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CS:GO – Weapon reload and equip times

As well as the Weapon Balance Mod, Slothsquadron
also maintains a spreadsheet of all the weapon stats for CS:GO and I recently tested some
of the values to ensure that it’s accurate and up to date.
I did this as precisely as I could, but they could still be out by as much as .03 of a
second. So just cos the m249 appears to take .01 seconds longer to reload than the negev…
it’s probably the same. I’m just going to blame 64 tick servers! That’s what everybody
else does. Deploy time is how long you have to wait while equipping a weapon before being
able to fire. I also tested the reload times- that’s right, every weapon has 2 different
values for this. You might have noticed that your ammo replenishes before the reload animation
finishes. At this point you still can’t fire, but the weapon has been reloaded, meaning
that you can switch to another weapon, knowing that this one’s ready to go when you need
it. And no, you can’t exploit this to fire sooner
by quick-switching after the gun’s ammo has been replenished. But it does mean that
you can spend more time running with your knife out if you choose to, or whatever you
want to do instead with the time you’d otherwise spend watching the reload animation.
I won’t bother going through all of the values- you can look at these on the website
in your own time. But I’ll point out some interesting anomalies and stuff.
Only the CZ takes substantially longer than normal to equip, this could mean the difference
between life and death if you’re being attacked at the time. The AWP and, surprisingly, the
MP9 also took a while, which is strange when you consider its purpose as a fast run-and-gun
weapon. All pistols are pretty much as fast to equip as you can get, apart from the CZ,
Revolver and glock, which has a buggy equipping animation which appears to start late by a
tenth of a second. The MP9 redeems itself when it comes to reloading,
though, taking just over 2 seconds. By far the slowest were the LMGs and terrorist G3SG1
sniper rifle. The shotguns look bad, but they work differently from other weapons. The reload
time shows the time it takes to reload all shells from 0, when in practice you’ll probably
only reload a couple at a time. For these guns, the ‘clip ready’ time is how long
the first shell takes to load. But not all shells are created equally. The
second shell when reloading a shotgun takes twice as long as the others. In other words,
during combat you’ll rarely manage to reload more than one at a time. Wait until you’re
in cover to refill completely. And another thing. With shotguns, you can
fire whilst reloading but not for the first half-second or so. Yet another reason to avoid
reloading during combat- as if you needed reasons!
Every weapon reloads before the animation is finished, normally about half-way through.
Shotguns are the exception as mentioned earlier, as are the revolver and dualies which take
almost the whole duration of the animation. For the revolver there’s some delay for
the primary fire, so I used secondary fire to time how long they take to reload.
I was curious to see how the dual barettas worked. Since they’re technically two pistols
I thought it would be cool if it would reload to 15 ammo for the first gun before jumping
up to 30 once the second was done. But it didn’t. The two guns are only visual and
it makes them one of the slowest weapons to reload.
For more information, look in the description of this video for a link to the spreadsheet.

100 thoughts on “CS:GO – Weapon reload and equip times

  1. Only weapon that I was curious about when it comes to quick-switching was the AUG because the user does some extra fiddling with the weapon before it's ready, while he only chambers the round when the weapon is equipped.

  2. Valve should make the Beretta so you can buy them one at a time; meaning you can choose to have just one Beretta to trade off accuracy for ammo.

  3. Maybe the the shotgun 2nd bullet thing, it could be there because valve was considering having different animations and speeds depending on whether you have at least 1 bullet left.

  4. you have a lot of mm data, i have a feeling as you move up and down the ranks you may find that cts win in early ranks then back to ts in the middle ranks then back to cts in the mid high ranks? it would be interesting to know

  5. Nice Video as always Philip but what people really want to know is how the fuck did coldzera hit that shot in mirage at the MLG Columbus 2016…because it was the game-changer

  6. Does jumping when you're about to hit the ground reduce fall damage? I feel like it does, but it probably doesn't.

  7. While in freezetime, if you hold down mouse 1 and aim for the flower-pot, when rounds begins you fire without sound and bullet goes through that flower-pot without breaking it, meanwhile if you aim for the head of your mate and do the exact same thing you will recieve matchmaking cooldown. @3kliksphilip INVESTIGATE PLEASE 😀

  8. @3kliksphilip Why is the AK-47 an all around better rifle? Why won't they nerf it or make the M44/M4A1 have better headshot damage?

  9. WHen making a map for csgo, do you have to make the skybox by creating a giant block or texturing the the black background?

  10. Dear 3klikspilip, can you make a video about the stastistic of the lowest number of cases you have to open to get a knife? I'm trying to unbox my first knife

  11. hey where did you get Resistance map from MW3 in 2:07–2:12? i can't seem to find it in workshop

  12. +3kliksphilip What is the highest score you can get in one comp game and still win?
    I got 332 XD Its a conspiracy I tell you!

  13. I know you had the samson meteor mic for a long time and saw a lot of videos where you used it. That´s why i bought it but it seems like my Quality is much lower than yours. I already saw your Video for good audio quality but even if you don´t change anything in your recording it seems like its better than mine. And i can´t say why 🙁

  14. what if 3kliksphilip did a video on the radius of certain sounds in the game so we could know like, how far a smoke is bouncing around or how far a fire is blazing just by hearing it.

  15. Hallo Philip.
    Why is any map divided into different cubes?
    Why is the map not a cube like an open world?
    Can I calculate the physics better when I split a map into several pieces?
    my english is bad but I hope you will understand my question

  16. Hello Philip! I have a question:
    Is CS:GO Realistic?
    and heres the question, for example XM1014 when reloading it shows several bullets in hand loading a few of them but counted as 1 did valve dind't notice this or they did???

    (P.S look at the 7/0 reaload animation for shotguns for example XM1014 showing bullets in hand when realoading to 7 bullets but in the counter says 0 but shows few its a bug i think!)

  17. What's sad is that, I searched up 'Reloading a weapon' (as in in real life). And the second video I saw was some crappy CS:GO video like everyone makes… Nobody cares about real guns anymore? Am I the only one who plays FPS's cause I like to remind myself that there's US Marines out there, risking there very life for us? I guess I am…..

  18. Could you make a video on the most damaging guns that have the lowest equip time and recoil when firing one bullet at a time?

  19. I like how every gun name is in there but it says Autoshotty instead of XM1014. The R8 is called Revolver but that's okay since in game it's actually called R8 Revolver.

  20. I am honestly glad the dualies don't go from 15 to 30 during reload. Since the firing animation always shows both guns firing alternately, it'd be weord to consider half the bullets of one clip magically teleporting to the other.

  21. Stopping reload in shotgun by pressing right click mouse button may be useful when you are reloading but you want to stop to be silent cos you heard somone for example

  22. I think a cool addition to the dualies would to add a secondary fire mode, where both guns are shot at one, with much more recoil and delay to the next shot, this could allow them to one shot people if the player had good aim.

  23. I feel like valve should make it so that when one Beretta is loaded it gets 15 bullets and if the second one is not reloaded only the first one will fire

  24. wait so youre telling me that quick switching the AK when the numbers appear isnt any faster than waiting for the whole animation???

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