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Colt King Cobra Target vs Ruger GP100

hello everyone and welcome back as you
can see we’ve got a couple of wheel guns on the table let’s take a look at them okay so we’ve got a couple of six shooters
on the table on this side you can see we have the Ruger GP 100 stainless steel
4.2 inch barrel six shots on this side we have the Colt king cobra target 4.25
inch barrel stainless steel six shots the Ruger goes for eight or nine hundred
dollars depending on which model you get I bought this one years ago so I’m not
sure how much I paid for it I’m not sure if this particular configuration is
available anymore this came with the rubber grips with the wood inserts but I
did change it out to the Crimson Trace which is why I see a little hump here
the king cobra target comes just like it is that is about $900 MSRP so as you can
see with them both lined up here the king cobra is just a little bit longer
because it does have the 4.25 inch barrel where the Ruger has the 4.2 inch
barrel so this is just a little bit shorter if we lift them up take a look
at them here you can see that the cylinder on the Ruger is a lot beefier
the frame on the Ruger is beef here the barrel looks pretty close to about the
same but the Ruger is cast the Colt is forged so it’s always been the thing
with Rugers is they are a big beefy revolver it definitely shows up when
it’s compared sitting right next to the Colt King Cobra target now one thing I’ll
mention that I did notice in my shooting video is right here
when you put a few rounds through it this either needs to be undercut on the
grips a little bit for the Colt or they need to take this and back the trigger
guard off a little bit I’ve never had that problem with the Ruger there’s
plenty of room in there this one this one is never dinged my knuckles shooting
it this one has you know as far as a comparison on the specs like you said
they’re both six shots 357 Magnum or 38 special if you want the
weight empty on the colt is 2 pounds 2 ounces the weight empty on the Ruger is
2 pounds 6 ounces again this is a bigger beefier pistol because it’s cast the
weight loaded with 125 grain sig sauer v crown was 2 pounds 5 ounces on the Colt
and 2 pounds 10 ounces on the Ruger the trigger weight on the Colt king cobra
target was 8 pounds in double action on the river 8 pounds it was 7 pounds 15
ounces so they’re pretty comparable as far as trigger weights on double action
well what about single action well the colt was 2 pounds 11 ounces the Ruger
was 2 pounds 13 ounces so basically the same thing there as well and both of
those double-action and single-action were the average of 5 pulls so now I did
cover this in my other videos and one thing about the Colt king cobra and will
check we are empty I’ll even hit the ejector rod to make sure we’re empty is
that your trigger reset there are three distinct clicks in this to me one there one there one there and you’re
still not reset so you’ve got three clicks then you still got to come out let’s try that again one there one there
one there so you have three distinct clicks on the cult king cobra target for
the trigger reset it’s not really a big deal I did run into it I did a lot of
dry fire practice with this I did run into it quite a bit though when I’m
doing dry fire I would imagine you’re out there doing live fire I did not
notice it there I doubt you’re gonna notice it in self-defense
issue if you were using this because you’re just gonna be cranking on that
trigger I doubt you’re gonna get caught in it now as far as the trigger reset on
the Ruger wait out here you can get caught in there but once
it’s out there the ruger does a really good job of pushing your your finger out
there now whether that’s a trigger return spring or a hammer spring or what
I don’t know sorry I’m not a gunsmith but it does do
a very good job and you’re out there of pushing your finger out whereas the colt
is very light return spring on it so as far as comparing the features as I
covered they’re both stainless steel revolvers
they’re both six shots of 357 Magnum they both have a full under lug they
both kind of come with wood grips the king cobra target came with these custom
ultimate grips the Ruger originally came with rubber with the wood inserts they
both have target sights on the rear both of them are adjustable for windage and
elevation the colt has a fiber-optic high visibility front sight in this
Ruger just has a black ramp on it and as you can see with all Colts I believe all
Colts I’m not gonna say all Colts because I haven’t tested all coats you
know own all coat so as far as I know Colts all pull back to release the
cylinder and it turns clockwise the Ruger push in to release the cylinder
and it turns counterclockwise and the hammer on the Colt is thinner than the
hammer on the Ruger because the pistol is thinner
the Ruger has a very nice wide hammer easy to reach big spur so that you can
cost the pistol fairly easily king cobra is a little tougher to reach to me and
it has more of a curve up where the Ruger is a little flatter and just for
shits and giggles we’ll do a little trigger pull in here or empty do some
double action here for you you can see that’s got a really nice trigger pull on
it it does stack as you get towards the back here single action that just
absolutely nice and just so my cult doesn’t get lonely
here’s some got a little bit of stacking I’ve done a lot of dry fire with this
and it actually has smoothed out a little bit from what it was so it’s a
very nice trigger it doesn’t stack quite as much going back that’s what the Ruger
does and absolutely glass on that single action so there you go there was a
little side-by-side comparison of the colt king cobra target brand new and the
Ruger GP 104 inch barrel which I’ve had since sometime during the assault
weapons ban don’t know when this is probably the firearm that I have owned
the longest not the oldest one I own but the one I’ve owned the longest either
that or my P 89 which is also over so I hope you guys liked the comparison
between these two like share subscribe this video check the cards that are
running around here someplace and you can see me shooting this you can see the
unboxing of this there’s also a pumpkin carving video out there did I use this
on and until next time stay armed stay vigilant stay safe

8 thoughts on “Colt King Cobra Target vs Ruger GP100

  1. Good comparison of the two. Lol on the video effect gun blast. Grats on a couple nice revolvers, where is the smith? 3's company

  2. 3" GP100 was my first carry gun, also bought back in the late 90's during the AWB. Still love it. I do want the Colt also though. Mostly since I'll never justify paying for a python.

  3. you don’t want to dry fire empty with a revolver from what I’ve been told from gun retailers, as it damages the primer strike pin both internal and external and you should get some snap cap bullets to practice dry firing on so you don’t damage the firing pin hammer.

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