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Colt Gunsite Pistol 1911 Modification Part 3 #204

[Sound effect] well hello folks this is Yamil Sued for
Gun Stock Reviews and today we’re gonna talk about the continuing saga of the
gunsight the Colt Gunsite pistol. I purchased this pistol a year ago
September and again like in any 1911 aholic out there I can’t leave a 1911
alone I did some modifications that you saw in my previous video and you know
what I had to send it to Wilson and let Wilson perform its magic on him my
friend Jared up at Wilson is a gunsmith and he specializes in the non wilson
firearm so you send there so he took it upon himself to do a couple little
things to it let’s talk about them. first thing Jared did for me was fit a
bulletproof Wilson stainless steel thumb safety the one that was here before it
was a Wilson – but it wasn’t the bulletproof kind and I wanted that extra
security of having the machine from billet stainless steel part next thing
he did for me was he fit a high ride beaver tail grip safety on it this is
the new kind from Wilson that is really allows you to grip the pistol really
really really high really comfortable and it’s caught really really high
I had previously installed a Wilson mag well on it it was the one piece exactly
the same way didn’t have some checking on it but this time I let Wilson do the
fitting for me and wow they did really do a good job for it if you can see the
inside of this thing this thing is so well fit I have never seen such a well
fit mag well before and another thing he did for me he installed a Wilson trigger
on it I had done my own installation on the Wilson trigger it wasn’t that good
so I had him do it the right way this time. he installed the Wilson 45 ACP
match barrel on it and refitted the the bushing for it that’s a Wilson bushing huh.. what else he also did the tactical bevel
on the bottom of the slide which is really really nice
this is just for aesthetics only doesn’t do much
and he also most importantly he actually fit a new hammer sear and disconnecter
which is called the fire-control a complete wilson combat fire control on
this pistol everything else is the same way I had it before with a bunch of
Wilson parts I already installed on it so he did a really really good job on it
I’m really excited I did alright I already shot this pistol after it came
back I will post in this video a photograph of the test target they sent
me for is incredible listen I’ve never seen such a accurate pistol before other
than another Wilson of course so this just took this pistol to a new level
we’ll keep looking at it and you know working with it and we’ll take it to the
range here pretty soon and show you how it shoots in my incapable hands

6 thoughts on “Colt Gunsite Pistol 1911 Modification Part 3 #204

  1. Thanks for the video, you're about the only one who seems to have any information about the Gunsite pistols on Youtube. The target from Wilson was impressive. From what I understand about the Gunsite pistols, they were designed with specifications to be very reliable. Do you believe the pistol will be as reliable as it originally was with all the extra additions?

  2. I got in my Gunsite Colt last week. Opened it up tore it down replaced the trigger and put on G10 grips before I took it out. So far it works flawlessly on about round count 500. Will take back out this weekend and finish up this 1000 round box.

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