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Couple arrested after video shows handgun in toddler’s mouth

A couple in Indiana have been charged with
child neglect after this video recorded on a mobile phone, shows the pair telling a one-year-old
baby to put a gun in her mouth and instructing her to make gunfire sounds. Authorities in Evansville said on Friday they
found the video on the phone of Michael Barnes, who was arrested on Thursday after he agreed
to sell a handgun to an undercover officer through social media. During what police called a follow up investigation,
officers looking through Barnes’ phone discovered the video of the one-year-old putting the
gun in her mouth. Police said in the background, two adults,
identified as Barnes and the toddler’s mother, Toni Wilson, encouraged the child to play
with the weapon. Both Barnes and Wilson face multiple charges
in the incident, including child neglect and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. The 12-month-old girl and one-month-old twins
found in the home were placed in emergency care.

15 thoughts on “Couple arrested after video shows handgun in toddler’s mouth

  1. If the gun was loaded then the arrest is understandable. Also that he could be teaching the small child to grab the gun, thus something could happen later. Otherwise there is nothing wrong, you have the right to own and use guns. 

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