Como hacer Arroz Navideño con Pasas rápido y fácil

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notifying today the second recipe very easy very fast to perform is called
Christmas rice something quick and easy that we have the ingredients at home
then we are not going to complicate well there I have the ingredients ready
the oil can use as you like you want to use it I have 110 grams
of capellini noodle or angel hair or pasta also the lord I say noodle or
pasta in pieces of 5 centimeters of long I have ready it is already cut in
pieces the garlic clove can use chopped or ground optionally
I have big-headed onion here I have I’m going to use a piece you don’t want not
they only put lakes the two products
soy sauce I’m going to use a spoonful or two
tablespoons soy sauce is your Taste how you want to put a spoonful or
two tablespoons especially this one prepare with cocacola but I will skip
the coke then that’s why I’m going to use soy sauce that’s what
I’m going to use two and a half cups of water and I have it ready here it is already measured in
this blue cup I have the water ready for a pound of rice salt also at your
taste is optional i will also use a spoonful of blond or brown sugar
is this sugar like that then that’s what I’m going to use the ingredients that
I was also passing raisins 100 grams of raisins
hydrated brunette I already have it hydrated is ready to use
we can also decorate with cilantro or yes sic coriander rather but that’s
at the end after I’m already finished the dish is accompanied for
accompany to compared another class of meats as you want to use are for
the six to ten portions this gives them yields a lot then this how do they put
large family can work very ok then let’s use let’s
start performing well I already have the pot with it
oil and add the oil I’m going to use stick spoon how to add
there the chaplain noodle eo pasta then as I have there ready measured
then we will request it let’s brown it will mix very well the one that I’ll be mixing for so I don’t
an ace is going to stay the couples
so that’s why we’re going to mix it and so you want to put for more
people that can to your amount to your I am using this one for
my family and some friends who are going to get so they are practically as we are
about ten people in total so here we will wait for
color and a little more adore it they can imitate that they are already worshiping after it is golden we will
add the garlic let’s doubt the garlic too well that’s how it has to look
golden now I’m going to do for the house of the pot
to last a little garlic well here the tooth of is already lasting
Garlic I’m leaving it on low heat so that
it won’t burn then in this point is already well where can we mix
Water garlic tastes very delicious
well that’s how we have to leave like that crystallized color then
there we can add water no I want more gold because I don’t see a
bitter taste then right now let’s add water well there it is already I added the water
now I’m going to add it the spoonful we must add the
spoonful of sugar more than giving it a spoon I’m going to
mix a spoonful and a little like that to flush and voila well let’s put
the salt I’m going to put a teaspoon of You are so small because the sauce
soy also has comes with salt then I will use like this
a spoonful of this small there when I added the salt is already for
boil then let’s start
Amen of the ingredients too now I’m going to add the rice and then the
noodle well here I am already mixing it
rice I already mixed the rose there now we are going to
put the videos here I have separated
in a dish two now let’s go back this smells super delicious let’s mix it
soy sauce do not mix soy sauce I’m going to put well here I am already adding the sauce
soy after the soy sauce
now let’s put in the facets how to put the raisins so she
also begins to release its substance and it’s taste
here you can also mix nuts but there is a part of my family that doesn’t
they like nuts then that’s why I’m going to skip I will not use it now I will put
also the onion I’m going to put this
a slice of onion then from that point
we wait although she she cooked to wait for the water to fall a little
and then if we put a lid on her and she start to dry well here it is
drying the water a little then Now let’s put the lid on
and we are going to lower the fire so that it is not go to burn you put it on low heat and
ready then we come back when already cooking almost cooked well there I show you the rice
the spoon to shake we are going to stir a little this smells super delicious so I stay already his the attic does not allow
there now I will serve on a plate to the presentation as I told you can
accompany with a turkey or chicken with the special meat you want
choose for that special night with the family
I didn’t put it here too as I told you you can place almonds nuts
I can’t put it because my family there is a part of my family that
He doesn’t like it, he doesn’t like it nuts then I preferred not
so that’s why the committees in this in this part of the video
if they have in their homes what they I’m saying nuts can
add as decoration but if you can’t leave it like that no more
so that is the end result Now I show you the presentation well there I present the dish already
finished is served with raisins and I put the decoration has some leaves
of coriander then this is how they can accompany only I present the
essential rice the basics she to each put the meat you want to your liking
with the family so I hope I hope you I have made understand how to prepare this
rice so thank you very much and I hope Enjoy your family parties
so thank you very much and happy and happy holidays see you next time
video so until next

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