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Conservatives Blame Everything but Guns for the Parkland Shooting: The Daily Show

While the shooting
was happening, an armed deputy stayed outside
the school doing nothing. And that’s heartbreaking. And look, I don’t know why that deputy failed
to enter the school. I mean, personally, I wouldn’t
go into a high school, but period. Yeah. Like, one time
I gave a motivational speech at a high school,
and a bunch of ninth graders called me “Apartheid McDimples.” It was brutal. So I’m never going back. But look, you have to admit, what this deputy did
was inexcusable. He just blew off
the basic purpose of his job. And when people found this out, they didn’t wait four minutes
to go in on him. There’s no one I talk to
that is not disgusted that the local sheriff’s deputy
that was there did not go in and kill
that individual. An armed guard appears to have really, really failed
to do his job. The sheriff has to go.
He has to resign. The deputy’s actions
were unconscionable. Damn, that was harsh–
that was like hearing the white people version
of “(bleep) the Police.” (laughter) And this time,
it’s not… it’s not enough just to deal with law
enforcement’s bad apples, no. Some people want to clean house, starting at the top
with Sheriff Scott Israel. NEWSMAN: More than 70 Republican
state lawmakers on Sunday demanded Florida governor,
Rick Scott, suspend Israel, the same day Scott announced
a state-run investigation into the law enforcement
response to the shooting. Are you really not taking
any responsibility for the multiple red flags that
were brought to the attention of the Broward Sheriff’s Office
about this shooter before the incident,
whether it was people near him, close to him,
calling the police on him… Jake, I could o… Jake,
I could only take responsibility for what I knew about. I exercised my due diligence. I’ve given amazing leadership
to this agency. -“Amazing leadership”?
-I’ve work… Yes, Jake. (laughter) “Amazing leadership”? You could see Jake Tapper
in his mind did a spit take. He was like,
“(blows raspberry) What?” “Amazing leadership”?
I’m sorry, but no. Denzel Washington
in Remember the Titans? That was amazing leadership. -Yeah.
-(laugher, applause) Denzel in Malcolm X? That was amazing leadership. (cheering, applause) Denzel in Coach Carter? That was Samuel L. Jackson.
You’re racist. (laughter) Look… it’s clear that
the deputy didn’t do his job. He was armed,
he was at the school, and he didn’t help. Now, for some people, this shows
exactly why there’s no point in arming teachers. Because if a trained officer
didn’t come to the rescue, then how is Mrs. Flenderson
gonna do any better? But for others, for others,
the deputy failing to go in shows exactly why you need
teachers to be strapped. A lot of us have said
you need to arm teachers, carry and conceal, because you
can’t count on the prevention or that you’re
gonna catch ’em every time. A security guard
doesn’t know the children, doesn’t love the children. This man standing outside of…
the school the other day doesn’t love the children, probably doesn’t know
the children. The teachers love
their children. They love their pupils.
They love their students. So what we need is someone
who loves high school kids and knows their way
around guns. Wait a second.
I know just the guy. -Yeah.
-(laughter) What? The dude needs a job! (applause) Can’t work at the mall.
Come on. Here’s what frustrates me
in this gun violence discussion. People make it seem like
there’s only one problem and only one solution. “It’s the guns.”
“No, it’s the cops.” Maybe it’s both.
Maybe it’s both. Like, there are some problems with more than one factor
to them. You know? Like, it’s, “Yes, she
met someone more attractive, but you’re
also an asshole. Yeah.” So you have to work on both
of those factors, by becoming a nicer person
and by disfiguring your rival. All right? It’s the same
with school shootings. Maybe with better training,
the deputy would have known how to go into the situation while still keeping himself
relatively safe. But maybe with better gun laws, once the deputy
did go into the school, he wouldn’t have to face
a teenager with an AR-15. Yeah. There’s no… -(applause, cheering)
-one solution. There’s no one solution that’ll
solve all mass shootings. Except…
for this one solution. I got to watch
some deputy sheriffs performing this weekend. They weren’t exactly, uh… medal of honor winners,
all right? You know, I really believe– you
don’t know until you’re tested– but I think I… I really
believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon. (audience reacts) I like that
he’s honest enough to say, “Look, I-I haven’t tested this.
Uh… (laughter) “But I think, uh, yeah,
I think I would run in. “Without a weapon, yeah.
Yeah, I think I would run in. I think I would.
I think I would.” To be fair, to be fair, if Donald Trump ran into a
school during a shooting, I do believe he would actually
stop the shooting, yeah. Because imagine
you’re a school shooter and Donald Trump appears
in the hallway, how distracting would that be?
He would just be like, (mimics Trump): “That’s right,
it’s me, Donald Trump. “I don’t have a gun,
but what I do have “is an amazing electoral college
victory. “They said I couldn’t win. “736 college– but I did it,
folks. I did it.
I did it so good.” (normal voice): Like,
eight minutes later, the police show up,
Trump is still talking. The kid is, like, what the hell
is happening here? It would work. (cheers and applause) But, like, but, like,
for real, though? For real? (mimics Trump):
“I think I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.” (normal voice):
Really? Yeah? It would be ridiculous coming
from anyone, but especially from Trump. He’s gonna run in? Yo, when Trump ran for
president, that was the first time he ran
in his entire life. Come on, man. (cheers and applause) No, you’re telling me,
you’re telling me, this guy is brave enough to run
into an unarmed– he’s brave enough to run into a
school shooting– I know, really– this guy? Really? The same guy, the same guy, who
clung to a secret service agent like he was the last life vest
on the Titanic. That guy? That guy? Really, Trump cares so much
about helping people that he’d jump into the middle
of a school shooting with nothing but his
fun-sized fists? Really? That guy? But, but he’s also the same guy who proudly tells this story: TRUMP: -Really? That guy?
-(audience exclaims) That guy was gonna run in and
stop a school shooting? Get the (bleep) out of here,

100 thoughts on “Conservatives Blame Everything but Guns for the Parkland Shooting: The Daily Show

  1. That guy that ran one other time remember? When he dodged the draft by getting a fake note from the doctor so that he wouldn't have to go to war is gonna jump in front of an AR-15 without a weapon? Trump? Okay.

  2. Security guards do love the children, so they protect the children. Trust me, I've held a conversation with every member of school staff that had a minute to stop in the hallway.

  3. the only time they even thought about having security guards at my school was when a shooting and bomb threat/rumors spread around my school. mind you they found bb guns in a kids locker. and they considered it then, but never actually went with it because money was tight. a year later they redid the whole school. still no security, just two new receptionists.

  4. Okay Spanky President Bone Spurs I think I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon
    …somebody revive me when this s***'s over

  5. Instead of arming teachers with guns, we should give them a remote-controlled robot that looks like Trump and who just keeps on rambling about the Electoral College until the police arrive. Would be much more effective.

    (BTW, this was sarcastic. We should actually impose stricter gun laws and stronger back ground checks)

  6. You cant have mass shooting problem if people dont have guns, how difficult it is for americans to understand?? What is moroon of a country u all are

  7. Strange Americans and their behaviour, first arm every citizen with guns, then if someone shoots , cry about that, and then ask for more guns in the name of self defence. What a strange society you guys are making. Plain ludicrous.

  8. Election Day is November 6th
    UDA USA USA!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. So conservatives are the Engineer from TF2. They are presented with an issue and they say "The answer? Use a gun. And if that don't work, use more gun."

  10. 3:05 I don’t know what the context was, but it seems awfully out of character to have an Australian flag in the background.

  11. 7:00 lost my shit and laughed my ass off for a good 5 min and then in sunk in that he's our president and suddenly stopped laughing. We're fucked

  12. I know a school that checks bags every time u exit and enter the school
    Really annoying for me cause my bag is hard to open, but you know, peace of mind

  13. The shooter didn't break the law until he went in to the school and started killing people there's nothing the sheriff Israel could have done

  14. The promise act from eric holder stopped enforcing the laws so the kids wouldN'T be ineligible for collage …HENCE THE cops not doing shit…the obama FBI KILLED YOUR FUCKING KIDS. WTF are these morons talking about… they think we are stupid and we are NOT!

  15. I bet if the shooter was non-white that cop would’ve ran in there and killed him in less than a minute

  16. The only president that would run in with his bare hands and make that kid shoot himself with his own ar-15 is Putin.

  17. Amazing. Some psychotic asshole who's been dangerous for years, is ignored by police, FBI and his own teachers, gets a gun, goes and kills 17 people, but it's the GUN'S fault, not HIS, not the shooter, not the INDIVIDUAL'S fault, it's the gun's fault. The gun MADE him go kill? The gun FORCED him to go on a murder spree? I would LOVE to hear what Svengali power these guns must have that when somebody uses them to commit a crime, they are not at fault whatsoever.

  18. It's hard for me to judge the deputy as I don't know the whole story but the fact remains that people in America have Way Too Easy access to firearms. Come on America !! How many more people need to be killed or seriously hurt before you'll say 'Enough is Enough' ?!!!

  19. Trump is more outraged by football players kneeling in protest than school shootings and gun laws…

  20. What I think of when reflecting back on this is why nothing was done before this happened? He was posting stuff on social media about wanting to be a school shooter. He was posting all kinds of hints that he was up to something. He was reported. Cops have been to his house before, unrelated to the social media posts. Nothing was done, and this could have been stopped before it even happened.

  21. Wow what the fuck is the point of the bit at the end? Who the hell admit to the world the first thing they thought when somebody is bleeding is 'it ruined the floor'???

  22. To the people of parkland, and all other hurt by poor gun control. May your faith carry you on and make you strong. 💛 Schools should be a place of safety and security. You should not have to worry if you will get your child back at the end of the day. We as a community must hold each other accountable and take better care of each other.

  23. If the shooter is shooting people outside the school, only then he’s going to run into a school unarmed, cowering behind the children..

  24. guns are never the issue… guns are just tools…no matter what the fault will always lie with the human behind it….
    just like cars…extreme sports……politics…..religion…..

  25. Guess what, criminals don't follow laws. That shooter would've gotten a gun illegally if they were banned. We need armed teachers.

  26. Well, DUH trevor you moron! If you shoot a man with your gun do you hold the gun responsible?.

    You think in every court case that involves a murder with a firearm they dont blame the defendant but the weapon he used?.

  27. I would probably forgive the officer even if I died. He has a family that he needs to support, so just me and just me thinks that a life of a dad is more valuable that a child. Sorry if it's offensive or anything

  28. Can someone please PLEASE explain to these old men that having a gun doesn't add inches to your dick?
    And yeah I'm sure this orange man would run into the school…
    The guy who dodged the Vietnam draft.

  29. It's unfortunate that now some school districts are considering arming teachers however looking at recent events I don't see another alternative, unless you want to have at least 5 armed guards or police officers in every school in America

  30. IDK what this 🍊 is talking about but the school security knew every face at my school and we loved her and she cared about us. Not a single school shooting thank God

  31. The coward-in-chief can’t even run into McDonald’s to get his triple Big Mac and large fries meal!

  32. With the whole "guns don't kill people, people do" thing, I kinda agree with it. It's just that I think "people kill people, but guns make it easier". So guns are to blame for the severity, but not the killing itself. Another way to think about it is with hammers and nails. Yeah, it's possible to drive a nail into wood without a hammer, but a hammer would make it much easier; especially since it's designed for that. Would you say the hammer drove the nail in, or the person did? I'd say the person, but the hammer helped them. The hammer is responsible for the speed, but not the being hammered in part.

  33. The sword has been replaced with the gun. The Bible says if u live by that bitch u’ll die by it. So the suicides of Eusa plus cops doing the same thing is moving right in the direction of it.

  34. The funny thing is he stopped his limousine in the 90s and stopped a guy with a bat for on mugging another guy and with multiple reports to the sheriff 3 reports to the fbi 2 YouTube videos of the kid saying he was going to do this there’s no reason he should’ve been able to carry this out the gun wasn’t at fault I have multiple guns none have ever been used to shoot another person and I hope to keep it that way

  35. "Malala got shot in her face by Taliban in Pakistan.. fortunately she survives"

    Americans- " ew.. sucha weird place.. children cant go to school there.. such a dangerous place.. shit hole "

    Talibann- " really ?? Shut the fuck up.. we kill a child one at a time.. look at u.. a dozzen minimum every month in America.. loosers.. have some mercy.."

  36. Donald Trump is absolutely disgusting on so many levels, but this tape of him saying that he was disgusted by an elderly man falling to the floor and cracking his head on the floor because the "beautiful floor" was marred just takes him to a different zenith of hellish awfulness altogether. And his cronies -_- What is the supposed greatest nation on Earth coming to?

  37. It has nothing to do with guns or gun control. It's the deranged mentality of people. Crazies will get guns even if they're banned, that's a fact.

  38. Donald SHOULD run into a school during a shooting. He might not save anyone but if were lucky hed get shot

  39. Is the title of this video blame guns. So if someone shoots 20 people, wich you dont need a ar-15 to do that, we should blame it on the gun and let the guy go.

  40. I never understood why your Americans kill people so easily and want people dead for bad actions they've done.

  41. Thank God; the anti-gun nut jobs who are incapable of grasping the meaning of the second amendment, statistics, or basic cause & effect relationships are on the warpath again!

    Number of gun deaths per year (not including suicides or accidents) in the US: UNDER 12,000
    Number of people killed due to a doctor's bad handwriting in the US per year: approx. 7,000
    Number of people killed from falling in their own home per year in the US: approx. 6,000
    Number of people killed due to medical mistakes per year in the US: OVER 250,000
    Number of people killed from taking prescribed medication as prescribed per year in the US: OVER 130,000
    Number of people killed in auto accidents in the US per year: OVER 32,000
    Number of alcohol related deaths in the US per year: approx. 88,000
    Number of tobacco related deaths in the US per year: at least 480,000

    If the melodramatic Parkland clowns actually cared about human life, they would have been rallying for reform in any one of the far more preventable and more prolific causes above, long before anyone was killed on their high school campus. What if these angst ridden opportunists had all died in a fiery bus crash on the way to the Capitol? Would we have seen teenagers jousting for the "most aggrieved look of despair" award on camera demanding the banning of busses and trips to Tallahassee? Well, it's Florida, so maybe . . .
    A gun is an inanimate object; therefore, it CANNOT harm anyone (barring a misfire or freak accident) without a HUMAN BEING either misusing it or deliberately using it to do harm to a living creature. Figure it the hell out, please.

  42. TEACHERS ARE CIVILIANS OFFICERS CALLED TO A SCHOOL SHOOTING WITH A CIVILIAN PERPETRATOR THEY ARE GOING TO FUCKING SHOOT WHOEVER THEY SEE ARMED they tell us this themselves when they come to speak at our schools. They tell us not to pick up any weapons.

  43. Nothing funny about a kid getting shot, but someone has to give the news, if you do it with anger you turn into Nazi Germany I guess. Found nothing funny in this video though

  44. Wait, you really expect a mall cop (this case a “school deputy”) to run into a school with an active shooter alone with out any back up? You’re kidding right? You can’t expect a mall cop to fly into a high school with an active shooter and then say “hey look at me imma kill you” pew pew. He’s not batman.

  45. In the USA cops are not required to immediately respond when they see a situation happening in some states(yes its bullshit but unfortunately one of our laws most don't know. The deputy was a coward and deserved far worse words then he received). That aside great work keep up the videos


  47. This is not fair to SRO's and security officers at schools……So easy to blame them…….Trump is a an idiot

  48. No, I do not blame the guns, I have 23 firearms and not 1 ever got up and shot no kids in school. As for the sheriff, he is a pussy

  49. There is teens with army rifles in schools in America?…really?I when I first heard schoolshooting I just think "ah schoolshooting?Is it means hanging out when you should have go to school?" and I just found that Turkey just to innocent…

  50. We need teachers to carry guns because they are great people who love their students, but don’t give them a living wage because they are greedy money hungry people. This is the Republican Party, from someone who hate both parties.

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