, 2 also made by Valve but included in the Dust2
and Bank map collections, and only 1 by the community. For every weapon skin included in the collections,
it earns the developer around $40,000. Which is nice. I mean, this is all based on estimates but
if the math is true it means that Valve has paid over $8,000,000 out to community
members so far, just from weapon skins. And a lot of them
have managed to get more than one accepted! The most successful has been Coridium, with 14 submissions accepted into these collections
alone. Tying for 2nd place with 9 accepted submissions
each are Algis and NextgenZ. You can see from here how it trails off after
that. I was surprised by how few accepted submissions
the top people had, I swore I saw their names time and time again
when documenting this. Turns out that 46 people have only had one
submission accepted and 45 have 2 or more. BUT! It’s never that simple. There are always outliers and exceptions to
mess up my attempts at documenting this, and skins are no exception. For example, many skins have more than one
maker. And occasionally it looks like an account
like FACEIT will claim a user’s skin. Possibly for brand promotion. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I’m
sure it’s all agreed on by the skin makers. But I’ve chosen to list the skins by whoever
has it in their workshop and I’m sure some people will say that this
is wrong. Faceit’s Trigon P90 skin was originally
made by Coridium, but I’ve chosen to allocate it to Faceit
rather than Coridium, the game’s most popular skin maker. Another complicated example is the only community
made Revolver skin. It has 2 creators, one being G99 Factory, who has at least 4 other accepted skins under
his name already… …and RR3, who doesn’t have any. Since this skin was submitted to RR3’s workshop
I’ve labelled it under his name. But just be aware that the people on this
list may have been involved in more weapon skins than I’ve
credited them for. And even Valve’s number can be contested.
I say they’ve made 88. But there’s a weapon skin that doesn’t
show up in the community section: that’s the Aug by Syd Mead, who’s kind of a big deal having worked on
films such as Blade Runner and Tron. I guess he was contacted by Valve directly
and bypassed the workshop entirely. I’ve given him his own category, even though sadly he doesn’t appear to own
his own steam account. And then there are contraband items, like
the Howl and Griffin. The Howl was originally part of the Huntsman
case but after its artwork was found to be stolen
it was remade by Valve, so I guess this technically counts as a Valve
submission as well. However, it simply hasn’t been counted at
all in my list. So really, there are 306 weapon skins. The M4A4 Griffin is another stolen submission. The original submitter has been removed and in my collection it’s just put down in its
own category as ‘Removed – Contraband!!!’, but once again you could argue this is now
one of Valve’s skins as well or whatever. I’ve been constructing this list for a while
and was worried that some of the artists would change their
names or whatever. But I’m very happy to say that none of them
have. Clearly, they’re proud of what their name
is associated with. Even if it isn’t always easy to type. So,
thanks for that, weapon artists. And there’s one last anomaly, and that’s the MP9 Impire by the Danidem.
Or is it… the MP7? Because everywhere other than on the workshop
it’s the MP7 yet on the workshop it says that his MP9 was
accepted. They both use a similar theme. If I find out why then I’ll explain in this
video’s description. Honestly, skins aren’t my strong point, I’ve done my research for this video but
there may be tiny TINY problems. Or something big, I don’t know. But I hope it’s been interesting and if
you’ve liked it then let me know so I can make more. And obviously, subscribe to me. And give me any Dragonlores you happen to
have lying around. Awwwhh…

100 thoughts on “CS:GO’s Weapon skins explained (As of November 2016)

  1. Philip, if a pro gets a score of 100+ in a tournament/major, are they put into the overwatch system like in normal matchmaking? Great video!

  2. The m4a4 M4A4 | Griffin Isnt contra banned..

  3. Hey, great video! Just a couple of very minor nitpicks from me:

    The AUG | Syd Mead was made by both Coridium and Mead himself to my understanding, as evidenced by the credit on the images on the Gamma 2 case blog post. It's quite possible that the workshop submission was submitted in "Hidden" visibility, visible only to Valve themselves, Coridium and Syd Mead. It's possible that the collaboration occurred through Valve of course.

    The MP9 to MP7 Impire change was likely Valves decision: it's a skin of the type "spray paint" which uses a tiling pattern projected onto the gun from all sides. As a result, a single pattern can be applied to any weapon in the game to create the same theme, so valve could make the change in minutes, if not seconds. If you're interested in learning more about how the whole skin system works, you might be interested in checking out /r/csworkshop (shameless plug), where I've got a number of resources related to skinmaking stickied.

    Another, very ridiculous nitpick. You misspelled my name, it has a < ī > rather than an < i >. I'm not 100% sure why I keep it that way, it makes it both annoying to type, and as a result, search for, so perhaps it's time for a slight rebranding…

  4. Hey 3kliks, I actually do play arms race and safehouse and baggage are actually not terrible. monastery is also ok. the other two are abysmal though. oh lake is good too

  5. 3kliks, i have something semi-important to say,
    youtube recently unsubscribed me from your channel even though i have been watching every video from you for a while.

  6. Could you do a similar analysis on maps Valve accepted into operations? Maybe include things such as how many custom materials were used on average or something

  7. Skins are simply a form of addiction, and a way to rob you of your life and your money. Money is a creation of Human greed and stubbornes, as many of you fail to realize or accept, the money you spend, those bills are made out of trees which need to exist for us to breath… Put down your money, put down your skins, save the planet, not stand idly by and watch as it crumbles all around you, because by then, there will be nothing left to watch or save…

  8. Hello mate, i'm RR3. I'm about my skin revolver r8 reboot. It's all my skin, i made it, but g99 factory is my friend, and he helped me with renders and screenshots))

  9. I hate most of the skins. The only ones I like are AK47 Redline, Deagle Conspiracy (or Blaze) and AWP Worm God. I'm very picky when it comes to skins. A lot of them try too hard or look too flashy with all their colors and junk on it. I think less is more. Which is why I like Redline and Conspiracy so dang much

  10. The Impire was most likely just a square drawing for the mp9 but could have been easily plastered onto the mp7

  11. valve is so smart! they only add really good made skins for the red. some fine made but shitty skins for purple and so better made skins for pink then they go for boring or well… bad skins for blue. they are easy to find and you just shove em in a case and people get em all the time trying to get a red! xD

  12. there we go, watched this whole playlist + the game making journey, took about 7 hours and a little bit more, but it was worth it for the constant philip action!

  13. plssss help!! do skins get scratched by the time ?if i buy a factory new skin will it start to get scratched and change its condition?

  14. hey um i don't know why but i haven't opened any boxes or traded/bought any skins but i have at least 3 skins in inventory. can you explain why? just today i got a new nova skin when playing a casual deathmatch.

  15. I still don't understand. What makes a "skin" valuable if it's just a computer graphic. Is this like selling art? Why are some prohibitively so expensive?

  16. 3kliksphilip 1:33 You forgot the Operation Bravo Case and to dot outline the Huntsman Case and the Vanguard Case

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