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Concealed Handgun In A Vehicle, In Idaho, With No Permit?

Can you carry a firearm loaded, and concealed inside your vehicle in the state of Idaho? I’m Greg Pruett with the
2nd Amendment Activist channel! For those that don’t know me, I’m an activist for the 2nd Amendment, obviously. And I am also the President and Founder of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. A grassroots group in the state of Idaho that pushed for and passed Constitutional Carry back in 2016. Alright, so 4C is where most of the confusion on the vehicle question comes. Alright, so, all of these right now are really tackling Constitutional Carry. But we are going to look at the vehicle question here real quick because this is where we get a lot of other questions. Between, “Where does it say Constitutional Carry?” and “Can I carry a loaded gun in my vehicle?” That is where we are getting most of the questions. And so when you look at 4C it says, “A firearm that is not loaded and is concealed in a motor vehicle.” And a lot of people take that as, “Well we don’t have Constitutional Carry in our vehicles because right there in 4C it says ‘…a firearm that is not loaded and is concealed in a vehicle, you don’t need a permit.” 4F. Here it is folks. This is where you see Constitutional Carry. And this is really where “vehicle carry” comes into play as well. Being able to carry concealed inside your vehicle. 4F says, “A concealed handgun by a person who is: over 21 years of age, a resident of Idaho or a current member of the armed forces; and is not disqualified from being issued a license under subsection 11 of this section. Alright, so… That’s it. That is Constitutional Carry right there. 4F. “A concealed handgun by a person who is: ” And so, you are going to have 3 qualifiers in there but this is the crux of Constitutional Carry. Okay? A concealed handgun by a person who is 21 years of age. So remember, all of 4, from 4A through 4F are all exceptions to needing a permit. All of those are exceptions to needing a permit to carry a concealed weapon. And the first one, excuse me, 4F, the first qualifier is your over 21 years of age. so any resident of the state of Idaho, in fact we’ll just go into 4ii there. 4fii. “A resident of Idaho or a current member of the armed forces of the United States;” So if you are a resident of the state of Idaho or a member of the armed forces and you are over 21, you can carry a concealed handgun anywhere in the state without a permit. Minus Federal buildings, and courthouses, and places like that. Okay? And the 3rd qualifier is you are not disqualified from being able to own or possess a firearm under subsection 11. If you go down to subsection 11 it’s all a whole bunch of, you’re not a convicted felon, and you’re not a terrorist, and that kind of stuff. Okay? So, that is Constitutional Carry. 4F. 4F is not only the Constitutional Carry portion of this, but it’s also the vehicle carry portion of this. But it’s also the vehicle portion of that. Because it says a concealed handgun, and as long as you fit those 3 qualifiers there, you can carry that handgun concealed and there is no requirement to need a license. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you liked the video, please make sure to “like” it. Make sure to share it. Let us know in the comments what you guys thought of the video and if you have any questions regarding Constitutional Carry in the state of Idaho, or Constitutional Carry in general. I’m Greg Pruett with the 2nd Amendment Activist channel. Make sure to hit that “Subscribe” button so that you can get more great content and get notifications of future videos when we release them. Thank you and take care!

6 thoughts on “Concealed Handgun In A Vehicle, In Idaho, With No Permit?

  1. I recently contacted the Ada county sheriff's office about this exact question and I was told that if I don't have a ccw then I am not allowed to carry in my car unless it is unloaded and stored

  2. My son is sick of Oregon liberalism, taxes and gun laws. He is moving his family and business to Idaho this summer. I ask him this afternoon, Easter Sunday, what the gun laws were like in Idaho. After hearing about Idaho, "Son, if I have to sleep under a bridge I'm going with you." I'm Christian, heterosexual, white, libertarian/constitutionalist, morally conservative and believe it best to leave other folks alone. Self defense is fundamental, without guns in the hands of citizens we will eventually become plantation slaves to the democratic beast.

  3. Thanks man! I really Appreciate it. 🙂 I have a Question though, I recently bought a Sig Sauer MCX 5.56 Semi Automatic Rifle. My rifle has only a trigger safety switch, and only has a single shot feature. Even though my Manual shows 3: Safety + Single + Full Auto. My question is, is it illegal to have a Rifle that has the ability to fire Full Auto?? I'm new to owning my own rifle and I am struggling to find information on that. Any help with info on this will be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  4. March of 2019, idaho passed a new bill in favor of 18-20 year olds able to conceal carry a handgun in city limits. Before 18-20 was limited to outside of city limits to conceal carry. Idaho is now a state that does not require a CWL for 18+ within the state

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