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CS:GO Update – Nuke MAJOR Changes • Shotgun Spread & More (~165 MB)

Out of nowhere Valve surprised us with an
update featuring some map changes, the shotgun spread being out of beta and some tweaks for
map makers. Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar,
Maxim here! The last big change we got was the new Dust2
back in October last year. This update is ~165 MB and also features some
map related changes. But let’s start with the gameplay changes,
you remember a while ago when they remade the overall shotgun spread? Yeah that thing is now live and official,
I suggest you start the game try the difference to get a feel for it. There’s been some big changes to help out
map makers. You can now choose to launch Co-Op strike,
Wingman and Flying Scoutsman as official modes for workshop items. This means that you’re now able to create
new maps for these game modes, which will open up new possibilites and ideas. There’s also a lot of added stuff related
to the same thing so basically all the resources needed can be used by anyone. Apart from the map making changes they’ve
also made it harder to get the Server IP in a certain circumstance to prevent some DoS attacks. This is obviously great news for server owners. Now let’s look at the map changes, the first
one being Nuke, where the first big change is that they, whoah, completely removed catwalk. Nope I did not change anything to prank you
guys this is the real deal. Here’s some other interesting changes, a-site
has been remade so there’s no way of getting up (just like old nuke), the blue window is
gone (not like old nuke), the back part of garage is now gone, you can now hide behind
this cover on B site, and there’s some new windows to make it easier to throw nades. I feel like these changes have been made to
make the map more casual and friendly for new players. To be honest I don’t know if I like these
changes but I need to test it out first and see what I feel about it, to give you guys my
opinion. They’ve also made some changes to the famous
map that no one cares about also known as Canals. Now the changes are actually good in my opinion
and will make the map better. This entire section is now removed, including
the window that overlooked the site and B site has some interesting changes which helps
CT’s get to the site quicker. There used to be a way up here that they also
removed for T’s, you can still get up there by doing a skill-jump which looks like this,
I actually thought this was pretty neat of them to have on the map. But that’s pretty much the most important
changes of Canals. Cache has also gotten some changes, you can
read them here it’s mostly fixes and some small adjustments, the same for Shipped. All in all, that’s pretty much the update. My main reaction is meh, I wasn’t super impressed
by it but it’s nice to see that the game is still getting some love from the developers
this early after a Major. So what do you think about the changes on
Nuke? And do you think the changes on Canals will
improve the map? Let me know down below. Hope you enjoyed the video, make sure you
follow me on Twitter and other social medias as well to see behind the scenes, I’ll see
you guys in the next one, and go bananas!

100 thoughts on “CS:GO Update – Nuke MAJOR Changes • Shotgun Spread & More (~165 MB)

  1. Oh forgot to mention that you can play the co-op map compound if you want. Download it from the workshop. That's pretty cool I guess.

  2. The Nuke changes makes it less fun. Just because everyone was complaining… but Nuke still looks good.
    They actually need to make changes on Inferno. It's a horrible map since the remake. Also the performance issues on Inferno are awful. Dust2, Nuke etc. runs fine while I and many others have annoying fps drops on Inferno.
    The Shotgun changes are interesting and makes them fit more into CS. A good change imo. We need a big change to the MPs though, because they're not fitting into CS in any way! The P90 is an obvious example. But also the others. Run and gun is not CS.

  3. They should do a chooseable vac system, which has acces to all of your computers files like faceit AC. And match them together. Maybe that could lower the amount of cheaters in MM. Cheaters are seriously ruining the game as times goes.

  4. why are you surprised the game is "getting love" after a major?? lol wtf.. seems like the most laziest map update ever

  5. hmmm… somehow i do get a feel that in the future canals will be a very good map to play if they continue to updating it

  6. I think you didn’t understand how god this update is. And Canals will be a competitive map just like they do with Overpass and Cobblestone…
    Nuke is way balanced now like the old one.
    You need time to appreciate what they do with those two maps trust me.

  7. Why do they have to change nuke :,( this map is the best one and was prety good since the remake but not like the old one that was perfect

  8. New nuke isn't as fun as the last Nuke. They made the map more narrow and block many paths, now its more like one way route. And B site has far too many corners to check now.

  9. Cus of bridge no more molo on vent B rush. Cus of no catwalk, you cant go up of garage. And the f…. third entrance on B is still there! Now this is totally tt side…map.

  10. The only change I see as a big deal on Nuke is removing the window. That's a major change, its been like that since the beginning and led to so many surprise kills.

  11. in the map nuke for me it's harder to get at catwalk (wich doesn't exist anymore) from T-site wich i kind of like but i also don't

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