63 thoughts on “Common arguments for gun control, shot down

  1. Criminals have illegal guns so gun laws will make no difference because criminals don’t follow the law!

  2. Look at the attacks with trucks. Running over people. How many people are killed by autos every year. How many kids are killed in Auto accidents . 10 People die in van NOT NEWS WORTHY. 2 people killed by gun fire it is every newspaper in the country . Get real.

  3. Beeto is a total DUMB BUTT, did little or nothing for 6 years in Congress, he actually is a gun owner, ask him if those weapons are registered, given to him by his grandfather, so he claims, wants open boarders, etc,etc, ask him about when he got caught breaking into UTEP, and how he never was released, PURE DIRT BAG.

  4. I always strap on my hip iron when going into town. You never know when you’ll meet a trigger-happy bandito.

  5. Dosnt matter the nutty left dont want civilians with guns or non civilians who are on the right to own guns just some kind of antigun anti american admistration to have enforcment with guns to take away people on the rights guns by force

  6. Technically you can join the military at 17 with parents permission. I went through basic in 2007 with three 17 year old guys.

  7. All that's happening is rich fucks using propaganda on poor fucks to disarm, because the only threat to a RICH MAN IS A POOR MAN, let go of the cognitive dissonance and come out of the panopticon

  8. Also believe if at 18 you can get into the military and die for your country the at 18 you should be legal to drink

  9. Let’s ban fingers so no one can pull a trigger!! Give me a break!! The reason this country is great is because of our constitution!! Next they’ll go after the first amendme……..( we apologize for this interruption but this right has been banned for your safety) signed: the left

  10. If the Democrats take the guns away the criminals that don't obey laws will just make bombs and killed three times the people but maybe that's what the Democrats want so they can bring more people into our country.

  11. How do you stop violence when this country is built on it… These people just love guns…. Ignorance just stop… Left or Right… Stop being stupid and Tucker is a sarcastic schmuck…

  12. Facts: gun control has been effective in reducing crime related deaths in several countries in Europe and in the Southern Hemisphere. Stop getting your facts from Fox who is in bed with the NRA. Control WORKS! I live in Australia and it works and we laugh at fuckwits like this who put money in front of their kids safety. It amazes me how people can sit in their bubble and be manipulated against facts of the rest of the world…

  13. They want population control, trust me, if and that's a big IF, the democrats win they will call for a Purge, to control the populations, it's like the movies but instead of the republicans being the enemies the democrats are the actual enemies, they want violence, they want hate, they want an authoritarian rule and a identitarian rule.

  14. Bill Clinton banned assault weapons in 1994; mass shootings dropped by 43%.
    Bush and the GOP let the ban expire in 2004; they went up over 230%.

  15. Russia President Putin Already said if CIVIL WAR HAPPENS in America ..He Will Support The Revolutionaries. PUTIN HATES THE NWO .

  16. The 2nd amendment is there to protect us against a communist totalitarian leftist state which is essentially the modern democrat party. If leftist can try to overthrow the presidency then what will protect the average joe without a firearm?

  17. if you can be drafted into the military then you should get ALL rights. It's insane that the government can force you onto a battlefield but you can't have a beer because alcohol can cause damage to your brain. So can a bullet to the head morons.

  18. You know what? It's too bad we're not talking mental health, we don't have a gun problem, we have a bad person problem. There has always been a problem with loud-mouthed politicians. We have a problem with the breakdown of a society that has forgotten and buried the Bible.

  19. Most likely the school shootings are ordered by liberals in the federal government? Meanwhile they Supply the criminals with guns? Only a fool cannot see it.

  20. I wish at the next debate, some one would ask the demidiots if elected would they disarm the secret service as an act of good faith.

  21. We tried a ban on marijuana, that didn’t work out so good, so now they are clamoring for making it legal, they say that will take the drug off the street, and cut down on crime….. and stop the illegal use of it, maybe if that works they should just make shootings legal. And that will stop too…. do you think.?

  22. Too many people are brainwashed by CNN. And like hypnotized zombies they can't stop watching CNN. CNN has the characteristics of illegal narcotics, so perhaps we should just ban CNN and send its victims to rehab.

  23. I have a idea take the laws that have been passed and the video evidence showing and pushing the hate and violence rhetoric inciting these actions politicians are guilty of this rhetoric for over twenty years and we are talking about guns and such do the rest of us a favor and let’s get together and constitutionally start the removal process state and federal governments then we can fix all the problems they have caused this is the only way or it will continue

  24. The real root of this debate is not gun rights, it is not violent crime, it is not the 2nd amendment, it is not self defense vs hunting, it is plainly this: a man's life, his liberty and his property are his against all others until such a time that he infringes upon the life, liberty or property of another. That is the line in the sand. It is not a question of whether a man has a right to guns but rather an issue of the lack of right by all others until he has crossed that line. This is the meaning of justice and to muddle it, or convolute it, is perilous.

  25. A tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny, if not he will construct a pretext then give the people a solution. Never let a crisis go to waste………..Is their motto

  26. The majority of people in the US are law-abiding Citizens, regardless of race, culture, or gender. To outlaw or to ban firearms is to "punish" people like me & make us easier to control. "If they outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns" – as well as the political & entertainment elite. The 2nd Amendment isn't just a gun right, it's a human right!

  27. Don’t forget to mention that during that ban in 1997, the Hollywood shootout. In the peak of the ban, it didn’t stop them.

  28. If the 1st amendment protects freedom of speech on tablets, smartphones, and computers, then the 2nd amendment protects the AR15 and high cap mags!

  29. I want to ban pistols because they are responsible for 98% of murders…said no person ever, democrats included…THAT is what is wrong with gun control

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