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CS:GO – Top 3 Uncommon Tips for Snipers (2017)

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it out! Hey guys, Maxim here! This video will be my top 3 uncommon tips
for awpers. These are very uncommon but hopefully you’ll
like them. So let’s get to it. The first tip is a command that you probably
didn’t know about, being this. So what is this? What can we do with this, why is it so whoa. This basically changes the size of the scope,
by default it is set to 1, which is very close to nothing, setting this to for example 2
or 3 can make sniping feel better. Some people have even said it helps with the
blur but it’s mostly based on personal preference so I wanted to point this out just so you
know. Also everytime you have a friend who complains
about missing those easy shots, you know what I’m talking about? You can actually use this long command and set it to 1. This will show you the normal inaccuracy so
it could be useful for beginners. But I would suggest setting it back to 0 because
nobody likes blur. The second tip is actually for crabs, I mean
these players. There’s something I’ve not seen many people
mention regarding this style. Your butt sticks out more from one side than
the other. Look at this example, if I want to pick the
guy on the bridge from the left side of the balcony, my butt is hidden behind the wall. If I peek from the right side
then my butt is totally visible. What I’m trying to say is crouching while
the left part of your body is hidden is actually an advantage for you. Not only that, but you get VERY good accuracy
while crab-walking and shooting. This means that you can crab walk, peek like
a ninja, cover half your body and still get a kill. Just remember that this works better if the
left side of your body is covered. Last tip I have is the command zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse. By default it is set to 1. But a user on Reddit called uhufreak has a
new value for this command, 0.8189330- I’m just gonna put this here. So what’s this and what’s the big deal? According to the user, this value represents
your actual sensitivity. He has a very mathematical explanation of
why this value is the correct value to use but I’m not gonna go into it. To summarize why you would want this value
is because your zoom sensitivity uses a 4 by 3 scale which was standard back
in the old Quake days, cause everyone used 4 by 3 displays. This might be very useful because you can
use your muscle memory like you do with normal weapons but for sniping as well. You can try it out if you want to, but if
you’re used to what you have right now, then you might as well just keep it, as it is a
personal preference. So that was my 3 uncommon tips for the AWP
or snipers. Thanks for watching, hope this video was helpful,
I’ll see you guys soon but in the meantime, go bananas!

100 thoughts on “CS:GO – Top 3 Uncommon Tips for Snipers (2017)

  1. The last command (zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse 0.818933027098955175) is based on your sensitivity, not your resolution! With that said, even if you play with 4:3, it will still make a difference!

  2. that 0.81….. sens is not good, you should never copy any senses, you should use what you like the most, there is no "best" zoom sens.

  3. On the right side, your head is hidden behind the wall, so if your going against anything other than an AWP, you should stay on the right side.

  4. The crouchpeeking tip is actually terrible in my opinion.
    Your body gets larger while crouching and the enemy will actually see you before you can see them. Also you drop too hard on velocity, so it´s easy to shoot you. I know that the tip was about your left side being more covered than the right while crouching but please do not try to entry frag a side full crouched, just to be accurate

  5. WTF! I use zoom_sensitiviasjkdnanda_mouse 0.85 but now I understand why 😀 Awesome! Will change it to 0.8189 to see if it actually helps 😀
    Thanks a lot from the tips 😀

  6. if you want some war music check out my preview

  7. Can you make a series where you just play on 1v1 maps and such with friends? I think that would be fun to watch, as well as somewhat easy for you to make, since it's just casual playing, without much editing.

  8. Hey Maxim! Just wanted to say thank you for these tips! Specially the last one since I was trying to find my perfect zoom_sensitivity! Stay awesome and go BANANAS!

    I can't FLICK like I do with my ak -_____- it's always different
    tytyty much love :"

    for uhufreak

  10. My zoom sensitivity is 0.7 and im a pretty good awper, but some people tell me it is way too slow, should I change it?

  11. no offense but 1st  one was a common tip 3rd I knew but yeah it was not common   2nd gave me something new

  12. cl_crosshair_sniper_width 8 (it looks like 2 because of my resolution) is amazing, and so the cl_crosshair_sniper_show_normal_inaccuracy 0

  13. The zoom_sensivity_ratio_mouse 0.8……… command, how do you change It back to what you had before? I want to know this coz I felt better with the AWP with my old sens.

  14. The last command didn't work for me. I have a mouse that have button for DPI changes and the problem is probably there. I didn't notice any difference!

  15. i recommend not switching your zoom_sensitivity if you have awped for a long time and feel good with sniper and your current zoom sens

  16. I dont really see what it changes for cl_crosshair_sniper_show_normal_inaccuracy. Can someone point it out for me? Thanks

  17. Question: When crouching you said that the left part of the body is more visible, so does it apply also if you're using left-handed view?

  18. actually I came here just for the zoom sensitivity …and yes I already knew the o.818933027098955175 …but guess what it is just not the same like my other gun sensitivities ..any tips for that …sorry for my potato English

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