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Crazy Russian Shotgun Slug – Strange Design – Awesome results

what was what was then the guys my name
is lost from the summer rush channel on the donor of the slots and we’re going
to watch different selfie the most work with today is very very funky looking
slog yeah it’s called the vodka is meant to be loaded this is facing forward the Holy was
supposed to create a hydra shok and increased killing power and all the
stuff they also have a reputation of tumbling and fumbling and this and that
so let’s see what you can do with it Thank You large today we have these very
unusual Russian slugs as you can see they’re Hollow and inside
there’s little veins and there’s also veins on the outside which are slightly
canted I painted that backside hoping that maybe we can see what’s going on as
they’re flying down range with our high-speed cameras now what’s unusual
about these is the hole in there is larger in the front and tapers down to
the back so they’re anything but nose-heavy these slugs are not going to
work like you think they’re going to work and we’ll explain that a little bit
later all right i’ll be shooting this funky
Russian hollow point you’ll see that the cavity there’s big enough to take a shot
of vodka from shooting it from a Weatherby PA 459 smoothbore tactical
shotgun for about maybe 15 yards away no one believes you whatever you say
anyway I had half a mile then yeah alone right that could have been my
fault well even with the practice ship’s log
that you’re a little bit off on every different type of round shot you know people think you cite in one
time and it’s that’s it you know it’s good for any kind i am open you got a
site in for every every slug its own little and it is a wreck that they’re
cute and that’s stainless steel and aluminum and cast cast aluminum so it’s
a hard drive is is a good representation of something I guess you know it could
be a door lock or a car door or whatever you know ya got a lot of material in there yeah
ok let’s go our budget high-speed cameras we’ve got three of them running
today three different angles now the slug seems to be flying very
stable we don’t see that yellow pink though I
wonder why that is we do see the white plastic gas check or
power piston whatever you want to call it flying alongside it flying in the vacuum created by the
shock wave now behind the hard drive is that quarter inch thick fiberglass ballistic paneling and that
paneling is very stiff and that slug just folded it that’s a lot of power ladies and
gentlemen boys and girls next up is the Kepler level 38 body armor I’m down well you don’t see that every time is
the best do you think the slug still in it be nice if we can recover one of them we’ve got some and then around still in
it and yes you can see the slow nice it was Ben it was flying straight
obviously lying straight hit right let’s interested you can look at the mushroom
on it yeah it’s hot it’s a battle zone and see
the yellow pink I put on her yeah well hopefully we can see that our
camera of yours can see how bad it is boiling hot I know your viewers can see how it just
smashes those Kevlar threads yeah even though the best has been shot many
many times with it with their slugs and I can’t feel this on youtube but that
thing is hot off the other night yeah a lot of his technical and sporting arms
there I say thank you thank you rod sorry I
messed up your shirt so it was right on the x what kind of
knife reserved also that is a spyderco lindura okay we’re about sponsored by
spyderco nice but it’s possible right nobody channel you’ll notice there’s a
lot of smoke from the shells that you know that’s typical with a higher power
shell and that’s often why we avoid shooting high brass it’s the biggest
reason why now once again we don’t see the yellow
paint that I put on the backside of the slug it does appear to be flowing very
stable but we see something white back there we were kind of expecting the
slugs to tumble through the air and not be very accurate but we were very
surprised how well these were performing so far now we only had four these slugs to
shoot that was it no practice shots with using these slugs we did take a couple
practice shots using regular foster slugs these landed slightly off from
where the posture sucks for hitting hey where you amen I’m going to him dead
center be doing his chin and his two top pause final ok so my point of aim was right here
between the paws and the chin looks like you hit about half an interested in
anything right that could be just up a hair’s breadth
or something of a crappy shooter – now and then we’ve got this guy was
definitely number to anyone who thinks they can shoot better than welcome to
come out here you might get a lot of offers they always are uh i live in england uh
I don’t have a good i love it wisconsin home yeah and this was cool wow you don’t pull slogan bedded it’s
just look at that quite a bit in bed that’s a and there’s always my watering I put a rubber watering behind there and
you can see from this shape that the thing expanded through the first three
gummies and it out and then begin tumbling yeah because we found him jam in there
to the side that’s the strangest expansion I’ve ever
seen expanded like he should’ve and then tumbled he gets back once again you can
see that yellow paint that was the back side so that not only that is the
weirdest expansion open up like a I don’t know what damage those are good slugs I don’t know what
Lars is talking about the reputation may be bad but their truth is they’re good
for such a weird slug – so the reason we’re not seeing that yellow paint on
the back side the slug is because that rubber disc is staying attached to the
slug because it’s flying supersonic and there’s a low pressure vacuum on the
backside the slug that’s keeping that rubber disc stuck to it there is no air flow going through that
slug while it’s flying supersonic since I messed up and I didn’t number of the
gummy bears and he is scattered all over the place when we shot him you can see that gummy bear there is the
one with the LED stuck in it that’s bear number five each bear is two-and-a-half to three
inches thick that gives you a rough idea how much gel
that slug went through so it certainly appears that the whole and the veins
inside that hole plano critical role at all as far as the
slug stability in supersonic flight now since that rubber disc stays attached at
least in every shot we’ve seen so far let’s tell me that the shock wave cone
is pushing all the air flow around the slug during supersonic flight hi Brad david says high brass on high
brass vodka shot yeah last shot at the LED plate everyone loves the light plate know how
come other channels onto the left blade that’s gotta be a fixture it’s live free
and dolphin seat ok any time to understand the context of
how I load these this is the power piston or the gas check that sits on top
of the powder then I put this rubber nitro card on top of it or wanting
that’s to prevent the power piston from being shut up into that slug itself ok so i know i know there’s a you can
see our a think trace of our LED or I’m sorry Arlo yellow paint and we believe
that to be a piece of the slug that has welded itself to the inside because that
cavity is your regular yep but deep this and showed the thug is not waiting so whatever but look over the plate see yeah it was close to going through that
that’s not a stock one quarter inches thick little more weight that winning
pounds of light and that’s as an effort is being blasted through that very you
know its accuracy about as good as you can expect better than I expected not bad at all i gotta say we were very
pleased with the performance of these slugs we were expecting tumbling and all
that going on but they were very stable and because they were very stable they
were accurate I gotta say I was surprised that that
rubber disc state attached like that now we’ve seen that before shooting
other projectiles and usually as the slug source to decelerate at about 50
yards or so it eventually drops off because the slug
is slowing down and going transonic or subsonic now what I don’t know is if that hole in
the veins in the whole possibly play some kind of factor at subsonic speeds
to keep it stable that we don’t know thank you Greg for putting up with me
and the hundred five degree heat today and thank you lars percent these these
slugs just from Russia all the way from Russia that’s awesome and if you haven’t
already died check out large channel survival Russia great guy and you’re
lucky maybe we’ll send us some other stuff

100 thoughts on “Crazy Russian Shotgun Slug – Strange Design – Awesome results

  1. …from a guy speaking fluent Russian and some Danish – the guy has a fucking danish accent to his English, not Russian! Why the fuck he calls himself russian?

  2. FYI i fried a hard drive with about 150,000 bit coins on a 250gb wd drive in hawaii in made them back in 2001 and kept them finally threw it away in 06

  3. this hole works like a stabilizer and reduce mass
    more speed more power less resistance
    once I made an arrow to a crossbow made of paper it was only a glued roll that broke the records of my previous project arrows and it flew perfectly after it was simple and the impact force was dangerous anyway
    think about the effects you can get by making an arrow with a 6mm thin-walled metal tube

  4. That looks like it would kill them from the pressure hitting their chest. I'm curious if it's enough to stop a heart.

  5. Why did you not give it more range, these shots were too close to target for the round to do anything but fly straight, you were shooting them at "birdshot" range

  6. We were able to obtain a box of these rounds through Sportsman Guide a few years back.  140 lb. White Tail Doe broadside at 45 yards…The round passed through the nearside front shoulder destroying it.  Destroyed the spine at the base of the neck and blew the opposing leg OFF the deer.  The head/neck were held on the body by a few remaining strands of skin & fur… We basically through away the front half of that deer….These rounds were designed for HEAVY Wild Boar & Bear hunting.  The hollow cavity comes into play after the slug contacts soft flesh forming a hypersonic liquid bubble in front of the slug. Much like the nose of a Fighter Jet travelling at Supersonic  Speed pushes the air in front of the plane creating a negative pressure wave providing stability and maximizing expansion…The are Bang Flop Deadly Meat Grinders on Deer out to 120 yards.  They would make an outstanding close range Elk or Moose round. Rumor has it that Alaskan Hunting & Fishing Guides carry these in their defensive shotguns…Never seen anything like it.

  7. Yes, that's our bullet. We call it a impeller, it begins to rotate because of the coming inside the tapering hole with "blades". Very effective both in accuracy and homicide.
    Hello from the Arctic part of Siberia!

  8. I volunteer to shoot……I probably won’t be as accurate as O.G but I have a Mossberg Shockwave (12ga)! Have shotgun, will travel LOL

  9. How can such a Sick and extremely Accurate Slug like this, have a bad Reputation?! Only becaus it's from Russia?

  10. That expansion is not weird, the slug breaks on the side and then just stretches out causing the tumbling!

  11. This slug is not Russian. This was invented by Alexander Mayer in Georgia and this bullet is called the Mayer's bullet. People are misled with you. correct your post.

  12. Lead poisoning can be absorbed thru the skin so if you handle a lot of lead you might want to use gloves or use a other material.

  13. "It's lead free and dolphin safe" haha. I wonder how much the rubber disk effects the flight characteristic? (assuming it could be fired sans power piston injection without one)

  14. 3:45 made me wonder. Is the slug hot from the powder explosion, the supersonic flight, the spreading on the vest, or all the above? I mean, where does MOST of the heat come from?

  15. Accuracy = desirable
    Penetration = DEEP
    Expansion = gaping

    Like my wet dreams, how can I get my hands on one round for real…

    Yup, very scientific video. Avid among aero design. Cd, drag coefficient, in theory lift:drag doesn't always work as we think we expect by looks for desired use. Moreover, a compensation for effect by constraints to the capabilities of a simple shot gun and ammo design. Do we have any cabinet weaponry to date off hand to expand and try to push the ammo limitations?

    Albeit, to extremes we may never need. Or desire. Perhaps YouTube video of someone taking their tractor out behind the barn, and do what needs to be done… Ya know, when the poor neglected bastard left to rot nobody wants it, no we won't help you load..

    eh, smelt it… To The Dip!

    Maybe I'll recast you into a motor block, or ant colony art install… who knows.

    But, I put gas in you, and you start… Oh I can't. Not yet.

    One day Ford tractor, one day, I'll take you home.

    Ya know, a real Hallmark moment! Can this kill a deisel engine… Also, what might be the best non-bulletproof, "bulletproof" road tire.A solid rubber bobcat wheel challenge. What do other over the counter materials can one aquire for, gail/tornado force winds? I see ammo, as a constant, for material compression, tinsel, hydrualic, shear and peircing strengths. I still don't get the idea living in mother nature's shit storm path, and still use drywall.. how about the strength and protection of a natural log wood cabin eh?

  16. Doug Skucas
    I already cast and shoot Lyman 12 gauge slugs. I sure would like to get my hands on a mould to cast those babys!

  17. Somehow I was trying to find a different video but….. Anyone have any thoughts about the Kel-Tec KSG 12Gauge? Just bought one Used but brand new never fired…… for (tense music..) $400. please tell me I didn't get ripped off. This is for home protection and I liked the Minimal size with major capacity (14 rds) and the ability to load buckshot in one side and slugs in the other. I was going to Buy a Benelli M4, so I saved a ton of cash. I still may buy the Benelli lol.

  18. Strangest coincidence ever, this video was a Youtube suggestion, I wasn't looking for it and only yesterday I was trying to come up with a method of spinning a bullet from a smooth barrel, ended up with a hollow bullet with internal fins and here it is, weird.

  19. shouldn't have a super sonic slug a kind of a boat tail, bcs of the low pressue behind the projectile and to stabilize it with that as well?

  20. Hey Tfm and OG are you having trouble with Sasenach/sais/ sous viewers ( that's the UK for you) don't rate us all as there are 3 first people's here. The others are newbys at 1,200 years.ha ha

  21. Yes, there was such a bullet, in Soviet times, it was called "Mayer turbine") according to the designers,it had to rotate in flight. I have not found such.

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