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CS:GO’s Shotgun Update Christmas 2017

Valve have updated the shotguns in CS:GO because
they were rubbish before and nobody liked them.
For now this update won’t be seen in competitive gameplay, but you can try the changes out
in an offline server with the console command: weapon_accuracy_shotgun_spread_patterns 1
Whereas the spread of the pellets used to be random, it’s now a set pattern… although
bullets will still deviate off this a little bit, and more so if you’re moving or spraying.
This is what the default patterns look like, from a distance of 256 units. Remember these
well, since Valve believe that if you can master them then you can pull some equilibrium-style
stuff where you choose a shotgun based on the shape of the room you’re going to clear
out or something. Whether that’ll be the case or not, this is certainly a welcome improvement
to the most random of the weapon classes. The Sawed-Off is the largest of the 4 patterns,
with 3 shots landing around the crosshair in a small triangular shape and the rest found
further out. I’d say it’s best to aim directly at your target with this weapon and
to get as close as possible before firing. So no change there! This weapon still has
a pathetic range of 650 units, beyond which the bullets disappear from this realm and
into Half Life 3, never to be seen again. The remaining 3 shotguns have similar sized
patterns, but their pellet distributions are very different.
The nova creates a sort of X-pattern with most of the pellets landing below and to the
left of your crosshair. So I guess if you’re up close then you should aim slightly to the
right to get a kind of round pattern with 7 pellets landing on them, and if they’re
far away then aim straight at their abdomen and hope you land some of the 5 pellets that
go up the middle of the spray. All but one of the Mag7’s pellets create
a square with the crosshair in the bottom left corner- this is a good example of how
learning these new patterns will help maximise the damage done. The last pellet misses by
miles- a sick consolation prize for players unfamiliar with the new blast pattern, perhaps.
And lastly, the XM1014 is fairly spread out but 5 of its 6 pellets make up a square that
extends out to the left of the crosshair. I personally like the 2 pellets that land
just above your crosshair, which alone make up 1/3 of the damage this shotgun can deal.
The XM1014 has just 6 pellets per shot, the least of all the shotguns, while the nova
has 9 and the rest have 8. Not all pellets are created equally, either- the XM1014 deals
the least pellets and they inflict by far the least damage each. As well as that, all
shotguns sport different values for armour penetration and fall-off, which I suggest
you consult Slothsquadron’s and Blackretina’s weapon spreadsheet if you’d like to know
more. Like I said earlier, I’ve only been covering
the default patterns, but if you fire several in quick succession, or are jumping through
the air or whatever then these patterns will quickly disappear into a random mess of pellets
again. So be warned. Practice against a wall to learn how long it takes to reset.
All in all, this is a welcome update that should render the shotguns slightly less useless,
though whether this is enough to make them relevant remains to be seen.

99 thoughts on “CS:GO’s Shotgun Update Christmas 2017

  1. I sort of liked randomized spread on shotguns. The auto shotgun is just more predictable meaning it's even easier to spam.

  2. They should do what Call of Duty did; As long as one pellet hits you deal a base amount of dmg, each pellet that hits is bonus dmg. For example if you only hit one pellet you deal 80 at close range and for each other pellet that hits you get 5 more dmg so you have to hit 1+4 pellets to get a kill at say medium range. That way you don't hit someone and they only take like 8 points of dmg.

  3. I mean for sawed off its really pointless, as its range is so shitty that u have to be so close to target that it doesnt even matter what the pattern is

  4. i was able to smash and shoot and kill people with these shotguns , with an ease. they always had been a
    great choice for short to medium range. so in other words, they made them more accurate. well, thanks i guess. ?

  5. goddamn, valve, remove the maximum range! Projectiles don't dissapear like that anywhere! Just make A DAMAGE DROPOFF and be done with it! Jesus Christ!

  6. I hate it how your thumbnails looks exactly like the GDC ones. They just released a fifty min long video and I was like "HOLY CRAP THAT'S A LONG KLIKS VIDEO" but alas, I was deceived.

    Then there was this one that was released just a few minutes back and I was happy once again. Nice video, Philip.

  7. Please help! I want to bind mouse1 with cl_righthand 0 1 and +attack (basically when i shoot I swtich hands). Anyone know how to do it? Thanks 😀

  8. I can't wait for HL3 (or any new valve fps game) to come out using the new graphics engine! Just imagine playing half-life with these improved graphics from CSGO. I am hopeful for a new project coming out soon!!!!!!!!!

  9. They didn't have to give shotguns "the same" pattern every time, just a better spread. they treat shotguns before like scatter guns and they do suck, just give them a tighter grouping

  10. PLEASE make a video showing wich weapons are better to wait the ammo reloading animation than make the switch-weapon animation, wich ones are faster and the very right moment to make the switch-weapon animation to gain reloading time ! could be a very helpful thing to the cs go community ! thank you ! @3kliksphilip

  11. yes finally, i love shotgun, cause its cheap so you can safe your money to buy expensive weapons in following round, its very usefull at interior building

  12. "Because they were rubish before and nobody liked them" That's not true, we want something less random =)

  13. Honestly. I dont think these shotguns pattern matters. Everyone will use shotgun like they always used it; going close and shooting at the upper part of the body.

  14. I understand I’m a console peasant but I wish valve got that thousands of people still play csgo on the Xbox one wish they’d update it 😢

  15. I don't know about anyone else, but I always thought the shotguns were fine. I'd prefer if they didn't stop existing at a certain range though

  16. May I ask how does the spread increase when you are not standing on a solid surface… WhAT tWisTED LOgiC is THiS

  17. they should make it so the when you're running or jumping the pellets spread does not increase. They should always be in the same small accurate group, but when you're jumping or running the accuracy of this group decreases.
    Like this, if you shoot the MAG-7 when running/jumping, it would be a bit like shhoting an unscoped AWP. You have a low random chance to hit your target, but if you do it would still be devastating since all pellets are still grouped.

    The current system is really weird. When you jump or run it makes you're barrel less accurate and spread like crazy ? Non-sense ! It should be the shooter that is less accurate, not the gun.

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