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Colt Competition Pistol Part 2 #135

Hey this is J. Scott with Gun Stock Reviews I’m out here at the range today we’re going to be putting the cold competition 1911 a 9-millimeter through its paces got a few different kinds of ammo with us today got a couple different types of Federal American Eagle ammunition as well as the Colt National match ammo by Double Tap and some reloads so let’s go ahead and see what we can do alright we’re going to start out with some 115 grain American Eagle full metal jacket so let’s get started [Slide closing] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] alright now we’re going to try the American Eagle 124 grain full metal jacket [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] alright next we’re going to try the Colts competition national match ammo by Double Tap is 124 grain ammo [Slide closing} [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] alright next we’re going to try reloads these are 147 grain Rainer Ballistics plated round nose. see how these do. [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] alright well let’s go downrange measure our groups see how we did alright we just got done putting the Colt Competition 9-millimeter through its paces. The gun was pretty consistent across all four types of ammo that we used Our best group was about a 1.2 inch group and that was with the Colt National Match and the other ammo averaged about 1.6- 1.7 so all in all pretty consistent we’d sure like to thank Federal ammunition, Double Tap ammunition and Rainier ballistics for supplying the test ammo for us today. [Music]

10 thoughts on “Colt Competition Pistol Part 2 #135

  1. Any malfunctions? Would you buy the pistol? Are any of the rumors I have heard about 9mm 1911s malfunctioning true in your experience?

  2. This Pistol is hands down one of the best I've shot. Not sure what happened here but the rear site is adjustable and that screw should have been turned down clockwise about 3 clicks after the first magazine. There is no reason for you to be shooting outside of the bullseye. This gun is scary accurate once dialed into shooters preference

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