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Colt 1911 Field Strip

– Hey guys, this is Alex C. with TFBTV, and today we’re going to
field strip a Colt 1911. I’m not quite sure why, but this has actually been requested by quite a few people. So, I thought I would just
accommodate that request. This is a Colt Series 80, also called a 1991, sometimes. The main difference being that
they have a firing pin block. I wish I had a Series 70, but Series 80 shoot, still, very well. So, the first thing
we’re gonna do, actually, is remove the magazine. And while we’re doing that we might as well make sure it’s unloaded by doing a little chamber check. A little public service announcement, you’re gonna want to do
that with every firearm when you’re taking it apart for cleaning or doing a field strip. As you can see, this
one is definitely clear. And you want to do that
because to undo the bushing in the front, or to start
the disassembly process, you press this button
and rotate the bushing. And it is under spring pressure, so make sure that it doesn’t
pop out across the room. However, it’s unlikely as it is retained. The next step’s gonna be all about that little disassembly
notch I just pointed out. Pull it back, so that the slide
stop is aligned with that, and press the slide stop
out from the other side. Now, set that aside for safe keeping. Then you’re free to pull
the slide right off the gun and separate the lower, or
well, the receiver frame from the slide. Now, next up, you’re gonna rotate off
the doodad on the front of the recoil spring. Pull off the spring and the
guide rod from the rear. Set that aside. Now, you can rotate the
bushing the opposite direction, and pull it out from the gun. After you set that aside, you are then free to remove
the barrel from the front. All in all, not too hard to field strip. Little harder than your
run of the mill Glock or other modern, short
recoil operated gun. You can see, here are
the major components. A few more than you would
have on a Glock or an M & P, or a Smith and Wesson,
or anything like that, but all not too hard once
you get the hang of it. Just don’t lose the
bushing or the slide stop or anything like that. Anyways I’m Alex C. with TFBTV. Big thanks to Ventura Ammunitions for making our videos possible. We hope you enjoyed this field strip, and we hope to see you next week. Hey guys, it’s Alex, again, with TFBTV. Hope you enjoyed that video. If you did, we’ve actually
just launched a Patreon Page. If you could consider donating
a dollar or two a month, it would really help us out and allow us to continue doing this. And, we like doing it, and we hope you enjoy watching the videos. Until next time.

52 thoughts on “Colt 1911 Field Strip

  1. Hey Alex, good video! I recently bought my first 1911 over the summer and love it. It is a Citadel 1911 and the best shooting handgun I own. When I first got it the grip safety worked during my initial cleaning, however after firing roughly 150 rounds through it and giving it a second cleaning I found that the grip safety was not working after reassembly. I am unsure if the safety malfunctioned from firing the gun or if it was something I inadvertently did during the cleaning process. I have searched the internet and had some employees from my local gun shop where I purchased it check the weapon out and we can not figure out what the issue is. Any ideas? I am tempted to just delete the grip safety since the thumb safety still functions normally and I don't carry the 1911 anyways. Thanks!

  2. Pretty odd that this gun was requested most, considering everyone and their uncle has one. Say, are Para Ordnance "GI Expert" 1911s any good for a starting semi-auto? I remember them being decently priced, as well as looking impersonal.

  3. My first pistol was a '92. Maybe that's part of why I utterly hate field stripping 1911's. I do own one but…
    The bushing is so tight, I've needed to used that nylon wrench thing. And getting the slide release snapped back in without scratching it is…gah.

    It's fun to shoot and it's better than just about any revolver, but I vastly prefer my Glocks, XD, Beretta…etc. Just about anything that breaks down easier for cleaning.

    Thanks for the video. Hope the Patreon helps.

  4. Thanks for field stripping the 1911. It is amazing how many people have one, but do not know how to strip and clean one properly.

  5. I had a Colt 1991 back in the 1990's , best .45 I ever owned . I liked the matte lack finish & it shoot very well . I used to shoot it a lot with the cheap ammo available back then . (500 rounds for $89.99 cheaper than dirt) It reminded me of the 1911 I used in the US Coast Guard back in the early 80's . But it had some plastic parts on it . I believe the main spring housing , magazine release button & trigger were all plastic and that bothered me . I talked to my dealer about replacing the plastic parts with steel parts and he said it would be better to sell it & buy an all steel 1911 . So I ended up with a stainless steel Springfield for a few years , (I like blued 1911's) then traded that in for a new Series 70 Colt . I like my new Colt , But it was expensive and has a high gloss finish on the slide . I am all most afraid to shoot it and I do not shoot it very much . I guess if I had it to do all over again , I would of just kept the 1991 and been happy with it .

  6. "The Doo Dad" on the front of the recoil spring, really????? It's call the "Recoil Spring PLUG" and it's NOT a "button"!! I'm seriously guessing from this absurd field strip, that you're clueless on a full cleaning tear down which includes the the mainspring housing, hammer, hammer strut, sear, sear spring, trigger, safety, pins, and disconnector ….. ALL of which get fouled with gun power and grit and are necessary to tear down to and clean.

    I think you guys should stick with pop-guns.

  7. Thats a great little infovid – thanks for doing that. I have the KSC airsoft 1911, that is the Colt 100th anniversary special and it strips down in exactly the same way. With it being officially licensed by Colt, it seems they wanted as much realism in the airsoft version too. I wish I could own a real steel 1911, unfortunately I like in the UK where real handguns are completely banned. Deactivated ones will be banned next year too if Europe has its way (Along with airsoft RIFS)…….

  8. You should've said that you were pointing out the disassembly notch while you were doing so rather than saying you had pointed it out afterwards. I didn't realize you were pointing out something initially and had to rematch to notice you pointing to the disassembly notch.

  9. sell your Rolex and you will be able to buy the series 70 you wish to own. I'm just busting your balls nice watch and gun.

  10. CZJust got my first 1911 (AMT Hardballer Longslide). Wow, this is a lot harder to reassemble than my CZ-75 pattern guns. Having to hold in the plunger to get the slide stop back into place is a real bitch!

  11. EW!!!!! Bushed barrel! DOES NOT WANT!!!!!!! Oh hell nah! Get me a fully modern 1911 or I will go with an HK or CZ

  12. I like your videos. Brownells has that retarded ass music. I had to watch their 1911 disassembly video about 10 times, and pause it every 2 seconds. You guys at tfb tv have your shit together.

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