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CS:GO – Weapon Updates Picking up Pace

A year and a half ago, Valve added the revolver
to CS:GO, and along with it a number of changes to how the other pistols and rifles worked.
People didn’t like any of this. The change to the rifles was heavy handed and punished
all styles of play. Doubling the movement inaccuracy of almost all pistols was also
a change that was too approximate and heavy-handed. Within a week they rolled the changes back,
together with a very interesting blog. It explained Valve’s reasoning for the changes
in the first place. They also said they believed there was value to be had in finding a better
balance for pistols and rifles in the future, but that they needed to change their approach
to such adjustments. They also said that they had tried changing too much, too quickly.
And they have stuck to their word. The changes they’ve made since have been very slow!
8 months later in August of 2016 they gave birth to a brand-new rifle accuracy system,
their SECOND SHOT at such an idea which this time genuinely succeeded in rewarding tapping
and punishing spraying. The month after they fixed the jumping bug
and made falling accuracy better… by making it worse. This change was good as well.
In April of 2017 they lowered the revolver’s firing delay as well as its price by $150
and made THAT update to the Negev. You know which one I mean. …And in May they nerfed the UMP45 at range. And now, in August of this year they have
started to change the pistols. First was the tec9, which had its magazine
capacity dropped from 24 to 18. Its reserve ammo was dropped from 120 to 90 which means
that you still have the same 5 full magazines to play with. One-tapping is now as accurate
as the P2000 if you’re stood or crouched, and even better than the tec9 was before when
you’re moving. Sounds a little OP, but they also nerfed its
recovery time. What this means is that if you fire faster than every half second then
each shot will be a lot less accurate than it used to be. Fire slower, however, and it’ll
be a lot better. Just count your shots like ONE POTATO TWO POTATO THREE POTATO and you
should be an unstoppable killing machine. So, first the tec9. And now, in an even more
recent update, the five-seven has also seen substantial changes.
It is now less accurate when you’re moving. To compensate, fast bursts of 3 or 4 bullets
will be more accurate than they were before. But be careful- if you treat it like an automatic
weapon then beyond the first few, the bullets will end up being less accurate than before.
You can see that with a bit of patience between shots- maybe .3 seconds (My method is to count
1 chip 2 chip 3 chip), then the gun will be significantly better than it was before. .6
seconds between shots isn’t anywhere near as impressive, since even before the update
it seems that most of the inaccuracy will have cooled off by this point. This update
definitely rewards those who panic with this gun, firing wildly to get a lucky headshot
as an enemy unexpectedly pokes around the corner. I use the gun in this way.
So, this is quite exciting. Valve are having another stab at balancing the pistols, starting
with the $500 favourites. Maybe there will be more updates coming shortly, in which case
Valve is beginning to pick up the pace again. It will be interesting to see the impact these
changes have in the next major. Bear in mind that the tec9’s updates are
already in CS:GO, but the fiveseven update is still in beta. You can access it by doing
this in steam… or you can just wait until next week where it’ll probably be rolled
out for everybody, which is what happened with the tec9.
Thank you SOOOO much to Slothsquadron. I spent a day of SUFFERING, struggling to get the
correct values pre and post update and he came along and saved me. So thank you. Check
out his weapon values spreadsheet, as well as his write-ups of these updates in the description
of this video.

100 thoughts on “CS:GO – Weapon Updates Picking up Pace

  1. This is why a dynamic crosshair is a good idea to have, it shows your recovery time and lets you tap fire more effectively because you'll know exactly when your shots will be accurate

  2. they should nerf the dmg of the p250 just as they did on the ump, so you can use your advantage of the rifles by staying on distance

  3. Well am I the only one who treated the five-seven like it has to be treated now – tapping like every other pistol? I was never a spam type of player. I love accuracy. Anyways I was never a fan of the five-seven. I just love my p250. Hope Valve won't destroy it.

  4. Hey 3kliksphilip can the MSI GTX 1050Ti GAMING X 4GB and AMD Ryzen 5 1500X run CSGO in all high settings in online and getting 100+FPS

  5. M4 a close range headshot, make awp a little more accurate at a standstill no scope (I'll shoot a bullet facing at like long or something and it won't even go in that general direction, I get that it can't be to accurate but at least realistic)

  6. deagle:
    mid range: 99 in 2
    long range: 38 in 2
    pointblank: 0 in 7

    mid range: i dont care he's dead
    long range: i dont care he's dead
    pointblank: i dont care he's dead

  7. klik, i have a game breaking wallhack bug, could you make a video? Cuz valve dont care, I already send them an email, posted to forums no fix yet. Reply and I explain it in pm or sth cuz its really game breaking

  8. Too little too late.
    valve is just fucking with us at this point by making learned skills obsolete every few months

  9. Why are the pistols talked in this video still able to 1 tap headshot at close range and a 3.1k rifle can't?

  10. This game will never be close to being balanced until the pistols stop being a one shot headshot kill over a 3100$ rifle

  11. So they nerf everyting so that we can't hit anything anymore! But those damn awp's still no scope like lasers and switch load in the blink of an eye? NERF the damn awp game destroyer! AWP: All Weapons Powned

  12. Honestly, It's just a matter of making the low-skill-ceiling weps not as OP

    The starting pistols are fine as is
    The P250 has an absurd amount of armor pen.
    The 57 Has an absurd amount of armor pen and is essentially an accurate, somewhat less spammable Tec-9
    The Tec-9 has undergone recent changes to make it more balanced, but either its damage(and armor pen) or firerate need to be knocked down, either to situate it as an accurate-but-low-damage-slightly-spammable weapon or a deagle sidegrade more useful in rushes and pushing but less useful as a general-purpose weapon
    The dualies are fucked but really just need a recoil reduction and a slight accuracy boost, OR it could fill the spam role currently occupied by the 57 and Tec9
    The CZ-75 is pretty much perfect for what it was intended to do but isn't worth picking up because of what you sacrifice to have it available
    The R8's pretty fucked, other than making primary fire a compromise between the current firemodes and removing a secondary firemode I have no ideas.
    The deagle desperately needs a buff to first shot accuracy, along with every single rifle. Seriously, it's infuriating to miss just because of a bad number roll.

  13. Valve do not care. They are "updating the game" by releasing changes that are both bad and good and sometimes create bug so that they can "fix" them later and the community still believe they give shit. It's ridiculous how people still think they are a good company.

  14. Alot less damage, much faster draw speed, pinpoint close/ shite at any range please. then it truly will be a side arm not a viable main gun.

  15. i made a discovery i have only playing cs:go for 2 weeks (247) but i found out that if you throw fire grenades into smoke the smoke dissipates faster

  16. Lol so they changed the 57 to make it possible for me to get a triple hs on an eco round vs full bought enemy…wat

  17. Hello, with the new anniversary update and all I found a weird bug on mirage after playing a match, but I don't have the hardware for video so I will explain and you will hopefully see this.

    Ok so on Mirage on B site, go to short, there is a door there were you can wall-bang into underpass, with the new update no decals(bullet holes) appear when shooting at it(and I have tried every weapon and no success, also I think nades don't leave any marks on it).

    This struck me because why would they change something on Mirage?

    It is a small bug but it messed with my head in-game because at first I did not know if I was hitting enemy's but yes it still does damage. I found this myself and please if you guys make a reddit thing (I can't sorry) please just refer to me as Beep_Beep_GamerZ

  18. Phillip I encountered that a bomb could change the direction of they're made like it's bouncing off a wall please check I don't know how

  19. Phillip, I've just found a new strange smoke bug, if you throw a smoke grenade beside a hostage that has not been picked up and a CT picks it up you can see the hostage model over the shoulders of the CT player, but not the player model, meaning you can essentially use it as a failsafe to see where a CT is through a smoke or to camp a hostage

  20. I wonder if you could test if: when a bot damages someone then you take control of the bot and the damaged person dies does the botcontrollingperson get the assist?

  21. ok philip, i got one for you. people think that the famas or rather the burst fire on the famas is not viable for competitive play. I want you to show them that it is. I just recently came to realize how great it actually is!! thank you for any consideration.

  22. For .3 seconds for the time between the Five-Seven shots I don't count chips. Instead I like to count:

    … philip

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