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CS:GO’s Big March Update – Weapon and Map Changes

It’s not fair to change CS:GO’s maps or
gameplay mid-way through a major tournament, such as the one in Katowice a few weeks ago.
But now it’s ended, Valve is pumping out the major updates for CS:GO. We’ve got map
updates, new content and gameplay changes- some of which I suspect are in response to
what went on during the major. For instance, they’ve changed the loss bonuses
yet again! It makes sense that you get a good amount
of money for winning a round. You deserve to be rewarded for winning. But should the
losing team be PUNISHED for losing? Surely losing the round is bad enough, but to be
given less money to play the next one with will only make matters worse! A team that’s
behind will only become further behind. The game’s way of trying to balance this
has always been to give the losing team more money for every round in a row that they lose,
until it gets to the point where they can buy decent stuff almost every round without
needing to resort to desperate ecos and rushes. Once they win a round, their next loss bonus
has always been reset down to $1,400 again. In 2017, Physicaque worked out that with this
system, simply winning both pistol rounds gave you nearly 70% chance of winning the
entire game! So in October last year, Valve upped the pistol round loss bonus from $1,400
up to $1,900 to try and get losing teams competitive again sooner, and to make the outcome of pistol
rounds less important in the grand scale of things.
And now we arrive at where we are today, and losing teams have been nerfed even less! Winning
a round no longer resets your loss bonus to $1,400. It just goes up or down by 1 category
every time you win or lose a round. Say you lose a series of rounds and your loss bonus
goes up to $3,400. But then you win a round! This used to immediately reset your loss bonus
back to $1,400 again. But now, it’ll only have been reduced to $2,900. And 2 wins in
a row would have reduced it to $2,400 and so on.
This change will have the biggest impact on games where one team is losing a lot more
than the other. Like for anyone who had to fight Astralis in the major, for instance.
Fairer matches won’t change AS much, maybe an extra $500 or $1,000 here or there. This
update will also help to naturally balance one-sided maps.
Next up: a new kind of assist has been added to recognise the importance of flash bangs!
If somebody dies while flashed, whoever threw that flash will get a shout-out. This is a
great way of rewarding teamplay, and for acknowledging the importance of utility. This only shows
up if nobody else got an assist on that player, though. Sadly, they still won’t get any
points for it. You can see from here that it won’t show
up if you mistakenly flash a teammate who dies. It only shows up on flashed enemies. The AUG was the most popular CT rifle in the
recent major, so Valve has upped its price from $3,150 to the original $3,300 again.
The question is: will people continue to use it? If not, then it shows how much price matters-
people would rather get an inferior weapon and save $200! But if it’s still used…
well, that would be even more interesting! That would show that it should have been the
favourite rifle of choice for years, but it took until 2019 and the pros to be using it
before everybody gave it a chance! And the M4A1-S has also been changed! While
it and the M4A4 used to be equally popular, the silenced version has fallen out of favour
in recent years, now a distant 3rd behind the M4A4 and the AUG.
So its ammo capacity has been increased from 20 to 25, and has more reserve ammunition,
too. This is BIG! It was always more precise and
easier to spray with than the M4A4, but you had to sacrifice so much ammo capacity that
people didn’t think it was worth it. Moving from a magazine capacity of 30 down to just
20 was too big a drop to justify, and you’d find yourself running out when against multiple
enemies. But 25… I can see people using it now! Let’s see how the balance between
the CT rifles changes, once the dust has settled. Valve admits that shotguns were rubbish. And
although they’re probably still rubbish, they are at least a lot cheaper! The nova
has been given some wall-penetration, and the sawed off’s range up to a more acceptable
1400 units. Which is the same as the Mag7! I still don’t know how good it will be,
but before this change it was useless! Bullets would disappear into thin air long before
they should have done. You couldn’t even hit the broad side of a barn. So at least
now you’ll probably manage that. Following this update, the shotguns are among
the cheapest non-pistol items in the game, and they all give you a kill reward of $900,
making them an excellent choice if you’re short on cash and don’t mind lurking in
a corner to try and get some cheap, close-quarter kills.
C4 and enemies can no longer be seen on the radar through open doors, and the C4 should
now always return to a position on the ground after it’s been dropped somewhere that it
can’t be retrieved. Which is a fix that I can safely guess came from Vertigo!
The Prisma case I’ll cover some other time in more depth. But 17 new community-made skins
have been added to the game! The shuffle feature’s a nice idea- it lets
you select multiple skins for a single weapon, and a random one from this list will be selected
at the start of every map. Great for players with a large skin collection that they’re
particularly proud of. Vertigo has had a few bug fixes. The runboost
exploit to get to bombsite B was not exactly a secret. It should have been blocked off
for wingman mode, but wasn’t, so terrorists found a way of planting at a site that the
CT’s had no easy access to. Valve thanks you for your testing, but has patched it up.
If you’ve had your games of wingman ruined by this bug then you can find comfort from
the fact that any future attempts will result in the offending players plummeting to their
deaths. And 2 doorways have been added. The first
is near CT spawn and actually features a door! Which I guess will make it easier to guard
this ‘room’ from. And the second is just a doorway, and is to back of A, which both
restricts visibility from this spot, and bottlenecks players pushing through this area from either
side. There was an overpowered boost on this spotlight
that let players see over into the site. It’s still there, but the wall has been extended
so you gain no visibility from the position any more. But players can still boost either
side of the doorway for a sneaky view over into the A site.
RIP the generator that I shouted out for being a great bit of cover last video. It’s been
removed completely. And the climbable scaffolding has been shifted
across ever so slightly, which will let you see ever so slightly further around into the
site from here. The boostable concrete thing here has been
a lot made bigger. This will stop players from falling off here from underneath, and
will give players on the top a bit more cover from the CT entrances.
And being able to stand on this ledge was unintentional, and has been clipped up.
Also, previously in the lift shaft you could fall down here and survive. Not that you could
do anything- move at all and you immediately DIED. But this has all been patched up, so
no jumping down lift shafts please. At this rate, this skyscraper will be done
by Christmas! And last, Canals. I thought they’d swap
it out for another workshop map since Valve seems busy with Vertigo. But no! It’s still
hanging on in there and has had some changes to the B side of the map.
These have been done to put less emphasis on the section beyond the river. This is most
evident by having the site moved off the bridge and over into the nearer side room. And the
outside passage- which was mostly used by CTs- has been clipped off. The map has always
been lazy at blocking spots off, but this takes it to new levels! Seriously, Valve?
You can say good bye to this bit, this room and this alley here.
The last 2 changes I can show nicely with little walkthroughs. Let’s start with the
terrorists’ entrance to mid courtyard. Previously there was a route that came out in the far
canal. But this has all gone and all that’s left is the corridor leading up! And a doorway
has been added to the top to allow for faster access to the courtyard, and in turn, bombsite
B. Though I think this helps CT’s as much as it does them, since you’ll have plenty
of time to lob grenades right into it in the hope of catching rushing terrorists.
And the second comparison is on the T side of the river. The entrance used to be further
along, but has been moved closer to where terrorists start. You go up the steps and
come out at this room here. Bombsite B is just over there, and walking around the corner
leads to the boost. Fans of this map will see that a number of corridors have been removed.
Sadly, tributes to Benny Hill will no longer be possible.
You’ll now be able to jump from scaffolding into where bombsite B used to be. From this
comparison you’ll notice that nothing has changed- it’s merely a change to the clipping,
since before you were unable to jump onto the top of this sign, even though you clearly
should have been able to. And last, the radar is now a beautiful shade
of carrot-orange.

99 thoughts on “CS:GO’s Big March Update – Weapon and Map Changes

  1. Correction: C4 and enemies can now be seen on the radar through open doorways, when before they might not have been. Sorry!

  2. I haven't played CS in many moons now but I can't see the sawed off change doing anything. The gun was useless until you were inside your enemy (like pushing drop on cobble) so upping the distance the bullets travel but keeping its spreak the same is the most pointless change I've ever seen them do.

  3. That's quality content right here, I like that you dedicated some time for running around the maps and showing changes instead if just using pictures. Very nice. also the update is nice

  4. I think people will use Aug still. The loss bonus change will be enough in my eyes to make up for the price revert.

  5. Maby Valve developers should concerning fixing lagcompansation and server prediction so the game would be fair for all. Many very good players have stopped playing because of this. And yes its only a matter of time before youself get this shit bug if they dont fix it. Wake up ffs and make importent updates insted of shit updates.

  6. But the question is still… why is the Negev 1700$ but the retarded M249 still 5200$ and thus the most expensive weapon, even though the M249 deals less dmg and has less ammo than the Negev? Am I missing something? Is it better than I thought or why does it cost more than any auto sniper?

    Bruh who buys M249 over Negev anyway?

  7. Still haven’t made it so I can end up in a CASUAL game with people who also suck so I can at least play for 5 seconds before being killed and eventually LEARN. 😂

  8. it feels like with every update to vertigo the map is getting closer to having the actual building be completed. So in the end the thing will just be fully built

  9. Why not just give the m4a1-s better damage or armor penetration or something. Giving it more bullets is dumb and it doesn't solve the problem.

  10. Thanks for 25 rounds in the m4a1-s. That's a gamechanger for me. Also the Nova is even more of a moneymaker now.

  11. gg bois,mag 7 is broken,1600 would of been modest,1300 is too much of a reduction for what was already the best shotgun in the game,makes the sawed off and nova changes meaningless

  12. They need to add custom sprays and weapon customization also start using weapon sights, kinda gotta keep up with R6S and stuff

  13. You have 3 times as many subscribers as there are cs go players,something`s wrong with the youtube subscribe system,it should unsubscribe inactive subscribers

  14. RIP shooting people with a Zeus while trying to defuse by jumping at the window from the scaffolding. Im gonna miss you, you were my favorite strat ingame.

  15. The "40%" more performance it meant to say 40% less cpu usage.
    I just noticed this,idk someone else noticed this tho.

  16. These videos keeping interest and awareness for CS:GO alive whilst everyone and their grandmother is playing BR games and Apex at the moment. Much appreciated good sir.

  17. 0:58 the statistic you state is a bit of a misrepresentation. The reason winning both pistol rounds is such a high indicator of success is because it is usually the better team who wins both pistol rounds. Plus that's two rounds won, which is what the game is about so obviously that puts you closer to winning. I would be more interested if it were compared with a control of, say, the likelihood you will win based on winning both 7th rounds (just a random round).

  18. I really don't understand Valve! Why are they still bothering with Canals? Introduce the damn de_cpl_fire or de_cpl_mill into competitive…or make a map that has the potential to be competitive in nature! Or that Aztec version that was not CT sided like the original Aztec… Something at least to boots the CS:GO community, not Canals remakes after remakes.

  19. I don't usually comment my opinions but I've been watching your vids for a while Philip and I really appreciate the work you do. Very respectful of time, getting straight to the point with each piece of info from the update. As a player who hasn't played in a long time I appreciate getting these update videos to see where the games going. I appreciate how to the point you are and also how you are able to be entertaining, informative, and humorous all at once, without making me feel like I wasted more minutes than I should have. Your style of video production is just so commendable I had to say it, thanks for all you do and keep it up!!

  20. Updates on vertigo is basically valve letting the construction workers to do their job. I can already tell how the next year update will be.

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