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Complete Shotguns Guide | Ring Of Elysium

welcome back guys this is C ninja here
is the complete guide to shotguns in ring of elysium just before that smash
the like button and help us to popular this video there are three shotguns in
ring of Elysium which are origin 12 Citori and Remington 870 now let’s take
a look at citori it is a double-barrel shotgun giving two
shots with high rate of fire anyways it is really slow in reloading which may end up in your death next is Remington 870 this shotgun gives
you five shots with a slower rate of fire less rangeand equal stability and
the damage is same for all the shotguns and the last is Origen 12 which is the
best shotgun in Ring of Elysium this is because of its less reloading time with
five shots the fire rate is higher than Remington and some ar attachments can
be attached to it now now take a look at the statistics of
each shotguns the range of all the three weapons is low and they are just good in
short-range battles the choke can be attached to the shotguns to avoid and
reduce bullet spread it is pretty easy to find and it is highly recommended for
accuracy I don’t have any clip of this attachments so sorry guys that’s it
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content I’ll be doing a lot of roe from now thank you

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