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Crazy Road Rage with a Gun with My Kids in the Car

He’s got a gun! What’s up guys! Ryan here with Tampa Carry Welcome to my channel. If you’re new here, we talk about everything that has to do with guns, concealed carry and self-defense. Consider subscribing if you get any amount of value from this video You know for years I’ve been hearing from students that somebody flashed a gun at them in a fit of road rage or pointed a gun at them in traffic, but it never really happened to me, until a week ago. so I’m cruisin’ down the street and my 6fo Sorry, it was actually a Mercury Mountaineer but just doesn’t sound as cool as a 64 Impala, you get it When all of a sudden this guy just started to drift into my lane. It was I started blowing my horn I was honking and I really thought this guy was just on his cell phone But then he just kept forcing me off the road then eventually he pulled over and got back into his own lane What a jerk So we pulled up to the red light this guy rolled his window down so me, being the dumbass that I was, I roll my window down so we could have some choice words with each other man. What the hell was that? Learn how to drive, buddy. Let’s do it. Oh you messed up now, buddy. You messed up. This mother guy can’t believe this guy Now what this guy did is called brandishing so brandishing is when you display a firearm in a rude, careless, angry, or threatening manner that is not necessary for self-defense and in Florida, Brandishing has a prison sentence of one year in a state prison even worse This guy gave me a legal right to kill him Right in front of his very young son. And you know what for a moment, I really thought about it In fact, my gun was right there in my hand and I could have easily pulled the trigger and ended it I chose to kind of get out of the moment because pulling that trigger has a lot of heavy consequences and you guys know that now I’m sure you guys have heard me say that our goal Is to avoid a violent encounter really at all costs now when this man pulled up and started screaming at me, I should have just sat in the vehicle looking forward Kept my mouth shut But that’s really easy for me to say now I’m relaxed, you know, the situation happened a week ago But in the heat of the moment I was pissed I was full of lots of adrenaline and the emotions got the best of me I decided to confront the guy and it escalated really, really fast. Now, what would you have done in this situation? Leave a comment below and share with me if you’ve ever had something like this happen To you before and if you want to learn more about Florida gun laws make sure you watch this video right here to learn the 15 places you can never bring your gun in the state of Florida until next time stay safe

39 thoughts on “Crazy Road Rage with a Gun with My Kids in the Car

  1. Very Good example, of how thng's can get out of hand, My self I would have never roiled my window down. When he brought the gun into it, He would have been dead. You had no way of knowing he was not going to pull the trigger. He was certainly giving all the signs he was. The only problem would have been you were alone, and had no witness, and the children in is car.

  2. Question what are the rules for having a vehicle holster here in Florida while having a ccw from what I've gathered if it's true or not as long as its not in plain site (being able to clearly see a gun through the any of the windows) and if that's the case could I have a holster between the center console and the seat and just toss a hat or hand towel over it. Since im a lefty drawing would extremely time consuming cost precious time in a bad situation

  3. Well, I’d like to say that I would have started hitting the brakes when he was drifting into my lane and let him just stay ahead. But…….knowing me I probably would have done the same as you, lol. However, since my cwl just got approved (thanks for that 12 week wait time Nikki), I am hoping I’ll be more cautious once I have a weapon with me. The FIRST thing I’m doing is getting carry insurance before I ever walk out of the house with a loaded weapon. Your class really opened my eyes to that.

  4. I think there should be a Law warning citizens a sign posted right beside the No Guns Allowed on these premises sign, That is in Big letters, saying the following; DANGER ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK, THIS IS A POTENTIAL A MASS SHOOTING LOCATION AND YOUR LIFE IN IN DANGER

  5. These days having a vehicle camera with audio is a must. I'd get his license plate number and report him because he was careless with his kid.

  6. Never happened to me yet but i like to think id probably try and evade the person best i could and if that doesn't help then its time to go to work. Question, do you happen to know the the law on how much property you need to have to shoot on it in Florida?

  7. As described there isn't enough info about how this situation evolved prior to getting to the light. But with kids in the car I would have taken the over cautious tact and backed off when they encroached into my lane. Horns aren't so effective anymore anyway with all the things people are distracting themselves with while driving.

  8. Hey Ryan @tampacarry What's up sheep dog! Hey remember that this same thing happened to me on I75. My twist is that I started to speed up to get away and was pulled over by FHP and as the officer came to my window I explained what went on and just as I am speaking the guy in the truck speed right by us. Fortunately the officer pulled him over and found the firearm and found the guy had a warrant out for his arrest! This happens more often than people realize! Either way great vid!

  9. That’s a Tough call, and having kids in the mix makes it tougher. But in my opinion you did well. Many people will say they would do this or that but until your encountered with the situation you never know how you would react. I’ve been in a few similar situations were they act like they have a gun or say something like I’ll shoot your ass. But When it gets to that point I reacted just like you said. Stay ready, observe the situation and try to deescalate. I don’t want my Ego to play any part of my decision for a self defense situation.

  10. I think you did the best thing. I think I would have also. You should do a video on Florida’s red flag law. Let everyone know how much our legislatures respect the rights spelled out in the 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments.

  11. what I would do in your situation? before i even get myself into potential danger, maybe i'll just slow down and get behind him when he crosses over into my lane. I'll just let him do what ever in front of me. I think the lesson here is defensive driving more than defensive gun use.

  12. If that would have happened to me in Tampa on a 95 degree day at 90 percent Humidity and my car's AC was out, I believe I would have shot both him and his degenerate kid.

  13. I live in the Miami-Dade area (crazy people area) of Florida and had this happen to me twice in about 25 years. Both times I just kept the window closed and got out of there as soon as possible. Best rules are as follows: if confronted with a crazed gun dude, RUN!. Secondly, only pull your weapon if running in zig-zags did not work. Hope this helps.

  14. You did the right thing! Especially with kids around and the ability to safely retreat. Its good he didn't open fire though because it is very difficult to defend yourself while seated in a car, not to mention the potential loss of hearing from a discharge in an enclosed area. You and your Son where able to finish out your days activities unharmed. A happy ending.

  15. That's a hard place to be anything can happen ,I think it's better to avoid a bad situation at all cost better to walk away until the other person won't let you .I no once my gun comes out and the other person gives me no choice it's on.But I will do everything I can to avoid being the aggressor .I the same thing in a street fight try and walk away .

  16. Would of done about the same would of had my gun at the ready cause it’s mounted under my steering wheel but prob would of chose to stay back at the light I already have a hard enough time with my gf and her road rage and her getting us into situations like this … that she’s no longer allowed to drive now that I carry in fear she will push someone to the point where I have to defend my self and her, I live in wa state similar laws I believe, they call it castle doctrine but reading the law deadly force is allowed if where the incident happens ur allowed to be there …. basically public property type stuff I believe

  17. I haven't had a gun pulled on me since junior high. Keep your kids out of Madison school. It's a shit hole.

  18. I've learned (probably with age) that getting pissed off about people's dumbass driving that didn't risk my life or damage to my vehicle isn't worth me getting my blood pressure and my emotions all worked up so I'd probably let it go. However, I was in the hospital many years ago while I lived in NJ and I got a roommate in the middle of the night. He was involved in a road rage incident similar to this but the guy followed and after he dropped his gf off at home he drove home not knowing he was being followed and when he got out of his car the guy shot him. Stay alert and stay alive and remember as a gun owner and a CCL holder you must put you testosterone in check.

  19. As you said, better off to have ignored or de-escalate somehow, but….. Remember, always that pulling that trigger, even if you are right, haunts you forever. One is bad enough, obviously, but I have a score of demons that haunt me. But I am still here. They are not. That is the bottom line. They did not get the chance to harm the people I care about that we're with me at the time.

  20. Staying silent does not always work either it makes them even more angry, did the right thing by backing off, A Dash Cam will come in real good in cases like this

  21. The best thing to do is to slow down when it started and let him get far ahead did that one night coming home form work. I worked Jannus Live got off at 1:00 am in the morning people drive crazy on the HF bridge guy pulled into my line I backed off and slowed down

  22. Saw a situation once on the Howard .F.rankling Bridge a guy hit a motorcycle I just came up on the scene, 20 other motorcycles stopped all running toward the incident I hoped that guy had a gun with him

  23. Hey Ryan, I would like to hear the whole story. How did the situation deescalate? What happened afterwards. What did you do in detail during and after?

  24. I think you need to stop giving advice as to how to keep your kool, and you need to start exercising that knowledge to your own self. really! I have watched many of your videos, and I really think you need to evaluate the power that you carry with you when you are armed. you could either take someone's life in a second and or you could ruin you and your families lives in a second, forever. I personally have been called MF, been cut off while driving, bird flips, etc. and all without any provocation on my part. but because I know that I have 15 reasons on my hip as to not react to stupidy, that has kept me safe and sound. because on a daily basis I always remind myself, that my firearm is to be used only in case of fear of death or serious bodily harm to either myself, my family or others if the situation demands quick action to save a life or lives. you seem like a really cool guy, so stay that way, for family friends and your kids. life is beautiful, but not from behind bars or a crypt.

  25. I was on I-95 with my boyfriend(at the time) and some guy was driving all crazy so my man flicked him off. Wel this kook pulled a gun and pointed it at us, so my boyfriend pointed his back… dude slammed on brakes, on I-95 mind you, and got slammed into by a car!! Bottom line… road rage is bad..mmmm-k

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