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Crossman M4-177 rifle review

Welcome to another review. This time
we’re reviewing the Crossman M4-177, which is based off of the common AR-15 style rifle. Now, i have the benefit of having
experience shooting the real thing so I feel I can give you a good comparison of the Crossman. The gun looks fairly realistic from 5 or
10 feet away. The first thing i noticed when
picking it up, is that it feels much lighter than the real thing and the plastic
feels much cheaper. Let’s look at some of the standard
specifications. It shoots .177 caliber BBs or pellets. The velocity is rated at 625 feet per second. It can hold 5 pellets per magazine, or 350 BBs in the reservoir. It’s a bolt action rifle that requires
manual pumping, so no CO2 is required, however by definition it can
only fire one shot at a time. And it will cost roughly $79 in most stores. The magazine is completely fake. But it does serve a useful purpose.
You can store little pellet magazines in there, which can come in quite handy.. This is how you load a pellet magazine into place. Closethe bolt to chamber the pellet. or you need to do now is pump it. the pump is cleverly hidden in the fake heat shield. if you want to load BBs instead, pour them into this hole. you also have to change the selector switch to allow BBs to enter the chamber. the rear sights are completely adjustable. you
can’t just up and down with this knob. And you can just left and right
with this one, as well as switch between two different sizes of hole in the rear sight. The front sight is adjustable for height using a special tool that is included with the gun. There’s also a mystery button that i cannot
figure out what it is for. It doesn’t seem to do anything, nor
is it mentioned the manual anywhere. If you figure out what this for, post it in the comments of this video. The spam test. As always, i test my guns against cans of spam for a consistent comparison of penetration power. In the first test, I used the flat-heat pellets that were included with the gun. According to the manual, I can pump it
to a maximum of ten times, so that’s what i did. on this test it penetrated completely through the first can of spam but did not even dent the second can. I decided to do one more test, only on the second test I decided to use these Gamo armour piercing pellets to see if it would make any difference. This time it actually penetrated a bit further by putting a pretty good sized dent in the second can. which means i can give this gun a spam score of about 1.1 target testing The sights had to be adjusted out of the box, but I think I finally got them right. it took 10 shots from fifty feet away. this was the result the fact that you can see the sun moving
between each shot is indicative of how long it took me to pump up the gun and re-aim each time. so with my final impression of this air gun? I’m not a huge fan of guns that you have to pump up. it just takes too long. it they had a semi-automatic version of this gun, it would be awesome. Now Crossman actually does manufacture a semiautomatic rifle, I think it has 12 pellets and its about $10 less money it’s it’s not a lot less money than this M4-177, but it looks more like a hunting rifle. I guarantee you if they made this gun in semi-automatic uh… it would be a hot seller! The other thing i can say is I’m a little
disappointed because i figured a pump action gun like this, I would have expected to have more power had more more velocity, but the
interesting thing is is that the actual advertised velocity of 625 is no greater than the CO2 powered versions that’s semi automatic. and according to
my spam test, as you can see it actually it doesn’t even do all that well. I had
tested another pump style BB gun and I believe I got 1 and a a half cans of spam penetration on it. uh… now theoretically you could
probably get more than that if you pumped this more than ten times but the manual says not to, and I don’t want to risk damaging it, so I’m not going to do that. but overall I’d say its a pretty cool gun. The fact that it holds 350 BBs and the fact that you can store a lot of extra pellets and stuff in here means that you could take this thing out you know hunting or whatever you want to
do with it and you’re not going to run out of ammo for a long time and so that’s pretty cool. And the fact that you don’t have to worry about running out of CO2 either. You could leave this thing in a closet for years, pull it out, pump it up and shoot it, and you don’t have to worry
about uh… if you have any fresh CO2 canisters. there are some advantages. and also it’s got a lot of ability to add different uh… we could put a scope on those uh… you could put a laser sight a flashlight, you can put a lot of stuff on this. Kinf of accessorize it up pretty cool, so You can do some pretty cool stuff with this. My final hope is that someday Crossman or somebody else will come out with a gun that looks like this that’s uh… semiautomatic as well. thanks for watching

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  1. I know at one point crosman made a gun called the .177 nightstalker, it didn't resemble an AR-15. but it was a semi automatic CO2 pellet gun that was tacti-cool looking. I don't know if I should have gotten it over the .22 cal crosman 2250 air pistol I got instead, but it was definitely a hard decision.

  2. I have a daisy pump action that goes 800 fps and can be pumped 10 times real fast and easy it cost $46 at Walmart and amazon

  3. The sights can be something else, but it is one cool rifle that can kill long range with small game. I don't shoot bb's with mine. Mainly Destroyer and Super Point Pellets.I can't fire off my revolver in my neighborhood freely, so that said I love backyard pesting with this weapon. In another video he says this can do heavy damage to a person close range on open skin, possibly killing them. I agree with him 625 fps and even more if you go a few pumps over 10.

  4. One of the few crosman’s I’ve got that didn’t have quality issues from new. Nice little gun and pretty accurate, of course the pump pivot started shedding plastic within the first day. Crosman is famous for throw away guns.

  5.  I am glad i am not the only one wondering what the mystery button is for.But as for the gun itself it is fun to plink with and is good for pest control.

  6. I've owned one of these for about a year now. I've easily fired 4,000+ pellets out if it. And about 25 bb's. with crosman premier ultra mags, and hollow points, it is incredibly accurate for a 10 pump. I've harvested 7 red squirrels and they all dropped with a single headshot. This gun has surprised me with its plinking accuracy. Don't waste your time with the open sights. I have a cheap 3-9/32 on mine, and can easily slap a beer can repeatedly at 50 yards. Due in part to its lack of recoil.

  7. The Mustery Button is to remove the Slide But off of the gun. Push Button and push But Slide of the gun up to remove.  There is a you tube video out there showing the but of the gun being removed…………

  8. Here's what I'd like to see.

    A ranking of the Top Ten most powerful pump air rifles and Top Ten most powerful CO2 pistols for under $75. 

    Then, the Top Ten most powerful CO2 air rifles under $75 – $100

  9. I would not try to hunt anything with that gun , maybe it could take a pigeon at close rage or a rat . Get a better pellet rifle in 22 cal for hunting please.

  10. Ok so i test this gun out 10 pumps go about 411 to 418 FPS and you can pump it 5 times for target practice and the FPS for 5 pumps is 350 to 380 so you don't need to pump it 10 times to shoot at a target for hunting 10 pumps is needed

  11. the button on the stock is to remove the stock its self. pull it back and pull the stock towards the top of the rifle.

  12. It is a lookalike to the M4 the AR15 has a longer Barrel and the stock is not adjustable.The Military version is the M16.With 500 fps power this would be good for popping pigeons and maybe rabbits.

  13. The button underneath the buttstock if you hold it back and lift the stock up off the reciever it will come off in one piece

  14. this is a cool air rifle…I have two, one with a metal AR15 carry handle & front sight and the other one has ar15 metal rear peep sight and front sight plus a variety of different kns precision front sight posts…I also added rubber buttstock pads to the stock which added an inch to the rifles length and with the extra weight of the full metal sights & carry handle has changed the overall feel of my crosman m4-177's.
    owning & shooting my M4-177 made me decide to get a crosman mtr77np recently! these crosman black rifles are a lot of fun and the nitro piston m16 lookalike is awesome!

  15. This gun is basically an over priced version of the Daisy 880. Better to buy a Benjamin Nitro Piston,, a far better value…!

  16. soy de ecuador x favor enviame una de esas dame tu cuenta o algo para depositar el dinero a u cuenta y m envie el arma es 80$ verdad

  17. If you used pointed or domed pellets as well as Prometheus pellets, like crosman PowerShot penetrators, then you would get better results with your spam test.

  18. First off it doesn't look like an "AR15 style" it looks like the AR4 / M4. The attachment point of the Crosman M4-177 removable telescopic stock to the Receiver is incredibly WEAK because the plastic flanges are too thin and brittle and ANY twisting or lateral pressure of the stock against the receiver will and DOES snap it off. The Crosman site has many complaints. Real world Pellet FPS is 420.

  19. That gun is a POS i had one in the 90's I threw it onto the highway st 78mph from a Chevy corsica It was junk then and newer junk NOW🖕

  20. Dude i got the same one and i pump it 15 times and it gos way faster, and i had it for 2 years, pumping it 15 times wont hurt it

  21. Do another spam test with this but pump it 16 times , you will freak how much more powerful it is, come on do it , you totally underestimated this rifle

  22. hello friend, I need support, 2 days ago I got stuck a diabolo in the barrel of my gun, so I had to disarm it and accidentally moved the cannon and disarmed and now I do not know how it goes, please I need help, Could you advise me?

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