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  1. Cheers mate really appreciate your knowledge. I’m new to hunting and really love your wisdom , great website and your opinions are spot on . Just need a rifle and some Buller gum boots and iam away , thanks jimmy

  2. I brought a semi auto shotgun and a ak47 semiauto from guncity with 10 and 30 round magazines from Tony Parisi when he worked there do not believe what the sales staff tell you ask the police firearms officers and check out regulations yourself as Tony Parisi told me that I could legally buy and have in the same house the guns and magazines and do not load the magazines with bullets and do not fit them to the gun until I have the correct endorsement I purchased which was totally incorrect it was legal for me to buy them but not to have them until I had the correct endorsement as I got busted by cops and have had both the guns and magazines taken and kept by cops and I have two convictions of having MSSA's Military Style Semi autos and got three months home detention so cops took over $3500 worth of guns I have lost my license and have all my other guns taken as well because I believed what Tony Parisi had told me on at least three separate occasions so phuck you guncity and Tony Parisi

  3. Dunno if that scope would cut the mustard out to 400 meters..but that rifle would be good out to 600 yards with a good scope.for hunting the tops alot ov people use things like 300 win mag….maybe a bit ov a over kill but alot ov knockdown power.any animal that gets hit with a 300 win mag evan if it was a bad shot they don't go far.308 I class as a great Bush stalking caliber essentially with a short 18.5inch barall on it.

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