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CS:GO’s New Weapon – The MP5

The MP5 is back, available for both sides,
and comes complete with a suppressor. And it replaces the MP7, so it’s not like anything
of value is lost. Okay, that’s a bit harsh. Especially since
the MP5 shares many of the MP7’s stats: the same price, the same ammo, the same firerate,
the same recoil pattern… so let’s instead focus on what’s changed.
For a start, it sounds different! But how effective is this suppressor? Here is how
the MP7 sounds at 500 units. And here’s the MP5. And here they are at 1000 units. Yup, that suppressor is really making the
MP5 quieter! I worked out that the maximum range you can hear the MP5 from is about 760
units. But bear in mind that when your ammo is low, the clicky sound that comes with the
final few shots will still be heard from standard range. You can hear it here at 1000 units,
even though the gunshots themselves are silent. To remain stealthy with the MP5, make sure
you don’t deplete the magazine too much! AND, while the MP7 fires tracers that could
give away your position, the MP5 does not, making it the stealthy weapon of choice- although
the barrel of the gun does stick out further, which could give away your position if you’re
hidden in particularly small corners. In conclusion: the MP5 is the quieter of the
two weapons, and impressively so. It still won’t fool chickens though- those scrawny
little things will run the moment this gun’s fired. Valve please fix.
And there’s also been a reduction to the base damage. It has dropped from 29 to 27,
although it retains the same level of armour penetration. This means that it will always
deal less damage than the MP7 does, at any distance, against armoured or unarmoured.
In real terms, if you shoot somebody in the FACE at point blank range without armour,
whereas the MP7 would do 115, the MP5 only does 107 damage instead. And with armour,
the MP7 does 71 and the MP5 does 66. And here’s a small table showing the differences
at different ranges as well. The lethal headshot distance has almost halved, from 457 units
to just 237. It’s not as though either of these are too far, but the difference is noticeable.
If you care about this drop in damage, then it would be a good reason to stick with the
MP7. Another reason would be the running inaccuracy.
If stood still, or crouched, the two weapons are identical. But moving makes the MP7 a
lot better, making the MP5 less of a run-and-gun weapon.
Which is a shame really, since you move faster with the MP5, at a spritely 235 units a second
compared with the MP7’s sluggish 220. For comparison, the FAMAS is also 220. No other
weapon lets you move the same speed as the MP5 -UNLESS YOU HAVE A WOOTING ONE KEYBOARD- but at 235 units a second, it’s between
the speed you’d run with a P90, and with an MP9.
Aside from that, the MP5 is identical to the MP7. Holding down fire reveals the same classic
‘7’ pattern as the MP7 has- this was a missed opportunity to have it make a ‘5’,
but I guess they want your MP7 skills to easily be transferred over to this new weapon.
The MP5 takes slightly less time to reload than the MP7 does, though as Slothsquadron
pointed out in his analysis, the MP7 is reloaded ‘sooner’, allowing for you to switch away
from the weapon in less time during the reload animation whilst still having it fully loaded
whenever you choose to switch back to it. This won’t speed up the reload at all- just
means you can switch back to your knife sooner after a fight to bunnyhop away, ready for
the next engagement to begin. Somewhat unusual for silenced weapons in CS:GO,
the suppressor cannot be taken off. If you choose the MP5, accept the suppressor. Embrace it. Love it. The other big difference is that while the
MP7 has 21 custom skins for it, the MP5 has 0. This surely won’t last for long- we’ve
already been treated to the panorama UI overhaul and a new weapon this year, but I expect a
new case or two to come out to provide users with some custom MP5 content as well.
If you want to try your hand at making a skin for it then Hollandje has kindly extracted
the VTF files for you to work with, which you can download from a link in this video’s
description. Oh and also, one last, tiny tiny thing…
it’s not yet available in competitive games. Consider this a beta release for now, since
it’s only available for testing offline and in casual and deathmatch servers. I like
this approach, rather than to force a new beta client on people wanting to test it.
They should be able to collect plenty of data from the casual gamemodes before tweaking
the weapon accordingly and releasing it for competitive play. In conclusion, it’s kind of like the MP7,
but different. And finally, the terrorists have a silenced weapon to play with!
If you like this video, then check out this one where I cover the MP5 from Source and
how it compares with the MP7 in CS:GO. Turns out that everybody’s favourite SMG from
Source is a lot worse than everybody remembers. This new MP5 is a hellololalot better.

58 thoughts on “CS:GO’s New Weapon – The MP5

  1. It is a MP5 SD,it has a bult in suppresor,thus it cannot be removed,but im sure im not the only one in the comments pointing that out

  2. the suppressor of the MP5 is on the gun itself so basically you really can't remove it, you have to remove the entire barrel to do so.

  3. What do you mean, the MP5SD uses the same ammo as the MP7? The MP7 fires the HK 4.6×30 PDW cartridge which was used in NATO testing, but the MP5 fires the 9mm Parabellum cartridge. Unless 3kliksphilip means the magazine size, I think I misinterpreted what he said.

  4. the mp5sd is very different to mp5 because underneath that giant suppressor it has a tiny 2 inch barrel to make it subsonic
    you can take the suppressor off but the muzzle blast may be dangerously close to your hand

  5. This game has some really weird balancing choices…the MP7 IRL has 2.1kg, in fact the mac10 and mp5 are the heaviest, at around 2.8kg

  6. I'll be honest, if you don't like the MP7, then there's probably no point using the MP5. It's basically the MP7 but worse. Sure, it's quiter, but stealth isn't really that important in CS:GO (unless you're knifing).

  7. La differenza di distanza in cui si sente quando sparano non si può fare al 100% perché uno delle due armi è silenziata quindi ti sale il "grazie ar cazzo!"

  8. the MP7 does not use the same ammo as the MP5, It uses 4.6x30mm and the MP5 uses 9×19 parabellum… so thats wrong

  9. supressed sound is basically silent

    reload sound is as loud as a normal gunshot

    cs go why are you so rarted sometimes

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