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Cody Firearms Museum @ the Buffalo Bill Center of the West

The Cody Firearm Museum is located in the
Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody. The museum is believed to have the most comprehensive
collection of American firearms in the world. As a straight shooter, I think its fair to
say the museum has hit the bulls eye in preserving and telling the story of a significant component
that aided in the development of the American West. The museum is comprised of more than 20,000
firearms and firearm-related artifacts from across the globe. The core of the museum is the Winchester collection,
which has been a part of the museum for nearly 40 years. No matter your interest in firearms and their
history, one is bound to find something that will spark their interest. The collection includes sporting arms, military
weapons, Hollywood firearms, and embellished guns; such as the impressive, custom engraved,
Winchester model 64 lever action rifle presented to President Ronald Regan. The Cody Firearms Museum has much more to
offer, so put them on your itinerary for your next outing. From the University of Wyoming Extension,
I’m Windy Kelley, Exploring the Nature of Wyoming.

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