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Colt King Cobra Target Range Day

hello everyone and welcome back we’re
out at the range today with my Colt king cobra target you saw this when I did him
a pumpkin shooting video other than that you haven’t really seen me shoot it that
much so we’re gonna run a few rounds through this make sure it’s alright and
we’ll clean it up and load it up and possibly put it in the rotation got it got it got it missed it dammit got it okay so there was another 50
rounds through the Colt king cobra target four and a quarter inch barrel
target sights 357 Magnum custom Altamont grips and I will say it was a little bit
snappier then I remember the Ruger GP 100 being it’s definitely snappier than
the 686 Plus deluxe that I have but the Ruger is a lot heavier pistol 686 Plus
has a six inch barrel on it one thing I did notice shooting that many rounds
through here at once is it either needs a better undercut on the grip here or
they need to take down the trigger guard a little bit as you can see your knuckle
is right on that trigger guard and after 50 rounds of that it kind of sucks so
definitely a nice little pistol little snappier like I said then the GP 100 or
the 686 but it’s a smaller pistol than either one of those and it needs a
little bit of work in here or here other than that I really like it it shoots
really well it’s got a really nice trigger on it so I hope you guys like
this like share and subscribe and until next time stay armed
stay vigilant stay safe

7 thoughts on “Colt King Cobra Target Range Day

  1. Just a curiosity not trying to start a fire storm but theoretically if you had to draw that in a self-defense situation would you cock the hammer or would you fire from double action

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